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Storyline She Venom
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She Hulk walked down the sidewalk but instead of her costume wore a professional yet sexy looking street clothes. She was due at the court house for an unrelated case, but stopped at the scene of the battle. She looked at where Brock had fallen then turned away and kept walking lost in her thoughts. Spiderman felt the most responsible but everyone involved was a little shook up. No one meant for him to die and they knew he had to be stopped, but was it really right to say this is better. She tried to distract herself by thinking of her case the rest of the way. Although she couldn't shake the feeling something was watching her the whole way there, she wrote it off as guilt and tried to push forward.

The symbiote could barely keep up with the avenger's pace, slipping from shadow to shadow to remain unseen. It looked over its potential host and was satisfied, It remembered her from the battle and what she was capable of. It followed her into the courthouse never letting her out of its sight, waiting stealthily as she went through her day. After an exhausting case She Hulk entered the restroom, and the symbiote saw a chance. She Hulk locked the door behind her and leaned against the sink splashing water in her face. The symbiote squeezed itself through the crack underneath the door and approached the heroine. The jade giantess was unaware of the symbiote now directly under her feet. The symbiote ready to make its move pounced on the heroine's feet slipping in her high heels and underneath her pantyhose.

"What the!" She Hulk yelled. She took a step back and tried to shake the goo off of her by kicking one leg out. The kick split the symbiote between her two legs but each piece continued to spread upwards. She Hulk tried to rip the symbiote off her legs but only caused it to start jumping to her arms. The black goo now covered her legs and disappeared underneath her skirt.

"Damn it get off!" She Hulk grunted.

"Please don't reject our bond, without a host I'll die." The symbiote's thoughts echoed in her head

"That doesn't mean you can make me into a monster like Brock." She Hulk rebutted.

"His hatred made him one not our bond, I only helped my host, just like I'll help you." The symbiote whispered. The symbiote forced itself under She Hulk's panties and thrust a tendril into her pussy.

"Ohh," She Hulk moaned falling to her knees. "Not fighting fair..." She pulled off the rest of her clothes and was shocked to find not a spot of her emerald skin was visible beneath her shoulders. "Is that really the only to choices bond with you or let you die."

"Yes." The symbiote responded and at once the slime stopped advancing. "and it's yours to make."

She Hulk remembered seeing Brock fall to his death,unsure if it was her guilt or the symbiote playing with her mind. She also felt raw power and a warm pleasurable sensation move through the symbiote. She knew it was stupid but maybe their was a chance it would work, maybe with her in charge Venom could be a hero and she wouldn't have to have another life on her conscience.

"Fine we'll give it a chance but try anything and we take a trip to visit the human torch." She Hulk said reluctantly.

"yes" The symbiote hissed as it finished spreading across her body. She Hulk's vision went black as the symbiote consumed her head. The next moment everything was normal again and she could see her reflection in the mirror. Her build was just a muscular and sexy as ever, with every muscle visible through her second skin.  "This is even tighter than our old costume." She hulk said as she checked her backside. "Never cared for this look on Brock but it's damn sexy on us." She Hulk said smiling with her sharp teeth filled maw. "But we can't go out looking like this and our clothes are tattered..." She Hulk said before the black skin receded and formed the same outfit she was wearing before.

She Hulk left the bath room feeling better than she ever had before. She knew it was from the symbiote's powers and she had to keep an eye on it but figured there was no reason she couldn't enjoy it.

The symbiote sat contently on her skin regaining its strength and digging deeper in her mind. It would push her little by little gaining influence over its host and before the heroine knew what happened Venom would be reborn.

She Hulk was almost out of the building when she saw a blond woman on her cell phone near the door.  She hung up the phone and sank in her seat placing her face in her hands crying.

"That woman I know her but I never meet her." She Hulk thought.

"You know her from our memory of her, she was Brock's mate, Ann Weying." The symbiote responded.

"Poor girl, probably just hearing what happened to him."

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