The former Pepper Potts, now the bimbo-in-mind-only, Honey Pott is escorted into the bod-mod room and sees how the Black Widow's body is transforming in a body modification tank

by Wilder
Storyline Bimbotech
Previous Chapter Ms. Marvel snaps into action and works to help Maria Hill

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Honey Pott's eyes went wide as the former Pepper Potts docilely followed Manute to where she'd get the body she'd dreamed of - literally. There was were so many hunky guys and sexy bimbos with big, beautiful titties!

As they strolled through various laboratories, Honey saw a wide variety of slutty fucktoys and interesting rooms. She took careful notes in her head as a sexretary's job wasn't just sucking and fucking, it was also answering her Master CEO's questions and being the best sexretary she could be!

One room held large monitors, all of which showed bimbos doing all kinds of things in what appeared to be a variety of scientific experiments. The largest monitor held a blue-haired Asian teen bimbo, bare-ass naked while strapped into some sort of odd cross-beam device, hands and feet entombed in casings. Jumper cables were affixed to her huge, hard dark nipples and tiny sparks crackled around them. A grinning BTI guard wearing rubber gloves reamed the tiny yet stacked Asian slut's pert ass, making the jolts of electricity from her hands and nipples spark even harder. She threw back her head, obviously cumming hard from the rough treatment.

Pepper Potts had never met Surge but it didn't matter. Honey Pott simply took note of the screen's label - "Jiggle Watts: Back-up Power Generator at 89% & Rising" - and carried on, eager to get her body made into that of a real woman's.

Another cell held a giggling set of totally hot blonde triplets, each barely legal and barely clad in tiny catholic schoolgirl outfits. Their EE-cup tits looked enormous on their petite frames and as if their lack of underwear wasn't obvious, they idly fingered one another as they sat next to one another in front of a man who looked like a teacher with a slide projector. A slide of Reed Richards came up with the words "ALPHA TARGET: CORRUPT TARGET" underneath it. The slutty schoolgirls giggled and moaned. Another slide came up showing Johnny Storm. "BETA TARGET: CORRUPT TARGET" flashed beneath his name.

"Johnny Storm will be the most likely to invite you sweet little Stepford Cocksuckers into the building, so focus on getting him to fuck you first. We'll call that Stage One, girls. Now, for Stage Two-"

The sexy stud's deep voice faded away as Honey Pott wandered farther down the hallway into the BTI Body Modification Laboratories, her pussy getting wet at just the thought of it.

Walking into the Body Mod area took her breath away. So many hot studs for her to ask if they needed coffee, tea or any of her fuckable holes! And of course, the technology that would give her the hot body of a PROPER sexretary! Honey Pott blinked in surprise as a small squeaking noise caught her attention.

She gasped, half in shock and half in arousal at what she saw. The Black Widow was already becoming a sexy bimbo slut just like she was gonna be! Well, obviously not JUST like her, it seemed. Honey pouted. Black Widow's boobies were enormous now, so big that they actually pushed up against the edge of the cylindrical tank in which she floated, tubes in her mouth, cunt and asshole as her eyes rolled back in her head with bliss. Her dish plate sized aureoles and pink nipples each the size of a stack of nickels rubbing up hard against the glass was no accident - the former superspy was getting herself from the sensation while her arms and hands weren't yet able to squeeze and pull at her fat titties. Not only did Natasha Romanov seem to be getting gigantic titties, her ass was becoming more pillowy and her lips fuller and poutier, alongside her short red hair spilling out into a riot of sexy curls. The red locks floated around her in the nimbus of green glue as the former Avenger was reduced to a huge-titted slut cumming from the sensation of her tits being supersized and a hard tube in every one of her holes.

It was the sexiest fucking thing Honey had ever seen.

She sighed wistfully and began to finger herself.

"Um, like, excuse me, Sir, but is it my turn to become sexy now?" the freckled redhead asked Manute sweetly.

"A moment, slut."

The big black man grinned as he tapped the technician on the shoulder. The man looked over his shoulder and might have jumped in shock if Mindfuck wasn't busily slobbering all over his cock at the moment.

"This is Honey Pott, the one Mr. Fink told you about earlier. Is her "special treatment" ready?"

"Ah! I mean, yes, absolutely. Let Mr. Fink know that absolutely everything's on track down here, sir. First Honey Pott and then the other one, Mr. Osborn's Special Project, right on time. Even a few minutes early, in fact!" the nervous technician babbled. "If you wouldn't mind, ah, directing our hot little "sexretary" to Tube #36G just down the hall, both the best lab assistants and camera men we have are ready whenever you and Honey Pott are."

Manute grinned and casually picked up the redhead like a sack of potatoes, tossing her over his shoulder and giving her a tiny spank for good measure. Honey whooped and giggled delightedly at the rough treatment.

"Very good. Very good, indeed. Mr. Fink appreciates work done early . . . and work done well. Let us hope that you shine in both regards, for your sake."

Without another word, he turned on his heel and marched down the hall to the specially prepared tube, smiling and slipping one hand up the redhead's skirt to feel her ass and pussy. So tight already! She was going to be absolutely amazing when Mr. Fink's changes took place. Manute couldn't wait to take her anal cherry.

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