Ms. Marvel snaps into action and works to help Maria Hill

by Wilder
Storyline Bimbotech
Previous Chapter The Bimboization of Victoria Hand begins.

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"Hey, maybe you idiots haven't noticed but I'm the one who has the superpowers here." growled Ms. Marvel as she effortlessly sent over a group of former HAMMER goons turned BTI "security consultants" ass over teakettle with one swooping dip. Without any further hesitation, the callipygian blonde bombshell flew at the men with the loudspeaker and the unusual looking ray gun pointed at the SHIELD van, grabbing the man manning the ray by his kevlar vest while swatting aside the other men, many of whom had started running for cover. Like taking candy from a baby, Carol Danvers thought, as the cans of what she presumed were tear gas clanked across his belt and his eyes widened in shock.

"Listen to me very carefully, because I'm only going to say this once - you're going to turn off whatever you're doing to Agent Hill right now or else I'm going to-"

Without any sort of warning, the man pressed a button on the inseam of his glove, causing each and every one of the multiple canisters of gas to abruptly explode, covering both him and Ms. Marvel in gas. Of course, he was wearing a gas mask. Ms. Marvel was not.

Ordinarily, gas wouldn't effect the gorgeous blonde because she could survive in the airless void of space but she'd had her mouth open and the odorless, colorless gas filled her lungs before she even registered the cans had blown up.

"What did you just- did you just . . . ooh."

Carol Danvers floated back down to the ground in a wobbly fashion, her whole body trembling as her mind was suddenly filled with a strange uncontrollable joy. She and the man landed up against the van and she felt like her limbs were made of cotton candy. Ms. Marvel slumped up against the man she'd been threatening seconds earlier, staring up at his eyes through his gas mask. The man's eyes were triumphant. A part of her wanted to scream out that this was very, very bad but why would she think that? This big cute guy was right here and she could feel her tits pressed up against his thick flak jacket. She giggled uncontrollably as he reached down to squeeze each of her big, round muscular ass cheeks. She felt like maybe that wasn't right either but it felt so good.

Everything felt so fucking good and stuff now.

"I've neutralized the bitch, Alpha Team. Notify Fink and Osborn and proceed with Maria Hill's neural re-sequencing. Goddamn, her ass is amazing. I don't think they're even going to need to do any work on it."

Carol felt herself giggle and coo. The nice hunky man liked her ass! His big strong hands kneading her ass cheeks felt sooooo good, just warm and wonderful. Maybe he had a nice big cock too. That thought combined with the kneading made her pussy get all nice and wet.

"Save it for after her treatment, Rodriguez." another man in a weird outfit Carol distantly recognized barked to the stud touching her butt as he pulled Carol away from him. She found herself locked onto a metal stretcher so fast she got dizzy, making the blonde whoop and giggle with laughter. "Word is she's a 1/15th alien or something, so we don't know how long the Happy Gas will last. We don't want this blonde bitch wrecking BTI before she gets her attitude adjustment."

Carol moaned and laughed again. Why would she hurt anybody? These guys were so fucking hot and life was sooooo wonderful! The second man in funny clothes upbraiding the first idly squeezed her C-cup tits, making her groan with pleasure and coo. It felt soooooo good! She wished her arms and legs were free so she could touch his cock and spread her legs to get him to fuck her but that was okay. Everything was perfectly, perfectly perfect, she thought with a giggle.

"Yes, sir, Mr. Taskmaster, sir. My apologies."

"No worries, Rodriguez." grinned Taskmaster as he gave both of Ms. Marvel's tits a playful honk before motioning BTI's men to take her into the labs double-time. She giggled and sighed as all the cute men carted her away.

"Easy to get distracted by one of the Avengers rubbing up against you like a dumb slut. I know I can't wait to see BTI make the bitch even better, maybe give her a set of tits to match that ass of hers and a mouth that isn't so annoying. Just keep it under control, Rodriguez. Good work."

"Thank you, sir." Rodriguez responded to the mercenary with a just a tremor of fear in his voice. BTI said he'd fought the Avengers single-handedly and walked away. He'd also heard whispers something about the supervillain-for-hire's unique muscle memory abilities would be instrumental in helping BTI "improve their technique". He just hoped this whole thing went according to plan. Osborn and Fink had assure the rank and file that, after their 100% successful invasion of the X-Men's Utopia base three months ago, any and all superhero or SHIELD interference would be well in hand. Speaking of which . . .

His radio crackled.

"We now have confirmation that all non-female SHIELD Agents have now been captured and accounted for, along with the female ones who have been sent to processing. Should we continue with Maria Hill's treatment now, sir?"

Taskmaster smirked at Rodriguez and chuckled.

"Sure thing, pal. I can't wait to see that snotty Fury-wannabe's brain get cooked like an egg."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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