The Joker stubles on to the lab

by Bonewing
Storyline Dr. Professor’s Grand experiment
Characters Joker
Category pregnancy
Previous Chapter my wife is a brood Queen

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Accessing Data files of test subject Brood Queens:

Brood Queen once was a large bug like beast. Now she resembles a human in some way. She is tall about six feet. Having a human head with long snake tendrils coming from the back of her head, at the end of the tendrils are sharp knives. Her harden exoskeleton is brown in color with black and red lines cruse crossing down her Body. The back of her body has spikes about two inches long running down her solder blades. Her spine is heavily armored; it comes out of her back to look like it leads to a wipe like tale that is a 1/2 length of her body. Two round nubs on her chest is most likely her bursts.

Side Note: The black and red lines seem to be moving changing the pattern on her body.  At this point there is not proper about of Data for this to be a fact.

Her body has the proper curves of a human of healthy human female that comet to exercises each day.

She is heavily armed on the body.

She has strong need to breed. opening chamber A now. Brood Queen subject is not free

Her ordinal Brood has all died.

Accessing Video cameras:

A clown like person has been teleported into the lab. His name from old universe is The Joker. The Joker looks confused. He does not have a smile on his faces.

Sound activated: “Well Welll Well, Lets See were I been misplaced.”

Joker is now moving deeper   into the lab. Head in the direction of camber A, when he slips in a puddle of green smile left over from the hulk clone.

“Yak what is this…” crashing sound from the left of him. “AAA, that’s not  one of the normal voices in my head.”

Turning on ESP reader: From the Brood Queen “You will be mine.”

The frantic clown looks around for the sources of this Voices. “There are two many paces for your to hide…” he pauses a smile comes on to his faces as he sees Brood Queen appear behind him. “Who Hit you with the ugly sitick.”

“You Will be MINE!!!”

Scanning the two subjects now…

Joker has many objects he can do hurt brood Queen. Brood Queen is stronger than the Joker and more likely to when this fight.

Brood Queen gets into fighting stances, as does the Joker. The battle will happen in a sub-room  of the lab. It is smaller then the main room.

Joker attacks fist, shooting his aside flower at her. She reads his mind and jumps onto the ceiling. She points her three fingered hand at him and a black slime covers his body him. He is held down by the slime.  

The slime rips his clothing off un till snow white his dick is showing. The black oil rubs it in till firm. “Hay What are you doin.” Brood spoke once more in his head. “Getting you ready for me!”

“But…” the clown can no longer speak the black slime has covered his mouth. The Brood Queen walked to him.  A slit opens in-between her legs. She sits on his harden wood.

Accessing Data scans: As the Joker has his orgasm; the Queen holds his sperm in a small organ. Her egg is paced into the small organ. The Joker has another orgasm, and a threaded. The Threaded is forced back down his dick as is the egg. Red and Black lines converge form the Queens body onto the Joker’s.

The lines cover his growing and butt in a hard protective shell.

The clown has become cross eyed with payn.

Accessing File…. Code Clown…. Access granted.

The Joker now has a child inside his stomach. He himself is inside a black goo cocoon. He is due any moment now.

The joker is now covered in an exoskeleton the color is white, his faces looks the same as it did when he came into the lab. He covers his torso in a purple lab coat.   The coat seams to move on its one. It is possible that this is his symbote. He has five fingered claws and he has now legs. Instead it seems he slithers along on a snake tale. He has dragonfly wings sticking out of his back. Inside his stomach there is five children inside.

What will happen next.

Should we see how the rest of the world is doing or  watch the Joker. What happen to the child of the Dr. and the Brood Queen? Where is Venom and Carnage?  

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