Orion Slave Girl (Star Trek)

by Beast73542
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Black Cat Spider-Man
Category Marvel and DC
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Peter had seen multiple fantasy and sci-fi stories and had an idea of what to merge Felicia with come up. The idea of making her an Slave leia.

'Too obvious, maybe a Twi’lek or... an orion slave girl from Star trek. If I do this...' thought Peter as he looked at the internet information on the race.

He started to apply the Chimeric Template. Felicia's hair remained platinum blond but her eyes were now Green in colour, hidden by tinted contacts. Her breasts where the same size while still allowing her to perform acrobatic acts without being hit or thrown off by their weight. Her skin is Tinted green.

Plus the orion's secret weapon...Allure. Normal orion Allure can be caused by pheromones that hypnotise a male for several minutes into a love trance. In the show it is stated this makes males the real slaves, but Peter edited this out to have him be the master.


Felicia Hardy, daughter of a master thief and his Orion slave girl was looking for another adventure out in New York city. The power boosts she had gained as the Black Cat (Bad luck powers, cat like abilities) mixed with her natural Orion powers. She was looking for Peter Parker or his heroic identity as Spider-man, her master.

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