She-Hulk starts to transform, becoming the largest female abomination in the horde.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F F/F Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter She-Hulk is dragged off to the cave

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Spider-Beast's pharamones had driven Jen Walters into a sexual frenzy, already she had pumped several of the abominations dry and yet craved more. She had become insatiable as she straddled one of the brutes under her moaning and crying out in rapture as her latest lover tensed before flooding her womb.

"Mm-more... so hot..." Moaned Jen as she palmed he quaking pussy with one hand and tweaked one of her nipples with the other. Her please were answered as a rather large monster that looked strangely like Steve Rogers stomped up to her and waved his solid prick in front of her. Too far gone to resist she turned around and presented her rear to him as he speared deep into her pussy and began jack-hammering into her.

"AAARGH.... so fucking tight, gonna loosen you up after I put a few kids in you!" Snarled Ravage, the former Captain America as he pounded deep into her. Soon he roared out as he erupted into her, filling her so much her belly protruded into a small bump but even then he didn't stop. "I'm not weak like the rest of these little bastards, I can go for hours knocking you up!"

Something clicked in Jen, a growing heat that started in her loins and began to flare out. Groaning she could feel her body begin to grow bigger and stronger. Her muscles bulked up as she grew taller, a sickening crack came from her hips as they widened with each minute. Her breasts were growing larger as well, even with her hands holding her up her nipples scrapped the ground exciting her more. Her skin grew darker as polished scales spread over her body. She snarled as her teeth became sharp with a longue tongue licking her plump lips.

More and more she grew as the changes continued, sharp spines jutted out of her arms and back while her hands grew sharp claws. Her feet were changing so that she could stand on the balls of her toes, which now sported claws of their own. Her transformation completed just as Ravage came again, flooding her insides before going another round.

"MORE! Fuck me MORE! Unless your tired already." Snarled Jen as she looked over her shoulder, feral lust in her eyes as she clentched her pussy muscles to anger her lover. Growling at the challenge Ravage turned her around to face him while he thrust into her again, She Hulk wrapped her powerful legs around his waist and pressed her massive breasts against his barrel chest, laughing as he pounded into her.

Warbeast and Widow looked on in amusement while Wasp laid on her side playing with her most recent batch of kids.

"Wow, she's huge isn't she?" smiled the blonde as she drew circles round her erect nipples with her claw, the sight of Jen turning into one of them exciting her. "She must be the biggest of us."

After two hours a feral roar echoed out over the cave as the two abominations shared an explosive orgasm, Jen's belly swelling larger from the flood of cum pouring into her.

As the pharamones wore off and Ravage collapsed in exhaustion Jen stood up to her impressive 12 foot height and looked down at her new body, every inch of her was solid with muscle yet she still retained her feminen curves, if anything they were amplified. Her hips were a over a meter wide and she sported breasts easily the size of beach balls that leaked a thick green liquid, her hair had become shaggy and spilled over her back and shoulders.

Looking over to the others she smiled before stomping over and laying down next to the primary females of the horde. Basking in the after glow of over an hour of rough sex she didn't react when Warbeast crawled over her and began licking and nibbling at her impressive cleavage before working her way up to kiss her on the lips, the two making out as they got tangled together.

"Your gonna love it here Jen." Husked Warbeast as she reared back at the sounds of Tigra in the throes of labour in the next chamber over. Jen was confused until the blonde went back to kissing Jen deeply. "Just Tigra having another litter of kittens love, Mmm... you might have a few yourself." Husked Warbeast feeling the bulge in Jen's stomach.


Back at the SHILED heelicarrier still in drydock and nearing completion on its repairs Thor, Vision, Dr. Banner and Tony Stark Sat in a temporary meeting room.

"I've been going over the documents Ant-Man sent SHIELD a few weeks ago before they went missing." Said Bruce as he shifted his reading glasses at the folders in front of him. "The genetic material in Emil Blonsky's organ was a powerful cocktail of hormones and DNA retroviruses ment to change any living thing into the same... Abomination as he was."


"Hank was right, it can't be cured. What's worse is I've been going over the hormone levels he sent also and found that it's effects on the mind are quite damaging. I'm not surprised if they haven't all gone feral or worse."

"So somewhere out there is a horde of giant powerful monsters as tough as the hulk rampaging across the states." Groaned Tony as he stirred his drink in his hand. "Looks like Kang wasn't lying about the future he showed us, sooner or later they're gonna be the ones to turn the world into a barren wasteland."

~Kang may have done more FOR us then against us Mr. Stark~ Commenting the android sitting across from him at the table, Vision had gone over the recording of that unfateful attack by the future conquerer again and again in his mind. ~Once you see the future it won't be that way when it comes to pass.~

"Vision is right, we now know the cause of the calamity in store, we need only the means to thwart it!" Thor ever the optimist smiled at the glimmer of hope at saving thier friends.

"Well I've been working on a new Hulk-Buster armor just in case the good doctor here went bat-shit one day... no offense."

Shrugging Bruce closed the documents at the table and set his glasses down. "None taken, I guess all we can do is wait for them to come to us, I just hope we're ready."

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