Power Girl and Wonder Woman continue their threesome with Captain America.

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
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Previous Chapter The ladies join Super Man and Captain America at the table and begin to flirt with the two.

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"Yes! There... Right there!" Cried out Diana as Captain America pumped deeper into the amazon princess, her moans were cut off as Kara leaned down to silence her with a deep languid kiss. The three had been at it for some time, with Diana's turn she was on her side over the table with one of her legs over Cap's shoulders as he thrust and ground deeper into her, Power Girl leaning over the table making out with the amazon as she waited for her turn again.

"Your so hot Diana, just look at your tits." Husked Kara as she groped Wonder Woman's breasts, tweaking and licking her nipples as she fingered herself. For a moment she thought that they seemed even bigger than when this all began, her's too.

All three were almost oblivious to the slow growth both women experienced as their hips, breasts and asses swelled larger. As their bodies grew so did their sex drive, even after several rounds with the super soldier both women wanted more.

"Gonna cum... Can't hold it anymore..." Groaned Steve Rogers as he sped up, both his hands on Diana's broad hips.

"YES! Cum in me! Do it! Do it noooooaaaaaah.....!" Screamed Wonder Woman as she felt Steve's cock explode in her womb, blasting her inner walls with cum. Their shared orgasm rocked the two for several minutes before Captain America had no more energy and promplty passed out under the table.

As Diana recupperated she was accosted by Power Girl, sharing kisses and gropes with the blonde as they got up from the cafeteria table.

"No fair, you got the last load." Pouted Kara as she kissed the amazon princess, slipping her tongue into her mouth as she wrapped her hands around the woman's waist.

"Mmm... Lets find someone else to fuck, there has to be others in today." Winked Diana as the two walked out, gyrating their hips as they sauntered out of the cateferia stark naked and reaking of sex.


Susan Storm had just come back from a semenar at a local school discussing teen pregnancy in young girls, taking off her jacket she dropped herself down on the couch. Nothing seemed to fit anymore, she had to buy a new set of bras yesterday and even THOSE were tight on her, she swore she was a C-cup last time she checked but lately she had to buy F-cup and now G-cups to hold her puppies together. Not only that but her skirt was getting tight around the waist and was starting to ride up, her real concern was the semenar itself.

As she spoke to the student body she couldn't help but feel jealous of some of the young women in the audience, some sporting rounded bellies from the latter stages of their pregnancies. Shaking her head she felt that a ladies night would be nice to get her mind off of all that, calling up her friends Lois Lane, MJ Watson, Lana Lang and Felicia Hardy over the phone she made plans to enjoy the night.

Getting up to take a bath her mind still wandered to the idea of getting pregnant, her imagination getting the better of herself as she dreamed of being taken by the football squad that attended the speech, to feel them take turns cumming into her pussy and pumping her full of their potent cum, her belly swelling larger with every stud she fucked.

Catching herself she waved a hand over her face to deal with her blush as she took her bath, releasing a breath she didn't know she was holding she set down into the tub and washed herself as she waited for her friends to arrive.


She Hulk woke up groggily as she sat up from the ruins of her bed, the man of steel still passed out beside her. Combing her fingers through her mane of green hair the woman smiled down at the man that satisfied her for the better part of an hour, sure her guest quarters were ruined but she gave it little thought. "More powerful than a locomotive, sure did ruin me for most men honey I'll give you that."

As soon as she turned to get out of bed she gasped looking down to catch the sight of herself, her breasts were huge! Cupping them in her hands she hissed at thier sensitivity, both had grown large and plump, almost the size of her own head. Her nipples were now over an inch long and surrounded by saucer wide aerolas that were dark and sensitive to the cool air.

Standing up she walked to the bathroom, surprised that her now wider hips nearly grazed the edges of the door. Looking at herself in the full length mirror she could see what had happened to her body since she passed out.

stretching her arms over her head while arching her back in front of the mirror Jen could only whistle at the flaring curves her body now had, her new larger breasts dominated her chest, making them visible even from behind as they wobbled with every movement she made. Turning around she slapped a hand over the round spheres of her ass, framed by wide child bearing hips.

Cupping one of her breasts under her palms she cooed at the warmth of her mammeries just as moisture began to form at her fingers, drawing her hand up licked the fluid from her finger tips humming at the nutty flavour of her milk. Looking down at her relfection she noticed her abs were no longer defined but seemed bloated with a slight paunch, bringing her hands around her waist she felt a lump at the center of her naval.

"Am I... Pregnant?"

The thought brought a thrill down the green woman's back and straight to her pussy, for some reason the idea of being knocked up excited her, empowered her, AROUSED her. Arching her back and striking a pose in front of the mirror she imagined herself full term, her round belly dominating her front and impeding the sight of her legs and feet. Smiling to her reflection she imagined herself with twins, then triplets, then quads...

Groaning from a micro orgasm at the image of being so big she brought one of her stiff nipples to her pouty lips and licked it, purring deeply as she was rewarded with her own creamy milk. She was pregnant, she knew it!

Turning around she sashayed out of the bathroom, cooing as her wide hips grazed the sides of the door as she exited to find another boy-toy to play with.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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