The ladies join Super Man and Captain America at the table and begin to flirt with the two.

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Superman She-Hulk Wonder Woman Power Girl Captain America
Category Marvel DC M/F Female Dom Growth pregnancy
Previous Chapter At the Hall of Justice, Wonder Woman suddenly starts feeling a certain need...

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"Hello you two, mind if we join you?" Asked Jen as the others sat at the table with Captain America and Superman, not waiting for an answer as they made their seats close to the two superheroes. She Hulk sat next to Clark mashing her sizable breasts against his arm as she leaned in while Power Girl and Wonder Woman sat at either side of Steve Rogers.

"So whats this I hear about your wify Sup's?" Asked the jade giantess as she traced a finger down Superman's chest. "Is she scaring you off? You know I could treat you MUCH better than she could."

"Well its just that she's been insatiable, and... I don't know its as if whatever has been effecting her is getting to me too." Worried the red caped hero as he wiped his forehead from the sweat forming. "I just don't want to hurt her thats all."

"Is that so?..." Mused Jen as she slowly drew nearer to the man and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck as the two began making out. "Then maybe you should give me a go."

"Oh Steve ever thought that Tigra might be wanting some attention?" Pouted Kara as she held onto Cap's left arm. "We could use some attention ourselves."

"Oh yes Captain, we've been feeling rather flushed lately, maybe you could make us feel better?" Asked Wonder Woman as she rubbed her hands over the Avenger's shoulders.

"What's gotten into you thr- Mpphh" Steve never finished his sentence as Diana turned his head towards her and kissed him deeply, swirling her tongue around in his mouth as she pressed against him. Just as she broke the kiss Steve's head was turned the other way and forced into a deep kiss with Power Girl.

"Lets give these three some privacy, I want some alone time with the man of steel." Purred Jen as she grabbed Clark's hand and pulled him with her out of the cafeteria and into her visitor's quarters down the hall.

Cap had no idea what was going on and the more he tried to think about it the more woozy he felt, his erection was straining his pants as the two women competed for his oral attentions.

"Mmm that looks uncomfortable..." Husked Diana as she rubbed the bulge at Steve's pants as she unclasped the back of her costume. Kara had already striped off her one-piece suit and was already on her knees undoing his pants. "Ooh you really are superhuman." Purred Kara as she knelt next to Diana holding his now free and rigid cock in their hands, it had swollen to over a foot in length and bulged angrily with throbbing viens, his sack was full and heavy and was turning blue from their ministrations.

"Ah shit, too good!" Grunted Steve as the two most powerful women in the world began licking his shaft and sucking at his balls. "Can't... Hold... It!" Grunted Steve as he came hard, plastering both women in the face with hot cum. As he sat there panting and exhausted the two women cleaned each other off, licking and kissing the mess on their faces and chests.

"It's not over yet stud." Moaned Kara as she postioned herself over the table, shaking her wide hips invitingly to the super soldier. "That is unless you've got nothing left?"

Instantly hard again he stood up and positioned himself behind the shapely kryptonian and mounted her from behind, wasting no time as he rutted inside of her. Diana leaned in behind him, pressing her breasts into his back as he jack-hammered into the blond woman. Kara gasped and cried out as she was taken from behind, enjoying every second of it.

"I'm next after her, and by Hera you better make me cum."


"YES! FUCK YES! MORE!" Screamed Jen as she was pinned to the wall by Superman, her long legs wrapped around his waist as he pounded into her hard enough to leave fractures in the stone wall. The two had been at it since she dragged him with her into her room, their cloths scattered all over the floor. The furniture was trashed as their romp had devestated the bed and dresser with their great strength, now left with just grinding against the wall the two had already gone three rounds and were closing in on their fourth shared orgasm.

It was strange for Jen to describe how amazing this felt, it was as if every time he came in her she felt revitalized, as if she NEEDED to have as much of him in her as she could. Not only that but she could swear she was growing, her breasts were now a good cup size bigger from what they were in the cafeteria, and they were G-cups then and her hips felt wider, almost as wide as her shoulders. "Almost there!" Grunted Clark as he tensed rocking into the green skin powerhouse. "Can't hold it any longer."

"Yes! Do it! Cum in Meeeeeee-aaah!" Cried out She Hulk as he came hard for the last time in her, the two collapsing in the ruins of her bed, soaked in their sweat and panting from exhaustion they fell asleep.

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