Wonder Woman gets her reward

by BigGuy
Storyline The JLA's new nemesis, Bubba
Characters Alfred Pennyworth Batman Wonder Woman
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman decides to prove her worth to Bubba

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As Diana stood under the shower, washing the cum and swet from her body, she felt- good. For the first time since being exposed to the magnificence of Bubba's breasts, she felt like she might not be inadequate. She might, actually, be able to become a real woman! She had faced the test, and passed it!

She steeped out of the shower, and saw herself in the mirror- no, she wasn't as much of a woman as her goddess, Bubba- but she wasn't ugly. Her body was strong, and could stand up to any man or woman! Yes, she could become a real woman, with her goddess' help! 

 The door opened, and two identical girls walked in. there blond hair fell in ringlets along the side of their heart-shaped faces. They both had very large, although obviously fake, breasts- VERY large. In fact, other than the goddess, the largest Diana had ever seen. But their bodies were otherwise fairly unremarkable. It took a moment, then she recognized them. They were Katie and Andi Larson. Former child stars, they had parleyed their success into direct-to-video movies, records- and were widely reported to be multi-millionaires. Plus, they had been the jailbait wet dreams of millions of men- websites counted down to their 18th birthday.  They disappeared the night of that birthday  party- and showed up 6 months later, tits expanded, appearing in Playboy- but then, they went underground again.

Diana didn't know it, but Bubba had been behind their disappearance. She had an irrational hatred for them- maybe because the idea of two women, twins, was one of the few things she couldn't compete against. Or maybe just because they were young and famous for almost nothing. In any case, she lured them away with a few of her studs, then showed them her breasts- they were hers from then on. She knew just what to do- big money would be paid to break their cherries- but she wanted them to suffer first. They underwent painful, illegal surgeries to expand their tits- they wanted to become "real women", after all- then she offered them to Playboy. Then came the invitation- to select customers, a one-time-only auction for their first night. It was lucrative- almost as lucrative as the twins voluntarily giving her whatever she asked for, including the mansion she lived in.

The twins didn't say a word as they led Diana, still naked, to Bubba's personal bath. They opened the door, and Diana walked through- as she passed them- she thought she saw them look disdainfully at her chest.

Inside, the room was full of marble and gold. It was- horrible. Overdone. In the worst taste. And then she saw her. Bubba.

She stood in front of a large sunken bath, wrapped in a thick terrycloth robe. Her body was nearly concealed by it, only a hint of the voluptuousness beneath. 

"So, little princess, you passed the test. Do you think you can become a real woman?"

"Yes, my goddess."

"I like that. Goddess. Hmm- well- this is your reward- you may wash my body- but may not touch my breasts until I tell you." Bubba dropped the robe, and stood there naked. Any thoughts of confidence deserted Diana- how could she have thought for a moment that she was even potentially a real woman? She dropped to her knees, and crawled towards her goddess.

Bubba smiled- it was not a pleasant smile, although there were few on the planet who would notice- who would have seen anything but seeming acres of magnificent breasts.


one week later

Bruce Wayne sat at the marvelous late breakfast prepared by Alfred. He had to go in to Wayne industries today- which was one of the few duties he hated.  But- he had had a good night. He had captured Scarecrow before any of Gotham's citizens had been exposed to his newest fear gas.

"Sir, the mail- there is a parcel containing a DVD- it bears the imprint of Bubba's Brothel." This last was said with a disdain Bruce wished he could match as Batman. Prostitution, as such, was not something he did too much about, or felt strongly about- as a young man, he had hired some of the world's finest professionals to teach him the arts of pleasing a woman, including tantric sex. But forced prostitution was something else. he had received a few of these taped "commercials" for Bubba's before, and had always made sure that he stayed "intrigued" by them- while trying to find an "in" that wouldn't compromise Bruce Wayne. Diana had decided to go in after this Bubba, and Bruce thought it an elegant solution. he gave her the info he had. But Diana hadn't been heard from in a week- not that odd, but still...

'Alfred, put the DVD through the usual filters to check it for viruses- I'll watch it in the cave."

"Sir- you are due at Wayne Industries in an hour- might I suggest you watch it in the car?"

"Very well- but if I need to, we're skipping the meeting."

"Yes, sir- it's only a meeting on restructuring the employee profit-sharing plan. I'm certain your workers won't mind you skipping out."

"Just check the DVD- I'll be out in a few minutes."


"Dear God."

Bruce stared at the screen. the video had started as usual- the "Bubba" logo, featuring the silhouette of an impossibly-busty woman (like one of those trucker flaps, he always thought- hardly the logo one would pick for an upper-class establishment), and a breathy, sexy voice (belonging to Bubba's high school french teacher- the first woman to become Bubba's lover- now confined to a wheelchair, due to an over-enthusiastic bout of sex) describing the delights to be found. But then-  a new voice- one he recognized.

"I am Princess Diana of Thymesciara- and I have a new calling in my life." The screen exploded in a montage of scenes of Diana with men and women, being taken in every way.

Bruce was shocked- and, he was ashamed to admit, aroused. Even in these circumstances, Diana was uncommonly beautiful and vivacious. He felt his cock harden. He willed it to go down. This was his friend- his colleague- no mater what it took- he would rescue her- and Bubba would face his wrath! 

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