Cap changes Black Widow into his sex slave

by THISguy
Storyline Intergalactic Garage Sale
Characters Black Widow
Category Corruption Marvel Male Dom
Previous Chapter Ms Marvel and Jessica Jones find Norman Osborn and the Infinity Gauntlet

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Natasha Romanoff cowered in fear as Captain America stood over her. He had been given the Serpent Crown by a mysterious man known as The Merchent. As strong willed as Steve Rogers was, the corruptive power the Serpent Crown was able to penetrate his psyche. In her state of fear, the Black Widow could not help but wonder why Cap wasn't using the Serpent Crown to control her mind.


"I love watching you squirm Natasha. For all of your training, and all of your female empowerment bullshit, you can't bring yourself to fight back. I can see it in your mind, you're wondering why I haven't used the Crown to control you. Why I'm letting your lay there with your own thoughts coursing through your mind. But I have entered your mind. I haven't taken any of your thoughts away from you. I've merely taken away your courage. You're too affraid to fight back. You're too affraid to do anything but what I tell you to. Now take off your fucking clothes..."

Sobbing, the Black Widow climbed to her feet. "I'll do anything Steve, but please just don't hurt me."

Natasha started to peel off her leather body suit. Her body shaking from fear and heaving from her uncontrollable sobs.

"Will your stop your fucking crying woman? If you don't, I'm going to knock your fucking teeth down your fucking throat. I want you to act sexy, not like a crying little bitch."

Natasha did her best to stop crying. She finished unzipping her bodysuit and slid the top down past her shoulders. She leaned forward, giving Cap a good view of her barely covered tits. She slid her bodysuit down some more, putting her DD's on full display for the Star Spangled Avenger. When she had worked her suit down to her waist she turned around and bent over, giving Cap a great view of her shapely ass. She then yanked her uniform down the rest of the way.

"Very good Widow. Now come suck my fucking cock."

The tears started again for Natasha. Then Steve grabbed her by the hair and backhanded her across the face.

"When I tell you something, you fucking listen you little cunt. Now suck my fucking dick or I'll fucking hit you again."

With tears streaming down her face, the Black Widow dropped down to her knees in front of Captain America and pulled his dick out of his pants.



Back in New York City. Rachel Grey stood tall in the middle of a room full of exhausted Madrox dupes. She redressed and sat down in the lobby of the X-Factor Investigations office. A flash of light filled the room and Monet, Strong Guy, Shatterstar, Rictor, Siryn, and Longshot appeared though one of Shatterstar's portals.

Before any of them could react, Rachel took control of their minds. Monet received the same programming that Rachel had. From now, she would use her telepathy to seduce men, prefereably mutant men, in order to try to get pregnant. Siryn received similar programming. Thereasa's sonic powers gave her the ability to change the pitch of her voice to influence those who heard her voice. She would use the power to try to get herself fucked pregnant.

Rachel did not want the competition, so she sent Monet and Siryn away to try to get laid elsewhere. She then forced Guido, Shatterstar, and Longshot to undress. She licked her lips and removed her clothing.

"Alright boys, come and get it"


Back at the Jean Grey School, Quentin Quire patrolled the campus looking for a female student to satisfy his amplifed sex drive. He saw Paige Guthrie talking on her cell phone outside of the faculty dorm buidling. He read her mind and saw that she was being told by Rogue about some missing people and missing objects of power. She became even more worried when she was told about some kind of sexual bedlam breaking out on Utopia. She was being told to secure the students  in the emergency bunker and to keep the male and female faculty and students seperated.

"Well we can't have that can we?"

Kid Omega reached out and began to alter Husk's mind. Instead of following Rogue's orders, she got on the school's PA system and ordered all of the students into the same emergency bunker. Once inside, she locked the door and set the emergency sequence. Now the only way the door could be opened was with her pass code. For all intents and purposes, the entire student body was trapped.

Quire sent out a general telepathic wave throughout the room. He increased all of their sex drives and lowered their inhibitions. Paige tore off her uniform and practically attacked him. She was already so deeply under his control that she couldn't hold back any more. She tore off his pants and mounted him.

The other students were resisting the urge to tear off their clothes and start fucking each other. But Quire was literally radiating sexual energy throughout the room. Soon clothes were thrown all around the room and young mutants were engaging in a full blown orgy.

Mercury was taking advantage of her adaptable liquid metal body by taking some of the stranger dicks in the room. She was riding Rockslide's massive stone cock while Match pistoned his flaming dick in and out of her ass and Glob Herman fucked her face. Trance was being double penetrated by Gentle and Indra. Armour was being fucked from behind by Anole. Oya was busy riding Broo while she sucked off Angel.

Quire laid back while Husk rode him and looked around. His master would be pleased. Soon the mutant race would start to repopulate.


Osborn was using the Infinity Gauntlet to monitor the lives of his victims.

Carol Danvers was in a back alley in Harlem sucking off a gang leader in order to prove her loyalty. Once she was finished, if he was satisfied, he was going to start tricking her out.

Jessica Jones was bent over the sink in the men's room at a trendy bar in Manhatten. Some guy she was dancing with was fucking her from behind. She had met him 15 minutes before hand. She saw him on the dance floor, they started dancing, then the next thing she knew, they were blowing some coke in the bathroom right before she started blowing him.

Wanda Maximoff was finishing her stage show. She was completely nude and picking up dollar bills from the stage. When she climbed off, her boss, Wilson Fisk, grabbed her by the arm.

"Scarlet my dear, you have a request for a private dance. This man is a very important associate of mine. So make sure you give him the VIP treatment."

Wanda led the well dressed man into the champagne room. She began to give him a lap dance. She felt his hands all over her body. She reached behind her undid his pants. She turned around and buried his face between her massive tits. She reached down and started to stroke his dick.

"Alright sweetie, I paid good money for this dance, let's get to the good stuff."

Wanda gave him a knowing smile, slid his pants down, and proceded to impale herself onto his shaft

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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