Ms Marvel and Jessica Jones find Norman Osborn and the Infinity Gauntlet

by THISguy
Storyline Intergalactic Garage Sale
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Osborn was sitting in the living room of Avengers Mansion when the front door exploded. He looked over, and when the smoke cleared, he saw Ms Marvel and Jessica Jones standing in the entrance.

Ms Marvel rushed over and grabbed him.

"I should have known it was you Osborn. What did you do to Wanda?"

"Put me down."

Carol Danvers let go of Osborn. Jessica Jones looked at her.

"Carol, what are you doing?"

"I don't know."

Osborn laughed and lifted right hand.

"This lets me do anything I want. Which includes making you do whatever I want. Now get on your knees."

Both Avengers dropped to their knees.

"Now, you asked about your friend, the Witch. She's about 10 blocks from here working the stage for Wilson Fisk's strip club. But if I were you, I'd be more worried about what's going to happen to you."

Carol had a look of sheer terror on her face as she felt her body changing. Her already healthy curves became more exagerrated. Her hips flaired and her ass rounded out into a stereotypical "ghetto booty." Her breasts inflated until they became an obviously fake 36F. Her golden hair faded to a shade of platinum blonde that could only be found in a bottle of dye. Finally, her uniform started to morph. Her unitard became a pair of spandex shorts that barely covered her new ass and a halter top that barely covered her massive new tits.

"Now Ms Marvel. You're going to leave here and hook up with the first street gang you come across. You'll do whatever they want you to. You'll be their willing slave. You'll sell drugs, turn tricks, and do anything else they can come up with. And from now on, nothing will satisfy you sexually except for a black dick."

Tears ran down Jessica Jones's face as she watched her best friend transformed into a cheap looking slut. She cringed when Osborn turned his gaze to her. She also felt her body starting to change. Her breasts grew to a natural DD cup. Her hips and ass enlarged slightly. Her toned body softened slightly. Her street clothes changed into an expensive mini-dress and she became adorned with expensive jewlery.

"Mrs Cage, you're so proud of being a mother and a wife. So much so that you've actually considered giving up being a super hero. Deciding against that will prove to be the biggest mistake you've ever made. You're still going to be a mother. I'd hate for you to leave that little girl of yours in the hands of your idiot husband. But from now on, you're going to be a typical cougar. You'll find a new husband pretty quickly. You'll need someone to pay for your expensive lifestyle. But you'll spend your time trolling bars and night clubs looking for young men to fuck your pretty little brains out."

"Now both of you, get out of my sight and enjoy your new lives."


Sif's orgasmic screams echoed throughout the cell block as she was being fucked in each of her holes. She had lost track of how many cocks she had serviced and how many orgasms she had. All she knew was that she needed more.

The sound of thunder interrupted her latest orgasm. She saw a lightning bolt crash through the ceiling. Every one of the prisoners froze in place as they watched Thor decend through the hole in the ceiling.

"I don't know what sort of magics are at work here, but take your filthy hands off of the Lady Sif right this instant. Or feel the wrath of the Odinson."

All of the prisoners grabbed their clothes and ran back to their cells.

Sif furiously fingered her pussy as she looked at Thor with pure anger.

"How dare you Thor. I was in the middle of fucking all of those men. What right do you have to stop me?"

"Someone has cast a powerful spell on you. I can sense the black magic at work."

Sif could suddenly feel her lust becoming uncontrollable again. She looked at the God of Thunder and saw his eyes locked onto her sweaty, naked body.

"I think that the Odinson likes what he sees."

"That is irrelivant Sif. What is important is that I need to get you to Asgard. Odin's sorcerers can fix what is wrong with you."

Sif walked up to Thor and grabbed his crotch. "How about we have some fun first."


Quentin Quire, AKA Kid Omega, was in the middle of fucking his headmistress Kitty Pride when he felt a surge of power course through is body. He could feel his mutant powers amplify, suddenly it felt like there was literally nothing he couldn't do. His mind was filled with thoughts of using his amplified powers to transform mutant women into busty sluts just like Kitty.

He increased his pace and shot his load deep into Shadowcat's womb. He turned her around and made her lick him clean. He then put his clothes back on and went back into the main campus to find a mutant woman to change.

Back in the locker room, Kitty looked around and saw that Hellion and Toad were completely exhausted. She redressed and left the locker room to find someone else to fuck.


On Utopia, Danger felt her software changing. Before she could alert Cyclops, the new programming took hold. She accepted her new powers and new prime directive. She left the X-Brig and went topside. Upon reaching the surface level, she saw Emma Frost and Namor returning from a mission. Danger knew it wouldn't be difficult to convince them to mate because of the obvious sexual tension that already existed between the two.

She brought up Frost's profile and began to modify her. She inflated the White Queen's implants two cup sizes. Beyond that, she didn't make any physical changes. Frost had seen to having her body modified on her own previously. Danger began to make mental modifications. She implanted the constant need for sex into her. She gave her Sinister's new prime directive as well. From now on, Emma would feel the need to constantly have sex in order to increase the mutant population. She would also use her telepathy to remove objections from any of her targets.

Danger watched as Frost took Namor by the hand and led him off to find a more private place.

Danger scanned the island for her next target


Captain America and the Black Widow followed the energy trail left by the Cosmic Cube to find the point of origin. The trail led them to a small suburban neighborhood. They saw an older man sitting in his driveway behind several carefully arranged tables. The energy trail seemed to lead directly to him so they approached cautiously.

"Sir, I am Captain America, directer of SHIELD. I have reason to believe that you are selling items of great power from your garage sale. I'm going to need to comfinscate your inventory and take you into custody for questioning."

"Of course Captain. I'll cooperate fully. Why don't you take this first."

The Merchant handed Rogers an item that looked like several snakes twisted into the form of a crown.

"I'm sure you recognize it, right? It's the Serpent Crown. It's used to influence those around you. Be careful though, it's been known to corrupt innocent souls."

Steve looked down at the Serpent Crown. The golden snakes seemed to move as he watched it. He could almost hear a voice in his head. Without thinking, Cap took his mask off and placed the Crown on his head. Instantly, he could feel his mind twist and change. He became consumed with the power in his possession. A wicked smile formed on his face as he looked at the Black Widow.

The Merchant sat back down, "Cap, if you'd like to use it, I've got a spare bedroom in the house."

Steve Rogers grabbed a terrified Black Widow and drug her into The Merchant's house

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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