Days pass and one of the females goes into labour.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F Corruption Transformation
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It had been days since the Abominations made the cave as their home, certain parts had been claimed as sleeping areas but the main chamber was where they all either fed or fucked.

Tigra layed on her side licking the fur of her arm while she rubbed her belly, she had been acting more cat like over time, like the others she was becoming more feral, savage. Her memories as a hero were fading, even the name Greer Grant meant nothing to her now, she was Tigra the Abomination and there was nothing else. Looking over to the noise at the entrance she smiled as Black Panther returned with more food for the horde, a pair of cows from a distant farm he snatched up. He killed the two heffers easily and lifting their bodies over his shoulders and lept high in the air landing at the entrance of the cave.

Widow looking like a bloated pregnant heffer herself as she waddled into the main room and cooed at Panther's kills, kneeling down before the cat abomination she started sucking him off, rewarding him for his cunning. As soon as he filled her stomach with cum she stood and turned around, postioning herself over his still raging cock.

Tigra groaned in envy of Panther, the cat in her wanted to hunt, to kill, but for now she was too big to stalk anything. The activity in her womb had been increasing as was her girth, it wouldn't be long now for her cubs to be born.

Heavy foot steps announced the arrival of Miss Marvel, she had to have been the largest of them so far her belly so large it could have held a couple humans inside easily. Squating down on her knees she began tearing into one of the cows, they had all gotten used to the taste of raw meat by now. As she ate Widow and Panther grunted and snarled as their rut intensified, making the massive blonde smile in their direction as she ate.

As she swallowing another gulp of flesh she groaned as her body tensed up, curious of Marvel's behaviour Tigra sat up just as the large female howled as her water broke. The loud moan alerted the rest of the horde as they all arrived watching as Carol lurched and tensed, her pussy crowning as a shape pushed out. With a hoarse moan she gave birth to a large greenscaled baby, it collapsed on the ground under here as she tensed again, followed by another infant passing through her birth canal. Each push made her breasts spurt milk in an arc in front of her, widening her stance, she made more room for her children to land in, arching her back as another baby landed heavily between her thighs. With a final grunt she forced the afterbirth out before collapsing on all fours, turning around she looked down at her litter.

Her brood consisted of two girls and four boys that cried for their mother's attention, using her claws she snipped the cords that connected them to the afterbirth and swallowed the now useless lump of flesh before bringing each of her kids up to nurse and clean. Her insides healed rapidly as she fed her children, her belly became defined with hard muscle once again but her massive breast and hips remained.

"That... was hot!" Husked Janet tweaking one of her leaking nipples to the scene, her other claw deep in her pussy as she watched her friend give birth. "Congratulations Carol."

A hiss snapped back from the blonde abomination at that name. "NOT CAROL! Carol Danvers is gone, I'm not that puny human anymore... call me Warbeast!"

Janet smiled wickedly at her friend's change in character, the former female roll model was now an alpha bitch, totally savage and powerful. Standing up Warbeast let go of her children and cooed in pride at how fast they grew, already they could stand on thier own feet and wandered where she stood. Gesturing them to follow her she went back to her portion of the cave before grabbing on to Hank's erect cock and moaned sensually at him, swivelling her hips as she pressed against him. Even after giving birth she wanted to fuck and do it all over again, the pleasure pain of birth only spurring her on to bear even more. Pulling him with her the sounds of rough sex echoed in the caves as the two went at it.

Moaning in arousal Spider-Woman went to the remaining cow to feed smiling as she heard Snarl cry out in exstacy. "Mmm... we're going to need a bigger cave soon."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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