The Beginning

by THISguy
Storyline Ring of Three Words
Category Transformation
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Hundreds of years ago, a powerful wizard harnessed a powerful magic. All he needed to do was point at someone and speak three words, and that person would be forever transformed in the manner the wizard had described.

The wizard used this power to bring his enemies to their knees (sometimes literally). The mightiest of heroes quaked at the thought of confronting him. The most beautiful and desireable women in the world were part of his harem.

Eventually, the world's mightiest heroes banded together and gave their lives to defeat the wizard. Unable to get close enough to stop him physically, they sacrificed themselves to enact a powerful counterspell. Through their deaths, they were able to trap the wizard's power into a ring.

For centuries the ring laid hidden from the world. Eventually, the ring became a thing discussed in tall tales around campfires and taverns. Sometime later, the tall tales stopped and the Ring of Three Words was forgotten.

However, on a day unlike any other, the legendary Ring of Three Words would once again terrorize the world. Even the most noble of souls could be corrupted by the absolute power contained in the small, golden band. A soul that was already impure would fall quickly and completely to the thrall of the ring.

Unfortunately  for the world, Dirk Garthwaite was a man with the most impure of souls. The man known as The Wrecker was not unfamiliar with powerful magic. His crowbar was enchanted with Asgardian magic that enabled him to go toe-to-toe with Thor. But The Wrecker was a very greedy man, albeit, not a very bright one. He shared his power with Bulldozer, Piledriver, and Thunderball, collectively known as The Wrecking Crew. They used their enhanced strength for such trivial tasks as robbing banks and accumulating wealth.

It was the search for wealth that uncovered the Ring of Three Words. The Wrecking Crew had demolished a small section of Manhattan in order to steal from several jewelry stores and banks. Ms Marvel and She-Hulk had showed up to stop them. In the ensuing battle, The Wrecker was knocked into the ocean by She-Hulk.

At the bottom of the ocean, a small chest caught his eye. Garthwaite used his famed crowbar to pry the chest open. The only thing inside of the chest was a small, gold ring. Sensing the powerful magic contained in the ring, The Wrecker picked up the ring and put it on his right index finger. He swam to shore to re-enter the fray.

When he arrived back at the battle ground, he saw his Wrecking Crew being led into the back of a SHIELD prison van. Ms Marvel turned back and saw the Wrecker standing at a distance watching his henchmen being taken to prison. She flew over to confront him.

"Haven't you had enough Wrecker? Or do you need She Hulk to throw your ass back in the ocean?"

Overcome with rage, he pointed at Ms Marvel and screamed three simple words

"Stupid, fucking whore."

Carol barely registered the insult. She was used to villians screaming obcenities at her. It came with the territory of being a super hero. But what came next was drastically different from what she was used to.

She felt a tingling sensation through her entire body. It seemed to originate in her erogenous zones. Her nipples and pussy were practically on fire. She tried to rationalize what was happening to her, and what she could do about it. But Carol's once brilliant, military mind was failing her. If she were still able to process the information, Carol would have been able to feel her intelligence fading.

Nearly a lifetime of knowledge drained from her mind. It was all replaced by an instictive need to be fucked for money. Some small part of her remembered that she used to be Ms Marvel, Avenger and respected woman. But that part was buried deeply in the recesses of her warped and simplified conciousness.

Her body went through somewhat more subtle changes than her mind. Carol had always been blessed with healthy curves. Her breasts swelled slightly and took on a much faker appearance. Her ass rounded and firmed. Her golden hair faded to an obviously fake platinum blonde. Her singlet stretched and changed until she was left wearing a black tube top that barely covered her silicone stuffed tits, and a micro-skirt that exposed the bottoms of her ass cheeks as she walked.

Now she was simply Candy. She was a street whore. She was cheap, not because of her looks or her talents, but simply because she lacked the intelligence to properly set rates and count money. But someday, she hoped to find a Daddy to take care of all of that for her.

The Wrecker was completely dumbfounded as to what he had just witnessed. He called Ms Marvel a stupid fucking whore, and that's exactly what she was now. He pulled the ring off of his finger and saw an inscription on the inside,

"Reality bends when three words are spoken."

He placed the ring back on his right index finger and realized that he finally had the power to gain revenge on everyone who had ever wronged him. He heard a crash behind him and turned to see She Hulk charging toward him.

The Wrecker pointed toward the Jade Giantess and spoke three simple words....

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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