by Regret
Storyline All Hail Empress...
Characters Catwoman Wonder Woman
Category F/F
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Diana cringed she tried with every ounce of her willpower but she knew it was useless. "Me." Diana confessed.

"Interesting, so if I put this on I get your powers and you want to serve me?" Selina asked, her face lit up intrigued by the prospect.

"Yes" Diana responded, She could guess what Selina's next question would be and tried to untie the lasso.

"I don't think so." Selina said toying with the amazon as she dangled the amulet over the street again.

"Please this is dangerous just let me take the amulet and I'll make sure it can never harm anyone." Diana pleaded.

"Sorry princess but curiosity is in my nature. So tell me, if I have to wear this to gain the powers inside how do I put it on without filling one of the gems myself. Tell me everything you haven't told me about it yet." Selina said.

"Focus on the center gem when you put it on and the needle wont affect you, I interrupted Circe when she tried to attune her self to it and got pricked in the fight." Wonder Woman replied.

Selina went quite and closed her eyes as she lifted the amulet around her neck and braced herself to put it on. Diana knew this was her only shot, and charged in at Catwoman. Selina opened her eyes the second Diana took a step, she figured she would try something like this, and smiled playfully she jumped into the air and flipped over Diana before grabbing the lose end of the lasso and yanking Wonder Woman to the ground with it. Selina flipped away and used the time she bought to fasten the amulet on her. In an instant foreign thoughts and memories flooded her mind. She could see Diana's home of Themyscira as if she had lived their herself, she knew amazon culture and history and Diana's journey to to man's world. She could see the identities behind many of the heroes she had worked with, and even Diana checking out her body only moments prior. All of Diana's knowledge and thoughts were at Selina's fingertips. Her body followed gaining the immense strength of the amazon princess.

Diana merely looked on unsure of what her next move should be or even if she would be able to decided that for herself now.

'That was amazing." Selina said snapping back to reality. "But what about you, how do you feel?"

"I don't feel anything." Diana spat.

"Hmm, if I know you, and boy do I know you now, your fighting it with everything you have. Well lets see how much you can resist shall we. Why don't you go grab the rest of priceless artifacts for me, Diana." Selina said mockingly.

"... I'll... I'll do it." Diana said despite herself.

Selina shook her head in surprise as Diana leapt down the skylight back into the museum. She regained her composure and rubbed the amulet. "To think I was going to sell you." Selina said with a smile.

Diana returned moments later arms filled with loot. "It's done." Diana said looking at the ground in shame.

"You make quite a thief Diana." Selina said.

"Don't call me that." Diana growled."

"What Diana or a thief? Because their both true now." Selina teased. 'Now come on lets get these back to my place." Diana reluctantly followed Catwoman to her hide away.

"Ahh" Selina moaned plopping down on her bed. "Make yourself at home, as long as you keep quite about me and this place. Now get some rest we're going to pay a few people a visit tomorrow." Selina said rubbing the amulet again.

"Greed and personal gain is that all you think about?" Diana demanded.

"Mostly." Selina responded dismissively "but this is more than that, when an opportunity like this comes around its a once in a lifetime thing. You would be dumb not to take advantage of it. Besides your thoughts aren't much better princess, I know you were checking me out on that rooftop."

"I was only noting how athletic you were, it help to pay attention to these things if you have to fight someone." Diana rebuffed.

"Is that so. Cause I was thinking you deserved a reward for you first heist." Selina teased as she slowly unzipped her catsuit. Diana turned red and looked away as the nimble thief shed her costume.

Diana wouldn't admit it but she was excited, she was attracted to the Catwoman's sexy body and the taboo of sleeping with someone on the other side of the law. As a champion of justice she would deny herself her forbidden desires but a small part of her loved it when she heard Catwoman's next command.

"Take off your clothes, you've seen me I think its only fare." Selina laughed.

Diana removed her clothing revealing her beautiful amazonian body to Selina. Selina licked her lips and motioned Diana over with her finger. Now face to face Selina reached and drew Diana in kissing her as she pulled her onto the bed. Diana explored her captor's body with her hands caressing Selina's firm ass. Selina broke the kiss and guided the heroines head to her crotch. Selina spread her legs and without pause or ordered Diana ate out Selina as she fingered herself. Selian moaned in pleasure as the skilled amazon brought her to climax. Diana came with Selina and the two laid back in the bed in each others arms. Selina laughed to herself, she would have never guessed how this night was going to end. Diana smiled a little, she would tell others she was under Catwoman's control but deep down she knew the truth.

"Lets get some rest, tomorrow..."

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