The Bimboization of Pepper Potts continued. A journey into the mind.

by ESchorcho
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Pepper Potts Iron Man
Category Marvel Bimboization M/F Mind Control
Previous Chapter The Bimboization of Pepper Potts begins.

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“Nnnnnnnnggggg!” Pepper Potts cried, as the chair she was strapped to roared to life.  Panic seeped into her trembling body, unaware of what was happening to her.  Despite her undeniable fear, Pepper was dumbfounded to realize that her entire body was becoming warmer and warmer as pleasure seeped into her entire being.  Her breasts were swollen, nipples hardened and her pussy was starting to grow wet despite herself.

Pepper’s beautiful face contorted into a pained grimace at what she perceived as a bizarre sense of torture from this Bimbotech Industries, when suddenly she found herself sitting before a crowd of reporters.  Tony Stark stood at a podium addressing the media gathered and was rambling on as only he could.  James Rhodes sat next to her and he looked over at her, rolling his eyes at Tony’s jokes and gave her a satirical smile.  Pepper looked around in disbelief at how her world had just changed and wondered if her time strapped to that chair was just a strange daydream.  Her body was damp with sweat and she took a napkin from her purse and wiped her forehead.

 ‘Must be a side-effect of that dream’ she thought.

Sitting casually, she waited for the moment that Tony finished his announcement and left things open for reporters.  Then she knew that Tony would stammer through at the most one or two answers before leaving things up to her to handle the public relations side of Stark Industries.  This was just part of her duties when it came to big announcements like these as CEO of such a large corporation.

After a few minutes, Tony was finished and, joined by Rhodey, strolled off the stage, ignoring questions about his dual-identity as Iron Man, The Avengers and rumors of his technology being used by foreign terrorists.  Pepper calmed herself, smoothed out her professional-looking jacket and told the reporters she would take all of their questions.

“Ms. Potts!  Can you address the nude pictures taken of you sunbathing on Wilson Fisk’s yacht off the coast of Cancun?  Is fraternizing with known criminals part of your job description as CEO of one of the world’s largest companies?”  one reporter barked.  Pepper’s mouth fell open in shock at the outlandish question.  Before she could answer, another question came.

“How do you view the public perception that the only reason you have reached the position of CEO of Stark Industries is that you are Tony Stark’s personal sex toy?” Came another reporter’s voice out of the horde of journalists.

Pepper’s face burned in shame and embarrassment but in the back of her mind the thought of Tony’s large, meaty member made her mouth water.  A memory popped into her head of her wearing nothing but high heels and thigh-high stockings under Tony’s desk sucking on his manhood with her talented mouth as he went over upgrades for the Iron Man suit.  She fought back the urge to hike up her brief mini-dress and to slide two fingers into her slick bald pussy.

“Pepper, will you comment on the recent sex tape that has hit the Internet of you and Lt. Colonel Rhodes?” a young female reporter asked.

Peppers’ eyes were now lidded and she licked her glistening painted lips.  A lewd smile appeared on her face as she remembered the night where the military man used her in every way.  Little did she know that he had a night-vision camera recording all of it.  A new memory formed in her head of that very morning.  It was of her slumped back in her fine leather executive’s chair, her feet spread wide and door opened carelessly so anyone who happened to walk by could see their fearless leader pistoning a vibrator in and out of her pussy.  Pepper moaned wantonly, her juices pouring out of her, collecting on the chair before falling onto her carpet.  Never once did her green eyes ever leave the computer screen, which played her own sex tape.  Pepper was getting off on Rhodey’s muscular body and immense prick, but even more so, she got hotter and hotter seeing herself acting like a common whore as she did anything to please her man.

“Pepper?  Ms. Potts?” the reporter asked again.  Pepper’s memories were interrupted as she glanced down at the young thing that asked the question.

‘My, my, my…does she have yummy tits,’ Pepper thought to herself, now fantasizing on taking the young girl and turning her into her own personal pussy-licker, but then her eyes snapped open and she caught herself openly ogling the sexy reporter.  Pepper Potts realized something was happening to her and it was horribly wrong!  This wasn’t the bold, intelligent woman that rose to the top of the corporate world in these questions and memories!  The redhead panicked and quickly exited the stage as fast as she could in her sky-high pumps, and stretchy strapless metallic silver dress that hugged her every curve like a second skin.  As cameras flashed to her every mincing step, somewhere in the back of Pepper’s mind she wondered why she wore something so slutty to a press conference.

Then something clicked in her mind and Pepper thought, ‘I’m such a stupid cunt!  Like, a dress like this is for clubbing with the girls and not meeting with boring ol’ reporters!’




Manute watched Pepper from behind the control panel inside the Bimbotech building.  He loved watching their captives fight the flawless process of changing strong, independent women’s minds into that of happy, horny, brainless bimbos.  He was impressed with the CEO’s fight as she groaned and moaned against what was being done to her, but it seemed finally that a crack had formed in the barrier Pepper Potts had built within her mind.  Now it would be only a matter of moments before Pepper Potts would be gone forever and she would declare herself as a bimbo.  This was the final step in her literal mind-fuck and always the most satisfying.

‘She will be the first of many!’ the immense dark-skinned man thought triumphantly when he saw out of the corner a door open.  In minced a vision of Bimbotech-created sexual excess sucking suggestively on a lollypop.  The bimbo’s fat ass swayed from side to side, stretching the glossy fabric of the hot-pink vinyl skirt that stopped just at the curve of her backside.  Her enormous tits were barely contained in a see-through black tank top with the Bimbotech logo stretched to the max on her chest.  Once she was in front of Manute, the platinum blonde bimbo simply sank to her knees and looked up at him.  Her vapid dark eyes promised hours of pleasure and servitude.  She slid the empty stick of the lollypop out of her mouth and her sexy glistening pink lips fell in a sexy pout.

“Like Mr. Manute, my lolly’s all gone and I have nothing to suck on.  Whatever will I do?” Candyass asked innocently.

Manute smiled and immediately unzipped his pants and freed his cock.  Once his enormous manhood was hanging out, Candyass didn’t need to be told what to do.  Closing her eyes in ecstasy, she purred to herself and kissed the head repeatedly before taking the full length of the shaft into her waiting mouth.  Manute’s head titled back as his smile only got bigger and bigger.

He was a man that loved his job!

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