Black Cat

by THISguy
Storyline Intergalactic Garage Sale
Characters Black Cat
Category Corruption Mind Control Transformation
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Felicia Hardy, The Black Cat, was stalking through the shadows of New York City. She was trailing a drug dealer, waiting for a chance to beat him senseless. She ducked down an alley to try to cut him off away from the public eye when she bumped into a massive figure in the shadows.

She looked up and saw the Scorpion staring down at her. She lept to her feet and squared off to attack Gargan. However she found herself unable to make a move toward him.

"Bet you're wondering why you can't try and hurt me, aren't you?"

"What's your game Scorpion? Who are you working for?"

"I'm on my own babe. Because I've got this."

Felicia's heart dropped when she saw Scorpion pull out the Cosmic Cube.

"That's right, with this, I can do anything I want to. And right now, I want to make you into a cheap, drug addicted hooker."

Felicia could feel her body shifting and morphing. Her stunning, natural tits were replaced with cheap implants. Her muscular, well toned body became thinner and more gaunt. Her costume changed into a black bikini top and tight spandex pants with a pair of stiletto shoes. She could feel the person she used to be fading away. She was now addicted to heroine and cocaine. She was thrown out of her house as a teenager when her parents caught her fucking a drug dealer for coke. She had spent her life since fucking strangers for money and drugs.

One final touch, Gargan made it so that the only one who would recognize her and remember who she used to be would be Spiderman.

Scorpion was satisfied with the changes he had made and went off to find his next victim


Kitty Pryde had followed Julian Keller, AKA Hellion, into the men's locker room at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. She watched, unnoticed, as Hellion used his telekenisis to remove his clothing. When he was down to his boxer shorts, Kitty cleared her throat. Julian turned around and saw his headmistress and her sexy new body.


Wanda Maximoff was trying to resist Norman Osborn's programming with every fiber of her being. She felt completely defeated when she stepped through the front of the strip club. She wanted to turn and run away, but she just kept moving forward until she reached the manager.

"Can I help you?"

"I need a job."

"You've sure got the body for it, but I audition all of my girls privately first."

"I can't wait to show you what I can do."


Sif woke from her post coital nap to find herself in an unfamilar place. She was in Odin's palace when she fell asleep. But now, she was laying on a cold, cement floor surrounded by metal bars and painted cinderblock.

She climbed to her feet and realized that she was still naked. She looked around for something to wear, but couldn't find anything. She took a better look around and realized that she was standing in the middle of a cell block. She heard a loud buzzing sound followed by the sound of cell doors opening.

Sif assumed a fighting posture when she saw dozens of inmates stepping out from their cells. She was fully prepared to fight her way out of the prison. But then she felt overwhelmed by arousal. She could feel all of their eyes on her naked body. Her hands lowered from her fighting stance. Her left hand reached her chest and she started to play with her tits. Her right hand fell to her crotch and she started to furiously rub her clit.

She looked around at the hungry looks she was getting. She wondered how long it had been since any of these men had been with a woman. The thought of all of these desperate, horny men looking at her like a piece of meat drove her even crazier.

Sif looked around the room as the men all started to approach her.

"Come and get it boys."


Back at the garage sale, The Merchant was staring at his most prized item, curious as to why no one had even considered purchasing it so far.

The firey red bird sat inside of a glowing white cage, just waiting to be unleashed by it's new host.

"I have the Phoenix Force for sale for eight dollars, and no one has even looked at it yet" The Merchant thought to himself.

He heard a voice, "If that's really the Phoenix Force in that cage, I'll take it off your hands."

The Merchant looked up and saw....

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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