The best night of Supergirls life

by supersizeme198
Storyline Superheroine Corruption
Characters Supergirl
Category F/F Corruption Mind Control
Previous Chapter She puts it on

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"Don't want you waking up before were done."Encantadora said as she pressed a button on the remote she carried. Spreading Supergirls legs she incerted the kryptionite in to her pussy, passing through the suit she wore. She then took a meditative position and pressed the same button from earliear. A light shimmer surronded her as she astrally projected herself into the sleeping heroine.


Encantadora passed through Supergirls mind seeing various memories in her mind on big screens. As she saw one of the images Supergirl fighting Silver Banshee, but Banshee was missing. As she continued to walk down the hall she heard moans of plessure and lapping sounds. As she turned the corner she saw Supergirl in her rubber costume 69ing Silver Banshee.

"Sorry to interupt but we need to talk."

"Fuck off I an't leaving till this banshee squeals." The sexy parody of the girl of steel said not even turning to the new comer.

"Fine I supose you'll just have to settle for a memory." As the sorceress turned on her heel.

"Come again"

"What would you say if I could make you the dominent personality of this body." As she walked towards the personality that was created by the 12 inches of kryptionite occuping Supergirls snatch.

"What would I have to do." She replied as she left the ghostly woman alone.

"Nothing Sexygirl just be yourself. A powerhouse who likes to fuck bad girls and fuck over good guys." Encantadora said as she produced a pink kryptonian data crystal."Put this into the heart of Supergirls concious and you take over simple as that." As she put the crystal in her hand.

Sexygirl looked down at the crystal in her hand and looked up only to see her benafacter was gone. "Nah. it's not like I need her for the next part." Sexygirl said as she turned around and opened a door that leed to the fortress of solitude. She looked around at the last true kryptonian struckture makes sense the heart of her concious was here.

"Well I guese she must be realy out if she isn't here  to stop me." Inserting the crystal into the main computer system and turning it. When she did all the other crystals turned pink, as the colour spread to the rest of the fortress. "Thank you Encantadora. Now to finish the job" She said as she broke a chunck of the crystal off the wall and shaved it into her pussy,


Supergirl couldn't get over what was happening one moment she was in the library reading a book now she was in a pink version of the fortress. "What's going on." She thought to herself. "Letme answer that." Came a voice from behind her. She turned around and saw herslef in the outfit she got earliear, with a piece of pink crystal sticking out of her like a dick. Before she could protext the doppleganger pind her aqainst the wall.

"Look like someone left the backdoor open." Sexygirl whispered in Supergirls ear as she rubben the crystal against her ass.

"Stop it right now!" The hero weakly protested as she felt so turned for some reason.

"Open wide." Sexygirl said as she shoved the crystal inside her counter parts virgin asshole.

"Ahh! P-Please stop." She begged weakly as it delved deeper inside her.

"Come now super slut we haven't even reached the best part." As the crystal wall next to them opened up to reveal an army of super-villainessess. "I made this place so would always have fun so no matter how far you buried me, I would always have fun now it's your turn." As she put a white rubber bondage hood on her which then coated her entire body with a lare of rubber. "Remember you'll be hear forever so take your time, and make lots of friends." As she kicked the now faceless doll into the room as the door closed behind her.

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