the cloths make the villain

by supersizeme198
Storyline Superheroine Corruption
Characters Batgirl Catwoman
Category Transformation F/F Corruption Female Dom Mind Control
Previous Chapter It changes into a kitten costume

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Authors Note; Sorry for yesterday this how I planned to finish it.

Suddenly a sharp shiver was sent through Batgirls body. As the suit changed into a latex version of itself, and the cowl expanded to cover her entire face. But before she could reach for her utilite-belt she felt a sharp sting on her hand. "Ow!"

Looking across the room she saw Catwoman brandishind her whip. "How did you get in hear." She demanded as she took a fighting stance.

"Who said I was kitten."

Confused by what she said she slowly made her way across the room and tried to grab Catwoman only to have her hand pass through her.

"We call it projecting we used some of Mad Hatter's tech in the cowl, When I send you a signal," she said as she pinched Barbara's nipple causing to let out a moan of plessure. "You feel it loud and clear, once we conqure the worl we think it will replace phone sex what do you think kitten."

"I think I'm going to knock you on your ass !" She yelled as she throw a punch only to have it pass through the antaginist, causing her to fall through her.

"SIlly kitten it's on one way you can't touch me , but I can touch you." As she stamped down on Barbara's back.

"Now lets make you more comfortable," she said as she roled Barbara so she could see her press another button on the remote.

A wave of plesure shot through Barbara's body like she just stuck a fork into an electrical socket, causing her to scream and moan and squirm around on the floor.

"Like the magnifier feature." Catwoman said as she lowered herself down till she was just inches from her face, "Right now ever nerve in your body is as sensative as your klit, and as for your klit." As she gave it a light pinch causing Barbara to orgasm instantly, "Well I think you know kitten."

"G-Ge-Get . . . L-Lost" Batgirl shacking said as she basked in the after glow.

"Kitten why are beening so unreasonable we have been friends ever since I saved you from that pimp, when you were twelve. You're more than just my spy in the super-hero community, your my soulmate." Catwoman said with senerity in her voice.

Those words were all Barbara needed to regain her focus, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ONE!!! That never happened, if your going to lie make it a lest believeable." She scream at her with unbridaled rage.

"That's the thing about the truth kitten." Catwoman said as she lowered herself onto Batgirl unable to get her off because of the plessure she felt. "It's all a matter of perspective." As she frenched kissed her passionately. Batgirl couldn't help but let out a muffeled moan as a larger orgasm struck her.

Catwoman pulled herself up from her lover. "Now kitten do you want the big score."

Batgirl locked up and her eyes went wide, when she saw the strap on Catwoman was wearing. She tried to move to protest but she couldn't will herself to do anything she was so horny.

As Catwoman spread batgirl's legs she winked at the semi-councious heroine, "Just like the big score." She said as she thrust the whole nine-inch into Batgirls eager pussy, and thrusted it in an out like a piston. The waves of orgasms hit Barbara like a wrecking ball as her mind was bombared with images. She saw Selina knock out the front teeth of the asshole who tried to rape her, She saw herself hack the security systems of LexCrop and used  it to fund a radical animal rights group. She saw the night they first made love and she first called her kitten. She saw the two of them gossiping about Batman and Nightwing and comparing fantisies of what they would do if they could make them their slaves. But she remebered what happened earlier that night.

Barbara came through the window of her apartment and started to strip off her costume. "Stupid assholes try and sell in the east end, that Selina's turf everyone knows that." She mumbled to herself angrly, but pause as she saw the package on her couch. She picked up the note and read it "Dear kitten Happy anaversery signed. S"

Barbara quickly unwrapped the box to see what her lover had got her. Inside was a costume like her batgirl one, with another note, "Put me on and get a suprise." She quickly pulled it on and looked at herself in the mirror. Suddenly the suit shimmered and changed it looked like the one Selenia wore but made of latex and the purple cloves, boot and collar with kitten engraved on it.

"Hello kitten. " She heard inside the cowl.

"Selina." Barbara replided with the excitement aparant in her voice.

"Come into the bedroom"

Slowly kitten walked towards the door swaying her hips as she did. When she opened it she was greated with Catwoman lieing on her bed. "Good news kitten." She said as she got up and walked over to her young lover. "We are ready"

A look of suprise sweeped across kittens face. "You mean every thing is in place, we have all the equipement" She said like a kid who just learned what they were getting for christmas.

"Yes yes, but before we decide whether to get Nightwing of Batman first," As she pulled her close to her. "It is our aniversery" As the to woman began to kiss passionatly.

Catwoman carried the unconcious hero formerly know as Batgirl and put her on the bed and gave her a kiss. "Good night Batgirl when you wake up, me and kitten are going to have so much fun"


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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