The new implants dig into genetic code, allowing the Hellfire Club to alter Emma's body any way they want.

by Wilder
Storyline Shame and Defeat
Characters Emma Frost
Category Mind Control Bimboization Transformation
Previous Chapter The Hellfire Club target an X-Man leader first

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Emma Frost knew the man she paid for was among the very best and would guarantee that her implants looked 100% real. She egotistically assumed that the obscene amount of money she paid him would be enough to keep his loyalty, not realizing that the new Hellfire Club could pay him far more.

When she awoke from surgery, she was alone in the hospital bed of her private outpatient suite, her X-men costume neatly folded on the table nearby. She stood and was surprised to find little to no pain. They weren't even bandaged. If anything, they felt . . . wonderful. More sensitive and warm to the touch. Did they look a little bigger? Well, the scarring was non-existant at least. She tentatively gave them a squeeze and moaned. God, her big tits felt so amazing. Her pink nipples were up and hard as her entire chest radiated heat that found it's way down into her pussy. She shook her head, trying to clear it. Why had she woken up so damn horny?

A voice startled her as she stared at herself in the mirror, hands still covering and lightly groping her huge tits.

"Good morning, Emma Frost. Enjoying your slutty fake tits?"

Two men stood in the doorway. One of them was a powerfully built man almost as muscular as her teammate Colossus. He was dressed like some kind of cheap thug or biker, leather pants, tattoos and a wifebeater accentuating his powerful frame. He leered at the topless Emma who suddenly realized her white lace thong was soaked through with her own juices. She realized to her horror that she was only growing hornier and hornier by the minute.

The one who spoke was dressed like a soldier of the Hellfire Club but he wore a strange electronic device over his mask and held another odd device in his left hand.

She scowled in surprise, immediately launching out at the stranger with her telepathy . . . only to find her telepathy utterly absent. She tried to switch to her diamond form, only to find that didn't work either.

"What is this? What did you do to me, you wretched little cretins? When Scott and the other X-Men find out, you'll all be-"

"Shut up." the Hellfire Club soldier said and Emma was horrified to find her mouth snapping shut.

"Now lay back on the bed, spread your legs and play with yourself until I tel you to stop."

Still silent except for furious gasps of breath, Emma found herself laying down on the bed, spreading her legs obscenely and doing as the man demanded. She let one hand stray from her full tits to slide down to her cunt, working her clit and sliding two fingers into her needy pussy. She was so damn horny it was insane and she couldn't stop herself. Her breathing came in shorter and shorter gasps as she neared orgasm.

"Oh, right. You can moan and scream when you're doing anything sexual."

Emma babbled, trying to finish just one cutting reply but all she could think about was the oncoming powerful orgasm overtaking her.

"Oh, no, you- I can't- not like this- why can't I- aaaa, aaaaaahhhh, AAHHHHHH! OH, FUCK! FUCK! NGGN! AAAAAAAAAAAH!"

She came more powerfully than ever before, seeings stars as waves of pleasure overtook her. As she woozily looked down, she saw that her already impressive tits seemed to have swelled up at least one more cup size, pink nipples still defiantly hard.

"Heh. It works just like they said it would." chuckled the Hellfire Club Soldier. "But now it's time to give it a real workout. Stop playing with yourself and stand up."

Emma did so without hesitation. It was like her body was a puppet on strings. Her newer bigger bust swayed and jiggled as she slid onto unsteady legs.

Before she could try anything, Emma only distantly registered him pressing a button on the device in his hand before her pussy went into overdrive. Her already higher libido skyrocketed. It was as if all thoughts just vanished out of her brain as her body took over . . . and her body needed cock. The cool and in control White Queen suddenly just needed to get fucked and fucked right now.

"Nggh! FUCK!" she moaned and whimpered. "Got to- Need- FUCK! FUCK ME!"

The thug with the Hellfire Club looked at him and the Soldier stepped aside, giving him a wink as he did so. A camera on the Soldier's headset clicked on as he moved out of the way.

"You're that Emma Frost mutie from Utopia, right?"

Emma didn't even care what the man was saying. He was a man, he was there and she needed his cock inside of her.

"Yes, yes, just fuck me! Fuck me NOW!" she moaned as she raced up to him and rubbed her bare tits against his muscular chest while trying to tear off his pants with shaking hands. She needed it so badly! "FUCK ME!"

"Man, you really are one nasty fucking fake-titted slut, ain't you?" the man said with a deep chuckle. "Show those big fake titties of yours to the camera, slut."

Much to her whimpering frustration, the muscular thug grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around to give the camera a view of her bigger boobs as she ground her ass into his crotch and tore off her panties.

"Fuck me! Please, I'll do anything, just fuck me, FUCK ME NOW!" she screamed, almost in tears.

"Okay, Emma, you can take my big flatscan cock up your filthy mutie ass. . . if you earn it first."

The man's powerful grip on her shoulders turned her around once more and firmly pushed Emma to her knees in front of him. Emma didn't need any encouragement as she eagerly fished his dick out and started sucking.


In a far-off location, the Hellfire Club watched Emma start to degrade herself, a slave to her body's needs . . . at least for now.

"An Emma Frost sex tape is a great way to ruin her reputation but how does this further our goals of destroying the entire X-Men?"

"Think long-term. This is just a trial run. With complete control of Emma Frost's body, we control her brain and her powers. She won't be able to say a word about it or even remember this little sex tape we're making if we choose to erase her memories. With a little work, we can force her to use her telepathy via neural conditioning to make the rest of the muties under her care do whatever we want."

"Don't forget the secondary mutation alteration. I particularly liked that idea - a perfect way to humiliate these X-Men."

"Are you referring to her new ability to permanently alter any mutant's genetic code so they become stupider, hornier and bigger breasted? And possibly even turn the men into big-titted bimbos as well with a modification or two?"

"Was that our plan? I thought we had all agreed on a subtler means of corruption, i.e., the pervasive sexual pheromones that will reduce everyone on that island of theirs into rutting animals."

"Please, let's not rush this. Why don't we just enjoy humiliating dear Emma Frost some more? After all, this is only the beginning . . ."

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