She Hulk finds Wasp breeding with her own kids and joins in.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F F/F Growth Incest Corruption Transformation pregnancy
Previous Chapter Victor Von Doom meets Fem Fang Foom with a proposal to destroy the abominations.

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She Hulk stared from the opening to Wasp's personal chambers as the brood mother was being royally fucked by her eldest sons. Four were thrusting hard into her stretched pussy while three pumped their cocks into her mouth, her tongue wrapping around each one as she gulped down their cum. Two drank from her hefty breasts to regain their strength while the others fought over who would breed their queen mother next. All the while her belly slowly swelled larger.

"Oh my goodness WASP! What are you doing?!" Asked She Hulk, the smell of sex flooding into her nostrils and making her nipples stand.

"Expanding my brood She Hulk!" Growled Wasp as she went back to sucking off one of her children until he flooded her mouth again, gulping loudly with each bolt of cum. "Mmm delicious... feed me your cum my children, I demand an all cum diet from now on."

One of the males at her pussy snarled as he pumped her full then collapsed exhausted as others swarmed to take his place. She Hulk was losing a battle in her mind, a part of her was shocked by all this while a growing part of her urged her to join in. The female beast inside her craved to mate and breed and she was losing her resolve to resist it.

As Wasp rolled over to stand on her hands and knees, She Hulk entered the chamber and did the same next to the massive abominated woman, bumping her wide hips against the woman as she looked over her shoulder at the others.

"Don't forget about me boys..." Moaned She Hulk as several crammed their cocks into her dripping pussy causing her to gasp and cry out just as several more cocks were shoved into her mouth. One of the brutes held her tail up to make room as he pounded into her with the others.

For more than an hour they were pumped full until the majority of the gangbang had died down, leaving many sated and going their own ways out into the rest of the nest, while both She Hulk and Wasp basked in the after glow of several orgasms. Both craddling much larger bellies as they licked each other clean.

"Mmm... Pym and Reed had been studying us, they said our life spans had been increased thanks to our enhanced healing, we could live for centuries... maybe millenia." Husked Wasp as she licked her fingers clean after wiping stray dribblettes of cum off her cleavage.

"Living hundreds of years growing bigger and stronger, bearing thousands of children and devouring everything around us... are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Moaned She Hulk as she moved in to lick then suckle from Wasp's breasts.

Hissing from the sensation Wasp combed her four claws through She Hulk's mane of green hair, tracing her nails over her gnarled horns. "Yesss.... In time the humans would never let us prosper, they would try to destroy us, this is OUR time now, the human reign is over!" Pulling She Hulk up Wasp kissed her hard, their tongues wrestling around their pouting lips as they pressed against each other, their breasts and bellies squishing from the proximity.

"Our Time..."


Rulk and Sinister waited for their leader to return, the two hiding in an abandoned hanger outside in the desert. Fem Fang Foom had altered both villains into massive abominated versions of themselves, Rulk was over 40 feet tall and covered in red scales, his body was almost constantly on fire as his eyes glowing from an inner flame. Sharp talons flexed as the spines on his back and arms twitched anxiously.

Sinister appeared more serpentine with silvery scales and black spikes, a forked tongue slithered out between shark-like teeth as his lengthy tail coiled and darted with a mind of it's own.

Eventually the hanger gates were thrown open by the return of their mistress along with a new arrival, the abominated Elektra.

"Good news boys, Elektra's a part of the fold now AND we have Doom as a backer." Pointed Fem Fang Foom with her thumb to the scaley woman, the two brutes eyeing her lustfully.

"Missstresss.... What ssshall we do now?" Hissed the chalk white monster. He got his answer when she pressed against him and kissed him hard, one of her claws wrapped around the length of his hardening cock as she pulled away.

"I've been holding back this whole time, resisting the urge to fuck anything that comes my way, but now I don't care." Growled Maria as she pushed the monster onto his back as she lowered herslef over his erection. "YOU are going to satisfy me even if it kills you!"

Slamming down on him she roared arching her back and spreading her wings as she began to bounce up and down on his cock, his claws squeezing her mountainous breasts as he thrust up into her. A harsh cry nearby let Fem Fang Foom know that Elektra was in the same predicament as she was pressed agaisnt a metal wall and impalled, wrapping her muscular legs around Rulk while he pounded into her.

"Grrrr... Tell me Sinister... Tell me I'm hotter than that bitch Wasp!" Grunted Maria as she began to reach her peak. "Tell me I'm more powerful than her, that I deserve to rule the Nest as Queen."

Her only response was a hoarse roar as he tensed into her, flooding her womb with cum before going at it a gain. "Misstress isss better fuck than Wassssp." Hissed Sinister driving Maria to wail out in exstacy, her tail swiping hard back and forth as she ground against him.

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