Karnn-El and Lois gangbang Wonder Woman

by SteveO
Storyline Superman's NEW cousin
Characters Wonder Woman Lois Lane
Previous Chapter Karnn-El and Lois start to break Wonder Woman

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"Lois, it's time we fuck this slut stupid!" said Karnn-El.

"About time!" smiled Lois as she stroked her large beefy cocky.  As she stroke her cock, globs of pre-cum oozed out of the tip of her penis.

"No..." panted Wonder Woman.  But her last orgasm took a toll on her and she barely put up a struggle as Karnn-El walked over and picked  Wonder Woman up and planted Wonder Woman tight curvy ass on to her strap-on dildo.

"Aaaagghh!" screamed Wonder Woman as she felt her ass get impaled by the monstrous dildo.  Karnn-El sat down on the metal throne while she fucked Wonder Woman's ass.  Grabbing the amazon by her slim waist, she lifted her up and down, forcing her to ride the dildo up her ass.

"Nothing like a good ass fucking, right Wonder Woman?" asked Karnn-El.

"Fuck...it hurts..." moaned Wonder Woman.

"It'll feel good soon enough, just like a pair of shoes!  You just need to give it a little time!" smirked Lois.

Lois's words came true as the pleasure began to build up, due in part to the clit enlarger attached to Wonder Woman's clit.  The fiendish device massaged and sucked her clit, bringing pleasure to the amazon as her ass got violated.  Soon she felt an orgasm swiftly approaching as Karnn-El mercilessly fucked Wonder Woman's asshole.  Karnn-El reached over to the device and turned down the power, postponing Wonder Woman's orgasm.  Wonder Woman writhed in agony as she was denied her orgasm.  Instinctively Wonder Woman's hips began to grind into Karnn-El's dildo.  Karnn-El smiled and began to massage Wonder Woman's pillowy breasts.  As she massaged them, Karnn-El pinched Wonder Woman's erect nipples and gently twisted them, causing Wonder Woman to moan in pleasure.

"Oooh," moaned Wonder Woman.

"Admit it amazon, you're nothing more than a closet slut," whispered Karnn-El.

"Not true..." panted Wonder Woman.

Karnn-El brought her right hand down to Wonder Woman's moist pussy and inserted her fingers inside, pumping it gently.

"Hera..." panted Wonder Woman.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" said Karnn-El.

Wonder Woman closed her eyes and bit her lip, trying to resist showing a response.  Karnn-El knew she had Wonder Woman on the ropes and she needed to push a little bit further to put Wonder Woman over the edge.  The butched Kryptonian licked the side of Wonder Woman's slender neck and lightly nibbled her left ear.  Grabbing Wonder Woman by her jaw, she directed Wonder Woman's view to Lois's cock.

"You know you want it Wonder Woman!  A nice big cock in that pussy of yours!  Lois will give you pleasure that you've denied yourself all these years!  Wouldn't it be nice to feel like a woman?"

Wonder Woman's blue eyes gazed upon Lois's magnificent cock.  The shemale stroked her montrous cock, a cock that Wonder Woman dreamt of fucking.  There were times Wonder Woman caught a glimpse of Superman's cock in the shower and she resisted making advances towards him.  Wonder Woman breathed heavily as she was in a constant state of arousal.  "Hera...forgive me, but I need release..." panted Wonder Woman.

"Please fuck me!" screamed Wonder Woman.

"Beg for it!" ordered Lois.

"Please fucked me with your glorious cock!" begged Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman spread her legs wide open, allowing Lois full access to her pussy.

Lois smiled and slammed her cock into Wonder Woman's pussy.  The amazon screamed in passion as she felt her pussy get filled to the limit.  "Yess!" screamed Wonder Woman "It feels so wonderful!"

Lois smiled and slowly withdrew her cock from Wonder Woman's pussy.  "Admit it!  You tried to fuck Superman!"

"No..." panted Wonder Woman.

"Liar!" snarled Lois.

Karnn-El reached to the side of the throne and pulled out Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth.  "Let's see if this whore is telling the truth!" smiled Karnn-El as she wrapped the lasso around Wonder Woman's neck.

"Oh...no..." whispered Wonder Woman.

"Are you enjoying the ass fucking I'm giving you?" asked Karnn-El.

"Yes..." admitted Wonder Woman shamefully.

"My turn!" said Lois.  Karnn-El handed the lasso over to Lois, Lois smiling fiendishly as she held on to the lasso.

"Have you ever wanted Superman to fuck you?"

Wonder Woman closed her eyes, and admitted "Yes..."

"I knew it!  Now tell me, have you ever tried to entice him?  Like bending that ass in front of him to pick something up?"

Again Wonder Woman closed her eyes, she tried not to answer but her lasso forced her to confess, "Yes..."

"I fucking knew it!  Now tell me, do you want your pussy to get fucked right now?"

"YES!!!" screamed Wonder Woman.

Without a seconds hesitation, Lois rammed her cock into Wonder Woman's pussy, nearly splitting the amazon's pussy apart.

"Ooooh," moaned Wonder Woman.

Karnn-El switched the clit englarger to maximum, instantly bringing Wonder Woman to another mind blowing orgasm.  "Yessss!  I"m cumming!" screamed Wonder Woman.  The amazon wrapped her long legs as Lois's waist as she fucked her pussy.  Karnn-El smiled at Wonder Woman's surrender and grinded the dildo deeper into Wonder Woman's ass, determined to stretch her hole.  "Hera...feels so good," panted Wonder Woman as she felt both her pussy and ass get violated.  "Superman never gave you this kind of attention, did he?" said Karnn-El.

"No..." moaned Wonder Woman.

"Doesn't it feel good to finally have people giving you the attention you desire?  Satisfying you sexually?" said Karnn-El.

"Yes.." moaned Wonder Woman.

Karnn-El kissed Wonder Woman on the lips and the amazon kissed the Kryptonian back passionately, while Lois continued to fuck Wonder Woman's pussy.  Another orgasm started to build up and Wonder Woman began screaming like a banshee, "Yes...more...fuck me...please!  I need it!"

"That's right Wonder Woman!  You belong to us!" said Karnn-El.

"I'll do anything you want...just please...fuck me!" panted Wonder Woman.

Karnn-El smiled and lifted Wonder Woman off of the strap-on.  Wonder Woman's ass was a gaping mess due to the extreme ass fucking Karnn-El gave the amazon.  "Oh my!  Your asshole is no longer tight, I think you may have to wear diapers from now on!" laughed Karnn-El.  Lois forced Wonder Woman on all fours and proceeded to fuck her doggy style.  Lois gripped Wonder Woman's toned ass cheeks and gave it a hard squeeze as she proceeded to power fuck Wonder Woman's pussy, making the amazon scream in pleasure.  "Yes!  Like that!  Ohhh...Yes!"

Karnn-El grabbed Wonder Woman by the hair and dangled her strap on in front of Wonder Woman's face.  Filth from Wonder Woman's ass covered the dildo.  Wonder Woman instinctively began to suck the dildo clean, like a depraved sex addict.

"Mmmm," moaned Wonder Woman as she sucked and licked the dildo.

"That's right slut!  Lick it clean!" said Karnn-El.  "After you're done, you will lick my asshole!"

Wonder Woman nodded and like an obedient slave, she proceeded to lick Karnn-El ass.  Karnn-El and Lois laughed and called Wonder Woman all sorts of names.  Wonder Woman didn't care, they were giving her the attention and pleasure that no man or woman could never give her.  And she needed it.

Karnn-El suddenly realized that she had left it the clit enlarger on its maximum setting.  "Oh dear, I forgot about your clit.  I think your little clit is now as big as Lois's cock!"

Karnn-El's words fell on deaf ears as Wonder Woman continued to lick Karnn-El's ass, totally consumed in lust.  All the while, Lois assaulted Wonder Woman's well fucked pussy with her still rock hard cock, determined to fuck the amazon senseless.

"Fucking whore, you tried to steal Superman from me!  After Karnn-El and I are done with you, Superman will never want to fuck you or look at you!" snarled Lois.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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