Karnn-El and Lois start to break Wonder Woman

by SteveO
Storyline Superman's NEW cousin
Characters Wonder Woman Lois Lane
Category Corruption Body Modification
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman is restrained

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Karnn-El knelt down in front of Wonder Woman's pussy and ease her fingers into the amazon princess's moist pussy.  Wonder Woman shook furiously as butched Kryptonian began to finger fuck her.

"That's right!  Shake that ass!  Soon your ass will be all mine!" smirked Karnn-El as she focused on Wonder Woman's engorged clit.  "Oooh, look at her clit swell up!  I think she's beginning to like it!"

Wonder Woman didn't want to admit, but Karnn-El's expert manipulations was starting to bring unwanted pleasure to her body.  With her super strength gone, all she could do is struggle while Karnn-El played with her womanhood.  Drool slowly dropped from Wonder Woman's mouth as the spider gag kept her mouth pried open.  Lois gazed at Wonder Woman's perfect body and blood rushed to her cock, causing it to swell up 12 inches.

"Time for you to clean your shit off my cock Wonder Woman," said Lois.

Lois took her filth covered cock and eased the tip of it into Wonder Woman's mouth.  Wonder Woman tried to turn her head but Lois grabbed the sides of Wonder Woman's head and slid her shaft into her mouth.  Wonder Woman instinctively gagged as Lois's cock hit the back of her throat.

"You better learn to love it!  Super powered sluts like you dress up like the two cent whores.  By the time I'm through with you, no sex act will be too depraved!" said Lois as she began to pump her cock down Wonder Woman's throat.  As she throat fucked Wonder Woman, her testicles slapped Wonder Woman's forehead.  All the while, Karnn-El continued to finger fuck Wonder Woman.  Soon Wonder Woman felt an orgasm building up.  Her hips wiggled, thrusting itself towards Karnn-El's finger.  Karnn-El smiled and placed her mouth on to Wonder Woman's clit which stood a full half inch and began to suck on it.  The suction was too much for Wonder Woman and she screamed as she felt an orgasm wash over her body.  Her juices spraying out of her pussy, covering Karnn-El's face.

Lois withdrew her cock from Wonder Woman's mouth as she witnessed Wonder Woman's orgasm.  "Haha!  I knew she loved to be treated rough!" said Lois.

Karnn-El smiled and decided it was time to start the special treatment.  "Lois, it's time to break this slut once and for all!"  Lois grinned and nodded her head.  Karnn-El flew to a nearby control panel and pressed a few button, while Lois removed the spider gag from Wonder Woman's mouth and released her from her confinement.  Grabbing the amazon beneath her armpits like a ragdoll, Lois carried her over to a metal throne.

Despite her weakened state, Wonder Woman was still defiant.  "You've done your worse...you can't...break me..." said Wonder Woman.

"We are only getting started Wonder Woman!" said Karnn-El as she equipped her self with a 12 inch strap-on dildo to her crotch.

Wonder Woman looked at the strap-on and spat in Karnn-El's face.  "Fuck me again with that piece of rubber, I will not submit to you!," said Wonder Woman.  Karnn-El licked Wonder Woman's spit as it dripped down to her mouth.  "Mmm, so delicious.  I can see why Superman likes you so much!" said Karnn-El.

Wonder Woman glared at Karnn-El, if she could, she would punch her but Lois held Wonder Woman's arms in place.  She felt so helpless and weak, never before had she felt so powerless.  Lois placed Wonder Woman on top of the throne, forcing her to sit down.  The cold metal brought chills to Wonder Woman's body as she sat there.  As Lois held Wonder Woman firmly in place, a long cylinder shaped device attached to a tube lowered in front of Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman looked at the cylinder quizzically, not knowing what it was.

Karnn-El smiled at Wonder Woman's confusion and didn't say a word.  The Kryptonian pulled the cylinder down towards Wonder Woman's pussy.  The amazon tried to jump off the throne but Lois held her in place by her hips.

"You're not putting that thing inside me!" screamed Wonder Woman.

"Who said anything about putting this inside of you?" smiled Karnn-El.  Karnn-El placed the base of the cylinder on to Wonder Woman's clit and it immediately began to suck Wonder Woman's clit inside.

"Hera," whispered Wonder Woman as she felt her clit being suckle.  The amazon tried to pull off the cylinder but the cylinder base snapped shut around the base of her clit, securing itself firmly on to it.  "Damn it," muttered Wonder Woman.  All of it sudden she felt a sharp prick on clit.  "Aaagh!" screamed Wonder Woman.

"Don't be such a big baby!" said Karnn-El.  "You'll feel good real soon!"

Wonder Woman felt a warm liquid fill the tube, easing the pain followed by firm massage and a low level vibration on her clit.  Pleasure began to build up as the device buzzed away on Wonder Woman's clit.  "What...is it...doing...to...me?" moaned Wonder Woman.

"This little device was designed to fix and repair tissue, but some brilliant Kryptonians came up with alternative uses for the device.  This has been modified to enlarge your clitoris," said Karnn-El.

Wonder Woman tried to pull it off again but the device held firmly in place.  "Must get it off before the pleasure becomes too much," panted Wonder Woman.

"Look at Wonder Slut!  It looks like she's starting to love it!" laughed Lois.

"Fucking bitch!" panted Wonder Woman as she began to feel an orgasm approaching.

"That's right, enjoy it Wonder Slut!  Once I'm through with you, you'll be the most sexually depraved slut in the universe!  You'll be fucking the filthiest species in universe just to get your rocks off!" laughed Karnn-El.  "Who knows?  If I'm feeling generous, I might let you breed with some of the freaks I have locked up in this fortress!"

"Oh...Yes..." screamed Wonder Woman as she felt herself cum.  As she came, her clit grew a full inch.  Wonder Woman felt another prick on her clit and the cycle once again continued.  She was trapped in an endless cycle of pleasure and all she could do was sit back and enjoy it.  As the device hummed, Wonder Woman arched her back and moaned.  Her large breasts glistened with sweat, her nipples erected a half inch.  "This feels so good!  But this is so wrong," thought Wonder Woman.  "Maybe letting my clit grow an inch or two won't be so bad..."

Karnn-El smiled as Wonder Woman's will began to break.  "What shall I do next to this slut?" wondered Karnn-El.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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