Meanwhile with Storm

by burke_rakers
Storyline Halloween Costume Corruption
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   She looked over the strange costume - a halter top and skirt of black with gold trim, a pair of fingerless gloves, and a pair of sturdy black boots - and saw the strange body-suit that came with it. She removed the transparent, plastic bag-like object, and saw that she was to step into it, attach the gloves and boots, then inflate the suit using a tube of compressed air inside the box.

   It was absurd. Bizarre. It made little sense. Still, she stepped into the transparent bag, closed the openings, stepped into the boots, slipped on the gloves, and attached the hose from the compressed air tank. Then...she turned the nozzle.

   The sound of hissing filled her ears, as the costume began to inflate, and the plastic surface turned the same shade of dark brown as her skin. She moaned as she felt the costume cuddle her...surrounding her with itself. She felt...solid and strong. As if pounds and pounds of muscle was forming on her frame, and she again thought about what...a strange costume...

   She zoned out for a moment, feeling both more real and dream-like at the same time, she felt...

   ...like mebbe she wuz havin' some kinda weird fuckin' episode, like when she went down to th' bars in town fer a couple'o brews, an' she got a little more boozed-up then she'd intended. Not sense th' early days in th' circu had she felt this unused t' her big ol' body. She looked in th' mirror an' saw a big, round black woman - massive breasts, belly, hips' an' thighs, an' an ass you could see from th' front. Her hair was long an' white, worn loose and billowin' aroun' her big, wide, sexy face. Her thick lips an' full, round jowls looked so...normal?

   She shook her head again, and her thick, strong fingers curled into soft, ham-sized fists. It...was odd the way this costume was influencing her. Ororo Munroe looked again at her reflection - seven-foot tall (how was that possible?), twelve-hundred pounds (the costume feels so real), and DAMN was she hungry! Oh, well...she might as well act her part. She was the...

   ...th' Blob fer tonight, an' that wuz fuckin' fine. She felt like a big, fat, gluttonous redneck pervert...like th' costume had unleashed th' REAL her. She wished she'd been born in Texas instead of stupid ol' Kenya. Wishe'd she'd been a sideshow Fat Lady instead of a Goddess. Wishe'd she'd been named 'Francine Dukes' instead of 'Ororo Munroe'. It fuckin' wasn't fair that she'd finally realized whut she should be, an' could only be th' Blob fer a single night! Maybe...if she jus' didn't take th' costume off...

   With a chuckle, she waddled out into the hall, having some trouble squeezing her massive bulk out the door. She felt solid and strong...and horny as fuck. She...needed t' get herself sum poontang. Like that sweet lil' Kitty Pryde. She imagined the tiny, barely legal girl under her bulk and blushed at the concept. And yet...she wanted her. Wanted to feel the girls lips and tongue in her big snatch, taste her innocent juices, hear her say "Oh, Blob! Fuck me, Blob!"

   She smiled, waddling off to find Kitty Pryde. Her favorite X-Man. Her surrogate daughter. Her perfect lover. She no longer blushed at the idea of forcing herself on Kitty, as she knew the deep down inside...the little tease wanted it.


   Jennifer Walters looked at herself in the mirror, her green skin familiar (though not on her smaller form) and her towering head looming over her. Her noble brow. Her matchless intellect. Her peerless...

   She shook her head...and never thought that the large head-piece should have fallen off. She touched her forehead as her mind was flooded with the Leaders arrogance, confidence and...and...

   ...what...if she'd become smart instead of strong? So much superior to...to the...

   Her eyes went cold, and she looked around the room. She was in the Baxter Building - home of the Fantastic Four - and she knew...she KNEW she'd have been smarter than a dullard like Reed Richards. The Fantastic Four were fools. She...

   Jennifer Walters (or was it Sterns?) finished slipping on her costume - a quasi-ballgown of black and orange that looked a lot like the Leaders old costume, but included a high collar and flattered her (costumes?) large head. She smiled arrogantly, delighting in images of a brilliant female Leader triumphing over all her foes...

   The door burst open, and a huge, muscular, grey-furred woman in blue. Her face was somewhat like a beastal version of Susan Storm, but all the grey hair and claws...her mouth full of fangs...her cold, merciless eyes...she growled "Jan, help...me?"

   They looked at each other for a moment, and the costumes sent tendrils of invisible energy out...touching each other...arranging things to suit them...

   "You...are Blastaa, aren't you? Blastaa, Queen of the Negative Zone?"

   Susan struggled for a moment, then her mouth set in a cruel grin, and she rumbled "Yes, human...and YOU are Jen Sterns, if I remember correctly. A former lawyer whose exposure to Gamma rays transformed her? I...I think that's who you are."

   The Leader smiled and arched her back proudly. "Sterns is no more, Blastaa. I am simply...Lady Leader."

   The two womens friendship connected them, and became an instant trust.

   Blastaa blustered "I see you've attacked the Fantastic Four at the same time as I have, but have you the same reasons. My children have been abducted by Reed Richards! I KNOW they are here, but he's turned them against me! They wont recognize me as their mother! I MUST rescue them from that fool!"

   The Leader was about to reply, when the wall burst in, and an armored woman flew into the room. Her gray armor, green costume (incorporating thigh-high boots and arm-length green opera gloves) and great, hooded cape marked her as...

   Carol Danvers had been struggling to keep her mind in tact the whole time she'd been wearing the costume. She LOVED the armor...the mask...the knowledge that she was one of the most brilliant, evil and twisted woman in the world...and she couldn't get the costume off! She'd struggled and raged, then she'd flown to the Baxter Building...seeking that fool Richards...hoping she could hold onto her mind long enough...then she saw 'Blastaa' and 'The Leader'...and her costume reached out...to them...

   "Where is Richards!" shouted Baroness Karolin Von Doom - feared the world over as 'Baroness Doom'. In her own way, she both respected and loved Reed...and hated him for his part in ruining her beauty and rejecting her in collage. She longed for vengeance!!!

   And now...with her friends Blastaa and Lady Leader by her side...she'd finally have Richards. After Blastaa told her of Reeds abduction of her children (even little Valeria, who Blastaa had named after Karolin's own mother) the Baroness knew she'd have to punish Reed...punish them all, in fact!


   Why...on earth...was he wearing this?

   Captain America was standing before a mirror, his body fitted neatly into the Warrior Woman costume someone had sent him. Some how, he'd grown taller, and with the breasts and makeup...he made a fetching (if very muscular) woman. His black wig bound into the traditional braid, his legs fitted into the long, black leather boots. He light the cigarette in the long, black holder and struck a sexy pose. He took the whip in his strong hands, his long nails painted red, and he smiled. He...was beautiful. So very beautiful.

   "Hey, Cap...I need...uh...help?

   Entering the room was a tiny, sexy Asian woman, her butterscotch-skin and hypnotic, almond eyes. She wore a slinky black dress and smoked a cigarette in a long black holder...she was Lady Lotus? Or was that his old friend James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes? No...it couldn't be. He was Winter Soldier now...wasn't he?


   "Ja, Lady Lotus?" she/he answered as a joke. She affected a Germanic accent...which was just so natural...

   "I...I'm not...I mean...I am obviously Lady Lotus, but...the war...so much time has passed..."

   Warrior Woman (born...Stefanie Koenig? Yes, that was her name) was a loyal, devoted paragon of Nazi virtues, and her friend Lady Lotus (yes, her good...friend) must have been pulled through time...or something. Lady Lotus seemed so frightened, as if she were trying to hold on to some elemental truth about her inner nature or something...and Stefanie Koenig enfolded the tiny, Japanese villainess in her strong arms...soothed her and kissed her. Buckys old hero worship of Captain America came to the front...and she kissed back. She was so confused...but now, she knew she was Lady Lotus, and her lover Warrior Woman was holding her.

   "Ve must haf been pulled through time, Lotus. More zen half a century has passed...und der Reich has fallen. Ve...must find our own vay, und zis Mansion...zees Avengers...vill be ours, ja?"

   Lady Lotus - no trace of her former personality except for her devotion to Stefanie Koenig - smiled as said in stereo-typed Japanese accented 'Engrish' that came from Buckys own imagination "Ah-so, my mos' honorable friend. You shall find that Lady Lotus is pleased to do aid you in this. We shall bring these Yankee dogs to their knees, an' make them our mos' loyal companions."

   And with that...they took the other costume boxes they'd found...and distributed them to the rest of the team.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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