Chun Li pays She-Hulk a visit

by Regret
Storyline Realities Collide
Characters Chun Li Doctor Doom She-Hulk
Category Corruption F/F Mega Crossover Mind Control
Previous Chapter Chun Li makes the titaness She-Hulk submit

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Chun Li sat on a bench dressed in more conservative attire, than her skin tight body suit she wore underneath, waiting. Thanks to the laptop she had all the information known to the Kingpin about She Hulk, powers, appearance in the case she couldn't spot the giant emerald skinned woman, and more importantly a list of preferred areas the heroine patrolled. She didn't have to wait long the the titaness to appear, Chun Li quietly stood from the bench and tailed behind She Hulk using skills she learned in Interpol to stay inconspicuous. She followed the heroine for quite some time waiting for her chance, when gunfire rang out and She Hulk leapt into action. A masked man burst out the door of a gas station frantically stuffing a wad of cash in his pockets as he took off running. She Hulk gave chase sprinting after the man. Chun Li smiled a little even with the mask she could see the look of terror at being chased by such a powerful hero. The man tried to slip away through an ally but She Hulk was already on his heels. He turned around pulling out the gun, before he could raise it all the way She Hulk flipped him with his extended arm and pried the gun from his hand.  She placed the handgun in her hands and crushed it as if it were wadding up a piece of paper. She grabbed him by the collar with one hand and lifted him off his feet.

"God, please... Don't hurt me." The man begged.

Chun Li watched from around the corner, she was truly magnificent, she had to have her, she wouldn't take any chances with her. Chun li shed her outerwear, leaving only the sexy bodysuit, and rounded the corner. She planted her feet firmly and calmed her mind then thrust out her hands unleashing a powerful kikoken. The ball of energy shot through the alleyway She Hulk didn't have time to register what was approaching her, but threw the man out of the way and took the hit, he was just a petty crook but didn't deserve to be killed. Having never experienced such an attack before She Hulk was taken out by the sneak attack.  Laughing uncontrollably Chun Li strutted over sat straddling the knocked out heroine. She caressed her jade skin taking her time examining her trophy.

Victor Von Doom looked over the schematics his informant acquired for him.  Th plans were crude and full of the Kingpin's scientist's best guesses at reverse engineering. They were smart men well worth the money spent on them but they couldn't hold a candle to Doom.

"Impressive." Doom said speaking to himself. "But how does this exist. Its beyond the scientific capabilities of any nation of earth yet it very human in its design." With his intelligence and the plans he was more than capable of reproducing the machine but this thought and others bothered the genius. While building his own version him mind always came back to one small but odd detail. the power supply used a method while available had been completely replaced by a more efficient one for quite a few years. An idea struck Doom, it was inconsequential in the grand scheme of things but his curiosity demanded he knew who made it.  He went to his supercomputer and began searching for any abnormal energy readings around the globe. When the scan was finished he was surprised by the results, large amounts of energy, usually associated with the portal to the negative zone and other interdimensional travel, around the new york area. "So that's where you got this magnificent toy from, I should of known anyone dumb enough to work for you could make it." Satisfied for now by the answer he placed the finishing touches on his indoctrination machine.

She Hulk woke several hours later chained to a cold steel machine in a dark mostly empty warehouse. She strained herself but just felt weak and the chains remained intact.

"What's wrong not feeling like yourself?" Chun Li asked.

"What did you do to me?" She Hulk demanded.

"Oh not much, just gave you a powerful sedative, but on someone your size it'd probably only sap your strength. But don't worry the real fun is just about to start. Chun Li came within inches of She hulk and began tenderly undoing her costume and caressing her body. The purple and white uniform fell to the ground and Chun Li basked in the sight of her chained naked beauty. Already feeling herself get wet she reluctantly pulled herself away from the titaness drawing her hand across her captive's body as she walked away. Chun Li recalibrate the machine, she wouldn't want She Hulk acting like her instead of the slave she wanted, and activated the machine. She Hulk screamed in pain as her mind was rewritten. The machine calmed to a stop and She Hulk stared at Chun Li with eager submissive eyes.

"Who am I?" Chun Li asked.

"My mistress." She Hulk said meekly

"And who are you?"Chun Li said with a evil grin.

"Your slave mistress." She Hulk replied

Chun Li unchained the submissive giant, and laid on the concrete ground unzipping her body suit. She wrapped her powerful legs around She Hulk's head and guided her to her pussy. She moaned in pleasure as She Hulk ate her out, she wasn't as good as she had fantasized but she would have plenty of time to practice.

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