"I have some cigarettes I think you'd like. Care to try one?"

by genesis196
Storyline Jade Dragon (version 2)
Characters Jade Dragon Supergirl
Category F/F Mind Control
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"well, actually I'm here doing some modeling work for a new up and coming cigarette company called Jade Tobacco ink."

Kara looked at her believed to be long time best fried with a questioning face. "Is that why your wearing such reveling clothing?"

Jade Dragon took another cigarette out of her special case and lit it before she began to talk "Well duh girl" she said well blowing more of the green smoke in Kara's face. "You have to entice the consumer to want to buy it. When Men and even some Women see me dressed like this with my tits almost spilling out of my top, and my ass on display for the world to see, people will buy them. Men will because they want me even some women, the other will because they want to look like me. Giant tits, big firm ass, smooth sexy skin, they want it all and they will do what i tell them to do just to attempt to get on my level." Jade Dragon took a long drag of her cigarette well walking closer to Kara. Jade Dragon blew more smoke into Kara's face before saying "Even if they didn't have me, these would still sell, their the best damn cigarettes i have ever had! why don't you try one Kara."

Jade Dragon extended her hand with the cigarette container in it and with a flip of her wrist shot one cigarette half way out of the container half way for Kara to take.

"No thanks" Kara said trying to dismiss the subject with very little enthusiasm

"Awe come on Kara have i ever stared you wrong before?" Jade Dragon said giving her a puppy dog face. she could see that in Kara's receptive state, that what was left of her will was crumbling fast. "just one puff if you don't like it you can throw it away."

"Well......ok" Kara said not being able to resist her best friend. She took the cigarette in her hand and lit the tip with here heat vision, Kara brought it to her bright res lips and took a long drag of it.

"Thats it" Jade Dragon said "Feel the smoke fill your lungs. Feel it sending a nice calm relaxing wave of pleasure through your entire body."

"WOW" Kara said as she exhaled the green smoke.

"See what did i tell you, good right"

"More than good they are Fucking Amazing!" Kara said taking another drag of the cigarette

"Oooo such filthy language, I like It. You should use it more often, Makes you even sexier"

"you bet your sweet ass i will." Kara taking the longest drag of her cigarette yet

after a few minuets of small talk Kara's cigarette was almost gone. "Hay Jiao can i have another please?" Kara said doing a little puppy dog face.

"Of course, you can have as many as you want i get them for free."

"You are one LUCKY BITCH you know that?" Kara said taking the cigarette "Where do you even buy these any way?"

"Oh you cant" Jade Dragon said with a sly smile

"WHAT!!! you have to be FUCKING kidding me. Why the Fuck not?" Kara said very annoyed.

"Because their not out yet silly, I'm going to be part of the launch campaign, but that wont be for another year."

"A YEAR!!!! How the FUCK am i supposed to wait an entire year!!!"

"Well depending on how you answer my next question you wont have to." Jade Dragon said looking into her victims eyes. "You see i can get you into the company as a model as well, it pays well and you get all of the free cigarettes you could ever want, and that's not even the best part. The best part is the world will get to see how slutty you really are. the world will see how your really are, they will know that when you see a hot female body like mine, your cunt cant help but get soaking wet, and that when you see my body you cant help but want to drop to your knees and worship me like the goddess i am, or that when your not fantasizing about me you are about big strong dicks. How you fantasias about them pound every hole at once and them covering and filling you with their thick tasty cum. See i know all about the real you, you hide from the world, don't you think its time for her to come out?"

Jade Dragon's eyes were on Kara well she waited for her suggestions to sink in, her eyes ran up and down Kara for any changes, her eyes finally rested on Kara's crotch, she could see a damp spot in them along with juices running down her leg. Even tho it was actually a few seconds it felt link an eternity to a very aroused Jade Dragon.

" YES!" Kara moaned "YES its time for her to come out, please will you help me let her out?"

"Of course dear, what are friends for." Jade Dragon whispered into Kara's ear. Jade Dragon lead Kara back into the photo booth.

Jade Dragon used her powers to teal-port a black choker with a green dragon in the center of it from her dimension into this one.

"Whats that Jiao?" Kara said looking at the beautiful choker with envy.

"This Kara is a gift for you. if you decide to take it, it will symbolize your new status as my slave. If you become my slave you will have the privilege of pleasuring me any way i want you to, and in return you get freedom slavery comes with, no more decision making, no more worrying about anything, all you have to do is listen and obey. you will also have access to any other slave we make out of your hero friends.

Kara almost came when Jade Dragon was finished, this was too good to be true, she got access to this goddess next to her and all she had to do was become her slave to Kara it was an easy choice. Kara took the choker from Jade Dragon, she placed it around her neck and totally submitted her self to her new goddess.

Jade Dragon smiled when Kara placed the choker around her neck. "Good girl my little pet" Kara was happy to be praised by her new mistress. "Now pet you are only allowed to call me mistress or goddess from now on, is that under stood."

"yes mistress"

"Good girl, now why don't you come closer."

Kara moved as closed to Jade Dragon as possible. Jade Dragon garbed Kara by the hair and pulled her into a deep french kiss. Kara melted into her kiss and fully embraced it. After a few minuets they pulled apart only connected by a few strings of saliva. Jade Dragon reached behind her back and took her bikini top off revealing her huge tits to Kara. Kara's eyes locked onto her long dark nipples and licked her lips. Jade roughly Grabbed Kara by the back of the head and pulled her to her left nipple.

"Start sucking you fucking WHORE!!! yea that's it just like that. Use your teeth!! that's it chew on my nipple, make it raw, now switch to the other one bitch."

Kara was extremely aroused by the rough treatment and filthy mouth of her hew mistress. Her Costume was drenched with her sweat and juices. Her Skin was on fire and every touch sent a jolt of pleasure to her clit.

Jade was ready for a good tongue fucking by her new slave. She tore Kara away from her breast much to her dismay and pushed her down twords her pussy, Kara soon realized what was happening and descended even quicker to get to her next treat. Kara didn't wast any time as soon as she was eye level with her mistress's pussy she dove right in. she pulled the fabric of Jades Bikini bottoms to the side and inhaled deeply, it was the most intoxicating thing she had every smelled in her life. She gave her mistress a big long lick, The taste exploded in Kara's mouth, it was Delicious. Kara had never tasted anything like her Mistress's pussy, it was salty and tangy at the same time. Kara began to lick faster and deeper trying to get as much of her mistress's juices on her tongue as possible.

Jade grabbed Kara's hair and held if firmly against her pussy as Kara ate it.

"OHHHHH YESSS! you little fucking slut keep eating my pussy you little fucking whore!!! Your a natural at this!!! This is where your were ment to be on your knees worshiping my pussy, not saving the world not, not going to school, not anything put pleasing me!!!!

Kara could barley breath but she didn't care, she was in heaven, the only thing that could make it better is if she never had to stop.

"FUCK!!!!!!!!!!" Jade screamed at the top of her lungs. "I'm gonna CUM you little slut, you better drink all of my sweet nectar don't you dare spill a DROP!!!!!!!"

Kara was in heaven when her Mistress came, not only was she rewarded with more of her Mistress's nectar to drink, she also felt accomplished that she was able to make her goddess cum with just her tongue. with that felling along with her already being extremely aroused she had an orgasm of her own.

Kara thought they would be over for now so she was surprised when her mistress spoke.

"You did very well my pet so as a reward I'm going to use the slave breaker on you."

"whats that?" Kara said a little scared'

Jade used her power to teal-port a very small green thong from her dimension. She put the thong on and pulled it high so it was firmly wedged between her ass cheeks and pulled tight against her pussy lips.

"What dose this look like pet."

"A very slutty thong goddess."

"Awe you are correct about that pet but this is no ordinary thong, you see it was crafted by my slaves on New Genesis, you see it it made up of trillions of microscopic nanites. Do you want to know what they can do?"

"Yes goddess."

the thong slowly started moving and transforming the front started to get bigger and bigger and bigger untill it stopped and took shape. Kara could not believe her eyes, the thong had turned into a 10in green dick, she instinctively licked her lips. this did not go unnoticed by Jade.

"Oh no my pet you will plenty of time for that later, right now i want you on all fours with your ass facing me."

Kare moved fast to comply with her mistress's wishes. Jade came up and smacked Kara's tight ass causing her to moan in pleasure. Jade then tore Kara's costume exposing her pussy and ass to her mistress. seeing Kara's nice tight ass bare made Jade smack it a few more times each hit smack causing Kara to moan.

"You think you had an Orgasm before, you ant had nothing yet. when I'm done with you, you will be nothing but a mindless pile of flesh who will only be able to think of the pleasure i can bring you."

with that Jade thrusted her Huge 10in, thick green cock into Kara's Pussy. Kara moan when the Green dick was Shoved into her, felling it spread her tight cunt felt amazing. When Kara Fully adjusted to the cock, she started to rock back and meat with her mistress's hips causing the pleasure for Kara to increase dramatically.

"You fucking like that don't you, you slut!!!"

"Oh GOD YESSSSS please mistress don't stop!!!! Harder!!!!!

"Trust me you whore were just getting started."


"What are you?"






Kara had the most explosive orgasm of her life that she nearly passed out.

"wanna know what makes this Dick special?" Jade asked the barely conscious Kara

"What mistress?"

"well the nanits have 2 special functions, first they release adrenaline to keep my victim awake."

Kara didn't like the way Jade said Victim. "And the second?"

"They attach to the nerves in their pussy or ass and the pleasure center of the brain, do you know what that means?"


"It means that that little fuck we just had is nothing compared to what is about to start."

Hours passed in Metropolis and night had fallen before she finally stopped fucking Kara.
Kara sat gently licking the cock that had brought her so much pleasure well Jade Thought
to her self whos Next..............

Hay guys this was my very first story ever so i would really like some feed back good or bad
suggestion stuff like that, let me know if want me to continue the stories with the charters listed
below or different ones but plz send some kind of feed back!!! Email: genesis196@yahoo.com

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