Screw the world! They let go and become savage.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel Corruption M/F F/F Transformation
Previous Chapter The team arrives in Washington

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"What's your decision Ja... mmppph." Ant Man couldn't finish his question as Wasp leaned forward and plunged her tongue into his mouth in a languid kiss. As they made out he felt her carress the bulge in his loincloth as his erection threaten to snap it off of him.

Pulling away she panted out her lusts as she stared back at him "Tell me you weren't turned on seeing all that devestation! Don't tell me you didn't think about making that future happen!"

"You mean?..."

"Fuck yes Hank!" yelled Wasp as she tore off what little clothing she had on and pressed her body against him,wrapping one of her stout muscular legs around her husband's waist. Tearing off his loincloth and letting his 2 foot long cock bob free, she kissed him hard again. Pym kissed back kneading one of her hefty breasts while cupping her rear. Pulling back again she positioned his cock over her pussy and slunk down on it, moaning loudly as he entered her while her wings buzzed in pleasure.

Grinding and twisting her hips she moaned out her answer to him "I wan't to let go Hank, go FERAL! I want to smash this place to bits, I want to fuck each and every one of our teammates and become a breeder BITCH!" Weak in the knees Hank collapsed back while Janet straddled him on top.

"I've never felt so powerful... So sexual, I wanna revel in it Hank." Pressing her breasts together she licked her own cleavage as she continued to ride him. "I wanna get knocked up hard, have more kids then I can count!" she growled as her hands roamed to her flat muscled stomach, her claws raking the fine scales of her belly while she sighed dreamily, her head waving back and forth in exstacy. "Mmm...I want it... soooo bad."

"Grrrr... shut up and take it!" Roared Hank as he pounded into her, his hands on her hips to keep her steady. "You want kids?! I'll pump you so full even your babies will be pregnant!"

"Yes, YES, FUCK YES! DO IT! KNOCK ME UP! NOW!!!" Roared Janet as the two tensed up just before they shared an explosive orgasm. Hank flooded her womb with every thrust causing it to bulge slightly with each pulse of his cum. At that moment Janet Van Dyne was gone, ever so slowly her inhibitions and taboos were fading away, leaving only a powerful corrupt she-beast in her place, she was now Wasp the Abomination. Her only desires were to breed and flaunt her powers and to satisfy her every dark whim.

Closing her eyes Wasp moaned at the sensation of being filled before Hank began to thrust again making her giggle at his enthusiasm, his aggression turning her on more. Her eyes shot open when she felt a cock press against her cheek. Looking up she found Hawkeye pumping his erection at her lips, looking around she found the other Avengers had descended into an orgy from her announcement to let loose. Tigra and Black Panther were at it like cats, with Greer being mounted from behind while Miss Marvel, Widow and Spider Woman were taking turns sucking off Cap.

Licking her lips she grabbed Hank's cock and began to lick and slurp, carressing his heavy sac to let him know he was next after her husband was done. Even though she was stuffed with cum already she felt suddenly starved for more.

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