They decide to fight it for now and be called the Abominable Avengers.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel Growth Transformation M/F Pregnancy
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Standing in the hanger of the Avengers mansion the group of abominated avengers made their decision about their immediate future.

"Hank that future... It scared me, I don't know what led that to happening but I don't want to be the cause of it!"

Looking over to the rest of the Avengers they too shared the same sentiment as Wasp.

"Ok then, I'll see if I can come up with some kind of sexual supressant. At the very least it'll make us clear headed while we try to cope being... well this." Gestured Pym to his tall muscular form, the spikey growths on his arms and back flexing with his anxiety.

"At the very least I can come up with new wardrobes for us, I don't think any of our old cloths can fit us anymore and I don't feel rather attractive wearing the tattered remains of my bed sheets." Huffed Wasp as she struck a pose, unknowingly causing a reaction in the male side of the group.

"Lets try to deal with this in the morning, its been a long day and we still haven't digested this whole thing yet, better to handle this after a night's sleep."

Agreeing with Steve the group of altered heroes went their seperate ways back to their rooms in the mansion. Feeling a metal hand on his arm, Pym turned around to find Iron Man looking up at the 10 foot tall abomination. "I'll see if there's anything at Stark Enterprises that can help, if I could syphon gamma radiation from Jennifer Walters maybe I can do the same with the rest of you, I'll be back tomorrow." Nodding in thanks to the billionare Hank made his way back to his room with Wasp as Iron Man departed.


Making his way back to his room Han kPym accidently pried the door to his shared room off its hinges, shaking his head as he squeezed himself inside he leaned the door back on the frame before turning to the bed.

Only to find it occupied with his wife Janet lounging on her side in a 'come hither' pose, the scraps of cloth she wore no where in sight as she carressed one of her claws over her muscular thighs. The bed itself had collapsed under her weight but that didn't deter herfrom what she was doing.

"I've been waiting for you sweet heart, come to bed I'm so lonely." Purred the insect woman as her wings fluttered behind her.

"Janet, I..."

"You still think I'm hot don't you? Even if I'm a big green, scaley, spikey amazon?" Making her point she sat up and posed before her husband, arching her back and raising her powerful arms over her head to show off her abs and large breasts. "I've been hot since we came back and... And I can't hold it off anymore Hank, fuck me please..."

Unable to hold himself off either, Hank Pym tore off his tattered loin cloth and joined his wife in bed. The ruins of their matress creaked and squeeled with the added weight as they pressed against each other, exploring their new bodies as Hank positioned his solid beer can thick cock at her opening. As soon as they were joined at the hip all rational thought left them that night.


Carol groaned as she awoke in the middle of the night, she could hear Han kand Janet going at it in their room and all it did was make the fire in her loins burn hotter. "Mmmm, what was that about resisting Hank?" Rolling in the remains of her bed she tossed and turned trying to block out the couple's shared cries of pleasure, at some point it sounded like bears going at it with loud growls and roars.

Having had enough the blonde green scaled bombshell got out of bed and walked out to relieve some stress, making her way down the halls to the lab levels. Having wrapped a towel around her massive breasts and ample waist she walked down the hallways until she found the door to the medical bay, walking inside she found the remains of Emil Blonsky still on the medical examination table, his body shrivelling up now that it was dead.

Looking down at the clawed hands and spikey guards on her arms Carol Danvers frowned and kicked the table, the frail corpse desintigrating into dust as it was disturbed. "Nothing for the crows to peck at you son of a bitch!" Storming out in a huff she accidently bumped into Thor, who ran in after hearing the loud noises from the lab.

"Friend Danvers are you alright? I heard a noise, did anything get damaged?"

"Just my confidence, and... The rest of me..." Wrapping her claws around herself she looked back at the Asgardian warrior. "Lucky, you can go get hit with a nuke and the worst you can get is a tan, I get doused in green dust and... And... Just look at me, I'm a fucking monster!"

"Nay Miss Danvers you are hardly a monster, the thing that did this to you was a monster and he is dead and never returning to the land of mortals, now come let us see if there is a bed that can at least hold your... Might."

Chuckling quietly at Thor's attempt at calming her she looked up at the tall man and slowly came to a decision, as Thor went to take her hand she began to press him back against the wall and practically pin him there by her breasts and hands.

"Miss Danvers?" He suddenly found her lips mashed against his own as she ground her naval against his crotch, her tongue already made its way into his mouth to explore inside before she pulled away with a sultry look in her eyes.

"Mmm, Carol... Call me Carol... Your gonna be yelling it for a while..."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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