Buffy finally head to school.

by No one important
Storyline The Bimbo Challenge
Characters Buffy
Category Bimboization Masturbation Television: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Previous Chapter Buffy Summers shakes off the afterimages of the dream and gets ready to tell Giles

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Buffy sighed as she finally entered the school and glanced down at the grip she had on her book bag. She soon discovered that if she didn’t constantly hold something, her hands continued their unwanted task to tease and please her body. Even something as simple as getting dressed had been a testament to her ability to focus. More than once she’d start to do something basic like adjusting her bra strap and end up with one hand teasing a nipple.

Then there were her new nails. The colour was a shade so gaudy that she wouldn’t have worn it even in her most vapid days from Hemery High. And while she could deal with that issue with a quick trip to the makeup counter, it was their length that was the real problem. If she was going to function as a Slayer or even a student, she need to significantly shorten them.

Sadly, when she brought the nail clippers close to those pink monstrosities, her mind became overwhelmed by her new memories of a lifetime of attention spent on her beautiful nails and that anything shorter was an eyesore. She then held up one hand to admire and smiled softly as a feeling of pride filled her. Well actually pride and a soft buzz of pleasure but that came from her other hand as it gently rubbed the outside of her panties.

Her mind stayed locked in it’s admiration for at least a minute and when she retuned to her senses, she reluctantly came to the conclusion that she was stuck with her ‘failure’ at least until the challenge was completed. Well that and the fact that she needed a new pair of panties since the ones she was wearing were soaked in her juices.

But none of that was the worst part. No the worst part was definitely that tiny voice of temptation in the back of her mind. The one that told her that since she already failed this three hour block, she should just let her hands run wild and enjoy everything they’d do. All she had to do lay back while those nails scraped sensuously across her breasts and her fingers pumped continuously into her pussy. In no time at all, she’d be having orgasms stronger then she could imagine and the only thing that kept her from going down that road was the fact that once she started, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to stop.

Luckily, or maybe unfortunately, the next three hour block was set to begin soon and Buffy stood outside the Library with a pensive look on her face. She wasn’t sure if she should tell Giles about this challenge or not. If he’s heard of it before, he might be able to give her advice on how to control her wandering hands and what other changes to expect. However if she did tell him, then she’d have to admit that she already lost the first part of the challenge and her pride really didn’t like that. Not to mention that she’d have to tell Giles about how she fingered herself to a screaming orgasm.

Buffy shuddered a bit at the prospect of talking to Giles about her sex life and called out to him as she entered the Library.

“Ah Buffy,” Giles said as he came out of his office with a stack of books. “How was patrol last night?”

“It was fine.” Buffy said as she sat on the edge of the library’s table and looked down at where her book bag was still clutched in her hands. “Hey Giles, what do you think of my nails?”

Without looking at her, Giles sighed and rolled his eyes, “As I’ve said before Buffy, I think you’d be able to accomplish much more if you’d keep them at a reasonable length but you made your. . . distaste for that idea quite clear in your rant the last time I brought the subject up.”

Buffy stared dumbfounded for a few seconds as she processed what Giles said. She glanced down again and sighed as she recognized that when the parchment said failures would a permanent part of her life, it meant permanent.

“No I mean-” Buffy started again but got cut off as library’s doors burst open.

“Okay, something strange happened and I need you people to deal with it.” Cordelia said as she moved purposely into the room. However, Buffy could only stare at her in wide eyed surprise.

More accurately at Cordelia’s inch-long hot pink fingernails.

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