Buffy Summers shakes off the afterimages of the dream and gets ready to tell Giles

by No one important
Storyline The Bimbo Challenge
Characters Buffy
Category Bimboization Masturbation Television: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Previous Chapter The Bimbo Challenge begins

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Buffy stared at her hands in disbelief and with a bit of dread. The inch-long talons were painted bright pink and seemed to constantly draw attention to them. She could only imagine how much trouble she was going to have holding things like pens in class or her stakes on patrol. In fact, after a few attempts, she found couldn’t even make a proper fist anymore.

“Just what I need.” She grumbled sarcastically as she flopped back onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. Her mind couldn’t help but wander back to the strange dream and the forceful way it ended.

‘I’ve never felt anything as powerful as that.’ Buffy thought to herself as her body started to relax. ‘Not with Angel or even those time I did things my-’

Buffy’s thoughts abruptly stopped as she felt her fingers lightly squeeze her nipple. She instantly froze and looked down her body in shock to see one hand ready to slip under her pyjama bottoms while the other gently cupped her breast.

‘What the hell! I didn’t want to do that!’ Buffy nervously thought as she yanked her hands away from her body and practically jumped out of the bed. However, after a minute of suspiciously watching them, she shook her head and headed towards the bathroom.

‘I was probably just on edge from that dream.’ Buffy justified to herself as left her bedroom. ‘I’m sure it’s nothing and I’ll ask Giles about this challenge thing when I see him today.’

Unfortunately, by the time Buffy came back to her room in a robe, she knew she had a problem. In the bathroom she quickly learned that if she wasn’t concentrating, her hands drifted towards her breasts or to between her legs. This was particularly annoying when she tried to grab a quick shower but her hands seemed more interested in soaping up her chest or trying to aim the shower head at her pussy.

‘I have to deal with this crap for three hours!’ Buffy thought as she practically growled at her hands. ‘It’s only been half an hour and I’m already frustrated beyond belief! I need to deal with this somehow.’

With that thought, her mind supplied a possible solution that made her pause.

‘No that wouldn’t work, would it?’ Buffy wondered as she tried to remember the wording on the glowing parchment. ‘It said no sex and doing that isn’t really sex. Besides if I don’t try something, I’m sure these thing will do something really embarrassing at school.’

With her justification in mind, she took off her robe and sat naked on her bed. She relaxed and passively watched as her hands moved towards her breasts. Her hands started with light squeezes and Buffy found it interesting, but not surprising, that the new nails didn’t hinder the self induced foreplay but actually intensify it.

“Oh that feels good.” Buffy cooed softly as one hand used the nails to gently scratch across her breast while the other pinched and rolled her nipple on the other side. In no time at all, Buffy found herself panting with desire and watched, almost eagerly, as one hand trailed down her body. Then as she let her fingers slip inside her, part of her wonder again if this was a good idea.

That part was quickly silenced as her fingers, guided by some inexplicable knowledge, hit erogenous zones Buffy didn’t know she had. All she could do was gasp and groan while her fingers brought her pleasure that was only surpassed by the dream she had earlier. A moment later, she fell back and thrust her hips up to match her fingers actions and moaned as her pleasure increased again.

All too soon, Buffy felt an orgasm approach and somehow a speck of rational thought broke thru her pleasure addled brain. It warned her against letting anyone else in the household know about her activities, which she was about to do since her moans increased in volume the closer she got to cumming. However, she found herself unable or unwilling to stop or even slow what her fingers were doing. Thankfully, she found the willpower to at least roll over and bury her face in her pillow and surprisingly found that that action didn’t even interrupt her fingers’ rhythm. Which was good because a few seconds later, she screamed in joy as her fingers became soaked in her juices.

Buffy lay there panting for a moment and tried to gather her thoughts. Finally she able to concentrate enough to sit back up and wordlessly moaned as her fingers pulled themselves from her sensitive slit. She then watched silently as her cum soaked fingers reached for her mouth. However, before her hands made her taste herself, she realized what was happening and moved her hands away with a grimace.

“That’s just gross.” Buffy said to herself as she used her robe to clean her fingers. “Who wants to taste tha-”

Her words cut off with a gasp as she felt her hands tingle and looked down to see a soft glow around them. It lasted for a few seconds then just vanished. Buffy blink a few times in confusion and suddenly realized that she had new memories.

She remembered everything about her life normally but now she could also clearly remembering many years of her growing her nails out to their current length. Hundreds if not thousands of trips to a manicurist. Hours upon hours spent filing them into the perfect shape and applying nail polish over and over. With a growing feeling of dread she jumped up and ran over to her vanity. She quickly looked thru all of her nail polishes and found about half a dozen shades of pink but no other colours.

“Oh Crap!” Buffy cursed to herself as she realized that she just failed the first part of the challenge.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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