Mystique cums hard

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC Growth Transformation Pregnancy F/F Corruption
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Grunting with effort Mystique pumped harder and harder, slamming into the drooling pussy in front of her as she wrapped her leg around Oracle's waist to pin in her close. She was almost there, her symbiote replicated balls swelling full of cum to flood into the arachnid woman's womb and force her to bear dozens of eggs worth of new symbiotes, biting her lip she made her cock longer, thicker, nearly plugging up Barbara's pussy as she found herself at the brink.


With a hiss the two came hard, a flood of seed pumped into the black eight legged woman as her belly swelled larger and rounder, Mystique going almost slack with bliss as she slowly dislodged from the red haired girl and retract her dripping appendage back into herself, appearing feminine once more. Rolling onto her back Oracle drooled in ecstacy as she rubbed her swollen womb, already eggs were forming inside of her and taking up more space, even filled to the brim she still wanted more.


“You have now idea how long we've wanted you as a prize...” Hissed Ivy, trailing a clawed finger down Batman's chest and abs as her vines snaked out of her hair and back to coil around his ankles and wrists, her symbiote opening around her face to show the beautiful green skinned woman underneath while she breathed in the prone man's scent. In the background Scream and Mystique 'rewarded' Oracle by stuffing her with their cocks, pumping the arachnid woman full of cum to bear more symbiotes.


Seeing the man's eye's blink slowly back into consciousness she smiled down impishly at him as he realized how trapped he was. “Your all ours now Batman, we're going to have fun with you... That is until we become bored of you.” Feeling the barbs of Ivy's thorns scratch his costume and nick his skin Batman could already feel the toxic poisons seeping into him, whatever these parasites were that had taken hold of these women and half the city had reduced them to their most baser impulses, nymphomaniacal and totally uninhibited their only desires were to conquer and reproduce. Looking over to Barbara he grimaced as the former Bat Girl hissed in bliss as she was overtaken by two of Ivy's partners, a blue creature with red hair and claws and a black and yellow female monstrosity with a jack-o-lantern grin.


“What do you want Poison Ivy? You've never had an interest in me before, not like this.” Tilting her head with a coy look the plant woman looked over to the others and explained. “We've been bonded Batman, hosts to a wonderful new species that will improve mankind, we have never been more powerful than we are now and we can become even MORE powerful if we breed more, many more.” Struggling with the vines tying him down he tried to find a way out, anything to buy time for an escape. “We only hope that you'll last longer than our other lovers, since our bonding the poisons we generate make our victims quite the vigorous lovers but they wilt after they've been spent, we hope you last longer that they do.” Enveloping her face in the symbiote once more her features were replaced with yellow splashes of colour for eyes with rows of thorns for teeth, a bristled tongue hissed out of her maw as she made to lick the Caped Crusader's face.


“ORACLE! I thought you said you wanted me all to yourself, since when did you feel like sharing?!” Yelled Batman, the panting form of Barbara Gordan looked up, her many legs twitching to gain footing under her as Mystique and Scream looked back in confusion. “If Poison Ivy has her way with me I'm DEAD, do you want that?”


“We...We... WANT HIM!!!”

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The hive was full of activity now that the thousands of eggs had hatched, armies of insectoids swarmed over the city of New York into a massive collection of beehive structures over what was once tall skyscrapers and apartments. Wasp, Bumblebee and Red Sting lounged together as their servants and children fawned over them constantly, their abdomens swollen with more eggs ready to be laid in the chambers around them.


Fluttering over the three queens a woman in blue was hoisted like a toddler in front of them, her struggles futile in the grip of the three bug creatures holding her steady. “Let go of me you freaks!” Screamed Susan Storm the Invisible Woman as they dropped her in front of the queens of the Hive, gasping as she recognized her former friends. “Oooh look zzzizzzterzzz, we mizzzed one.” Buzzed Wasp as she rubbed an armoured hand around her honey filled breasts, her wings buzzing as she eyed the blonde heroine with glossy black eyes. “I wonder what she will end up in our hive zzzz.”


Clicking her mandibles and pointing to the prone woman a small swarm of bee mutants flew over and attacked Susan, her flailing arms doing nothing to keep away the bites and stings as they injected the breeder virus into her system. Finally safe from the bugs as they flew off to give her space Susan Storm gasped as her heart pounded in her chest, sweat dripping from her forehead as a powerful heat rushed through her. Looking around she eyed the male insectoids that leered at her lustfully, watching her as she started to develop wider hips and fuller breasts, the craving to fuck these things becoming harder for the woman to resist as she began rubbing her much larger tits right in front of them

“Time for zzztage two zzzizzter...”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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