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by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC Transformation Growth Pregnancy Corruption
Previous Chapter The rest of the coven begin to change right along with Raven.

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The symbiote host Oracle laughed as she was pinned to the wall by Batman, wrapping her many legs around his waist as he pumped into her desperately, exertion written on his face as he fucked the red haired woman hard. “Yessss... More, give us more.” Pushing her bust up she forced his face into the depths of her cleavage, moaning as he licked and nibbled on her black oily skin. She loved the results of her new venom, a potent aphrodisiac it made anyone she bit into her willing sex slave for a time until she was done. Arching her back she cried out as he grunted his release, pumping her full of hot cum as his eyes rolled back in his skull and he passed out from the poisons.

Collapsing on the roof with an unconscious Batman under her, Oracle smiled in satisfaction as she could feel new symbiotes take root in her womb, the gelatinous beings growing rapidly waiting to find new hosts of their own. Finding the strength to stand again she lifted the man easily over her shoulder, her new found strength arousing her as her eight legs lifted them both up. Thinking back she was terrified when the gunk had jumped her at her work station when she was checking the news of all the attacks in the city, the symbiote bonding with her body and healing her injuries in mere seconds. Then going through her mind it fed on her desires and gave her more power than she dreamt of. With so many legs she would never be a cripple again, her new strength and agility made her 10 times the bat-girl she ever was, now she had the power to act out her deepest desires, and the deepest was hanging limp and asleep over her shoulder. Oracle laughed to herself as her stomach began to swell slightly, already looking 4 months along after a few minutes.

“Enjoying ourselves Oracle? We knew we'd find the Batman if we trailed you.”

Snapping around Barbara hissed as her symbiote wrapped around her face, giving her back her fangs and teeth. Scream, Poison Ivy and Mystique stood before her eyeing the prize she carried on her shoulder like cats to a dangling mouse. “Now that you've had your fun how about you share with us, we can even add a few symbiotes in that belly of yours too.” Hissed Mystique as she formed a raging cock from her blue symbiote, cradling the softball sized testicles as she licked her sharp teeth.

“Yesssss little one, share with your mothersssss.” Poison Ivy leered over to the prone man, almost ignoring the drider woman carrying him. She always wanted to claim him for her own, to toy with his body before she broke him. Her own leafy symbiote writhed at the promise of draining him of his seed, vine like tentacles sprouted from her red hair as thorns grew from her arms and legs. “We promise to be extra gentle...”


Captain America roared as he plowed into Black Widow, Spider Woman and Tigra lounged nearby rubbed their heavy wombs as the red haired assassin was bred. The breeder virus had reacted to Tigra's odd physiology and made the others cat morphs like herself. Steve had become a dominating lion, his cloths burst off his body as his tail flicked behind him. Grunting with effort he mounted the Russian tiger woman as she bucked her hips back at him, her black suit tearing to make room for her new breasts and muscles. Roaring again the lion climaxed hard, pumping her full of cum again and again as his nads scrunched from the effort.

“Sniff... Do you smell that?” Asked Tigra as she stood up on shaky legs, holding her massive belly lovingly as she sniffed the air. “Sniff sniff... I smell more people, weak unsuspecting people nearby...” Purring to her pack mates they shared in her smile as they got up. Natasha tearing away the rest of her ill fitting cloths as the white striped tiger woman basked in her new body. “The pride needs expanding...


“I'm telling you guys this is seriously messed up, we've already lost contact with half the heroes in the world, not to mention Gotham and New York have gone dark!” Worried Captain Marvel as the combined Justice League and Avengers planned in the council room. Superman stood nearby looking over the communications where several screens showed ~unavailable~ to Batman's cave, Thymiscira, the X-Mansion, the Baxtor Building and even Titan's Tower.

“We're in the dark here, this virus is spreading faster than we can track, if we don't do something then the world as we know it will be over.” Iron Man used his direct connection to the satellites orbiting Earth to get a view of the areas gone dark from communication. “Oh crap... You guys have got to see this!” Looking to the screens he accessed connection and gave a bird's eye view of New York, the city had been almost completely converted and looked like a series of bee hives and wasps nests overlapping the skyscrapers downtown, millions of swarming insects the size of people and even bigger buzzed around the structures in blinding masses. “Jarvis just did a scan... All those things are... Used to be people...” Switching feed to Gotham Dinah neerly threw up when the satellites zoomed in on a pair of symbiote monsters ravaging a woman just as she too became enveloped in red goo and joined them in hunting people for hosts.

“I think we're over our heads guys.”

“YOU DON'T KNOW THE HALF OF IT!” Roared the Jessica Drew as she lunged at Black Canary, scratching the woman in the arm as the rest of the Pride bit or scratched as many as they could to spread the infection. “Join us, join the Pride!” Cried Tigra as she slashed at Green Arrow and Flash, the two men guarding their injuries as they dealt with their altered friend. Just as they felt a feverish heat fill their bodies and a wave of fur grow over their skin.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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