Lauren goes to school.

by Regret
Storyline Lauren's Rise to Dominance
Previous Chapter Lauren absorbs her sister

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Lauren woke up the next morning and despite spending almost the entire night playing with her new body she was fully rested. Lauren jumped out of bed, eager to turn heads at school. She stood in front off her mirror and the symbiote reformed into a pair of tight jeans and a black tee shirt. "A new toy, a new body and a infinite wardrobe. Is there anything we can't do." Lauren giggled. Lauren grabbed the rest of her things and walked downstairs.

Her mother was leaning against the kitchen counter, heavy bags under her eyes from a long worry filled night."Oh Lauren, have you seen Catlin? I don't think she came home last night." Her mom asked.

"Yeah, I saw her giving it up for some freak."Lauren laughed.

"Lauren! This is serious, just go to school and call me if you see her there."

Lauren rolled her eyes, and waked out the door. "All she ever cares about is Catlin just like everyone else. She didn't even notice how much I changed. Maybe I'll have show her the new me after school." Lauren smirked at the thought. At school Lauren found the reception much warmer. Before she was always in her sister's shadow but everyone noticed her today. Boys rendered slack jawed by her new appearance. Lauren reveled in the attention, and feed off the jealous gazes shot her way by some of the girls. Lauren's enjoyment was cut short when a voice called out down the hall.

"You think you're hot shit just cause you got a boob job. Are you really that desperate to get laid? I can't believe Catlin is related to trash like you." The voice belong to Jennifer, one of Catlin's friends.

Jennifer and her posse filled the hall with laughter, the other students joining in. Lauren clenched her jaw, she could feel the symbiote swirling just under her skin ready to pounce. "No we'll get her later, let the bitch laugh for now." The symbiote settled and Lauren stomped off.  Lauren spent the rest of the day stewing in anger. "Call me trashy, she's just as big a slut as Catlin. She's just jealous people aren't paying attention to her. Well now she's got my attention." The last bell for the day rang and Lauren stalked the halls until she found her target. The hall was empty, Jennifer was running late. Lauren smiled like a woman possessed. The black slime of the symbiote bleed through her skin returning her to her monstrous form. Lauren charged in, by the time Jennifer turned around she was already on top of her.  Lauren tightly gripped Jennifer's mouth, her other hand garbed the 19 year old senior around the waist and lifter her off her feet. Jennifer kicked and screamed, but her words were muffled under Lauren's claws and her shots bounced off her body. Lauren took Jennifer up to the roof and threw her to the ground.

"What do you want from me?" The terrified brunette asked.

"We just want to talk." Lauren said revealing her face.

"Y.. you." Jennifer was stunned. "I didn't mean what I said early I was jealous is all."

"Oh, don't sell yourself short. You were right we are desperate to get laid and since you're an even bigger slut then my sister..." Lauren paused her clawed fingers toyed with her clit summoning her giant cock. "... I knew you wouldn't be able to resist such a lovely cock."

Jennifer just stammered at the sight of Lauren's dick.

"Suck it!" Lauren growled her face deadly serious. Jennifer dropped to her knees and and grabbed the massive phallus. It pulsed with excitement as Jennifer slowly lowered her head, her lips parted and she took it into her mouth. Lauren smiled evilly and grabbed Jennifer's head pulling it forward and forcing her dick down her throat. Lauren's body shivered at the new experience. Even gagging Jennifer continued to suck hoping not to anger Lauren further. Lauren roared with pleasure, and Jennifer's eyes went wide. Lauren pulled her cock out of Jennifer's mouth which dripped green cum."You're really good at that." Lauren laughed. "We think you'll do it again tomorrow and the next day and so on."


"But what?" Lauren said her tone aggressive.

"Nothing.. I'll be here." Jennifer replied meekly.

"That's what we thought, you're our bitch now." Lauren said getting off on Jennifer's weakness

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