Batbrat becomes Babette...and it all goes down hill.

by burke_rakers
Storyline Slut Kryptonite
Previous Chapter Batman and Nightwing stop, ashamed, and talk with Superman

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What's happening to me? I can't be this...pervert!

And yet, Brucie wiggled his way over to the shocked Alfred - hips swaying saucily and a naughty smile playing on his plump lips. He tried to stop himself, but the words bubbled from his lips in high, Betty Boob-ish tones. "Aw, hello Alfie...y'know, I awlways liked you lots, Alfie...an' I'd like y' make you happy...yer so big an' strong..."

And he was...particularly in comparison to him. Brucie was so slim that he'd be mistaken for a girl - not a woman just a teenage girl - with soft, yelding flesh where once muscle lived. Slim, swishy and soft, his ass was a big, plump, projecting pair of firm domes. For a second he felt something happening down there, then...the large buttplug appeared. He always wore one these days. He LOVED the feel of something large and ridged in his all. His face was soft and lovely, with wide, expressive eyes and a pretty, pouting mouth painted with red lipstick. All his face was painted now. Bluch highlighted his wide cheeks. Mascara made his eyes look huge. Dark, smokey shadow gave him a sultry look. As he lacked were breasts, as his chest was smooth and dominated by slightly overlarge nipples.

Alfrid backed away from the sexy, perverted creature...but gasped out "Oh, sir!" in horror when he realised it was Bruce Wayne! He reached out and grabbed the tiny, girlish man-boi and shook him, hearing a tiny, tinkling bell. Between his legs, Bruces penis was no larger than his little finger, and from the pierced head...dangled a little silver bell.

"I was there when Bruce..." he thought "...Brucie got that piercing. I had to be. The poor master had decended so deep into his perversions, that I had been given power of attorney over all his financial affairs. No, that's not right...I...I..."

In his mind, he could see his slutty, simpering gay-boi employer, just as he had been. His body a surgery sculpted treat for whoever wanted it. His butt proud and exposed in his tight, assless leather pants. His grape-sized nippled jingling from their own jewelery. He'd smiled, winked, and asked in his...perfectly normal, high-pitched voice "Don'cha think I look hawt, Alfie?"

His hands snaked around his front, and cupped his two round buttocks...he squeezed them, and Brucie squealed and undulated his body against him. Alfreds cock was rock hard in his pants. He tried to control himself, reaching down and pulling the huge butt-plug from his (sweet) rear end...but he then inserted one...then two...then four fingers into Brucies' butt-pussy. All resistance faded as he kissed him, and could now clearly remember how the little fool (Brucie was such a himbo) had to be controlled...dominated...he'd siezed control of his life, gave him strict discipline, and finally (for his own good) left Brucie Wayne with nothing. Pennyworth Enterprises was a financial titan, and now poor, swishy little Brucie now worked as a Maid in the house he once owned...a house that now belonged to Alfred.

Brucies' body was now cuddled and enhanced by a sexy, fetishized French Maids uniform. As short as he was, his plump and shapely legs were enhanced by fishnet stockings, garters and black, six-inch heels. His ass was on display under all his petticoats and ruffles, projecting out like a pair of round bumpers that jiggled enticingly, the black buttplug obvious for all the world to see. Sadisticly cinched by a corset to a tiny 12" waist, his butt looked even more massive in comparison. His chest - hairless and soft - was exposed, flaunting his masculenity yet also challenging it...as his engorged, pierced and belled nipples were swollen to the size of thick, pink grapes. Atop his head, long black hair was pinned, bound and sculpted into a 60's era updo, framed with a lacey Maids cap.

"O-la-lah, monsieur!" Brucie squealed in the lisping, sugery voice he'd always had "...what a beeg deek! Pwease wet wittle B'wucie pway wit it?"

They locked eyes, and all that had happened passed by in a momant. Alfred knew that this was Bruce. Bruce knew this was Alfred. A struggle was fought behind shame-haunted eyes...but Brucie needed to serve the Master...and Aflred loved to fuck his simpering, swishing former-employer...and besides, he loved the little twink...had to keep his safe...

In momants, Brucie (shift)...no, wait...Babette (yes, he'd had his name legally changed years ago) was squealing and giggling as his employer (and former guardian) plowed into his well-used ass. Babette (Batman?) moaned and crid out like an animal, loving the way his employer had totally dominated his life...nothing could be better...nothing.

And with that...the effect of the Kyrptonite faded, leaving all just as it was. Babette giggled and sucked Alfie off, loving the musky taste of his thick, man-meat. He loved Alfie so much...he'd do anything for him.

"You sweet, little boi-slut..." said Alfie findly, as he reached down and tinkled Babettes' dick-bell.

Babette - as he always did - squealed and giggled, before saying "O-la-lah, Alfie...boot Zupergirl an' (moan) zat hottie Nightwing are down in ze caves...und zay weesh to zee you. Zumthing might be wong."

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Apologies for the long delay in posting. Life's been a bit crazy lately. Jimmy, remind me to update Hard Reboot on the wall if I don't get to it soon.
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