The serum changes him in some other way

by burke_rakers
Storyline Strange effects of the Mr. Hyde formula
Previous Chapter Cap throws his shield and the vial flies away

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Calvin Zabo - not one to look a gift horse in the mouth - started to flee...but as he did so he glanced back and saw...Captain America...laying on the ground in a crumpled heap. He wasn't changing into Mister Hyde or anything even remotely like that. He just seemed to be...unconscious.

Knowing he might never get another chance like this, Calvin Zabo crept back towards the fallen Captain, noticing as he did that Cap was indeed changing...but in a very different way. Calvin Zabo had never really been certain why his formula had one effect on him as opposed to another. He'd assumed it had something to do with a subjects inner personality or values, but his interest was not so great that he obsessed over it. Instead he simply knew that the formula had a very specific effect on him....and that it's effects on another might be wildly different.
And finally...he had confirmation. Perhaps each person had a different idea of what their own 'Mister Hyde' was. He was a passive man of science and intellect, and his formula transformed him into a hulking, violent brute. And as he gazed down on Captain America...he felt a smile twinging the corners of his mouth. Obviously Captain America's personal concept of his inner 'Hyde' was something that would horrify him...and what frightened the mighty patriot was most amusing.
Cap groaned and muttered to himself, feeling his thoughts turning dark and twisted. The effect on his garments was quite unusual as well. Like Calvin Zabo's clothes when under the effect of his formula, Caps uniform was changing in important ways. Calvin weighed his chances of getting Cap away to be held for ransom...and decided it wasn't going to be worth it. Instead, he needed to replicate this new Hyde formula right away. If he could weaponize it...well, he'd have to have more of his formula ready.
   He glanced back again at the form of Captain America...and chuckled. So THAT'S what Cap thinks 'evil' is, huh? It might be amusing to follow this situation...from a distance, of course.
   "Step aside, Tony." warned Sam Wilson. He and the rest of Steves friends had been trying to get in to see him since he'd...well, been exposed to an 'unknown mutagen'. It wasn't very discriptive, and the vagueness that surrounded all reports of Caps condition was frustrating as hell.
   "Trust me, Sam...this isn't the time to butt in. He's getting the best possible care, that's all I can say."
   "Butt in? He's my best friend! I need to see him!"
   Tony rolled his eyes, then swept his arm wie. "Fine! Be my guest. But I'm warning you...this is a crazy situation. He's not really 'your' Cap any more..."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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