Titans' Tower takes on a new form

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC Growth Female Dom Corruption Transformation Pregnancy
Previous Chapter Batman struggles with Oracle as she tries to seduce him.

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A cloud of green and purple mist surrounded the tall building shaped like a letter 'T' the glass and metal turning into a vine encrusted stone tower, the entrance guarded by living suits of armour armed with spears and various other weapons. Deep inside what was once the living room the four members of the coven smiled as they finished the cosmetic changes to their new home. The room now looked like a pleasure palace with silk blankets and pillows, golden bowls of fruit laid within grasp of every seat while lit torches gave mood lighting to the spacious hall.


“Finally... This is so much better.” Smiled Zatanna as she and the others finished their spell, walking over to the new seating they lounged and enjoyed the new scenery they had created. She and the others had practically abandoned cloths all together, the only thing they wore were jewelry and sheer silk tops and loincloths that looked ready to snap off their burgeoning hips and massive breasts. Their round and heavy wombs were bare and exposed, the magic users flaunting their fertility as their crop of children grew within. Giggling as she felt a jolt of movement Scarlet Witch rubbed the active spot on her belly and snapped her fingers. Beast Boy flew down from the rafter wearing a raged loin cloth around his waist, knew his mistress's command he lifted a bundle of grapes from the golden bowl nearby and started feeding the matronly witch. Beast Boy looked more like a flying monkey then a green skinned young man, now covered in fuzz he fluttered the green feathered wings behind him as his tail curling seeing his mistress moan in delight.


“Where is our sister? Starfire should be here to enjoy this.” Wondered Raven, her four eyes glowing as she watched Scarlet Witch pull back her servant's loin cloth and play with his growing erection. The sounds of heavy wooden doors opened to reveal the gold skinned woman strut into the room with an unconscious Robin in tow. Star had developed rapidly like the others, her hips and ass wiggled with every step of her long legs as her now plump H cup breasts wobbled from her naked chest even after she stopped to stand, her belly had already begun to swell with life. Dropping the young man to the floor Starfire smiled as she looked over to her coven sisters. Raven licked her black lips as she watched her Tamaranian friend lounge on a cushion and began fondling her milk heavy breast, tossing her long red hair back as she licked her stiff nipples. Watching her play with her self Raven fantasized about ravaging her friend, feeling up her expanding curves while sucking on those udders herself and driving her tail into her tight pussy.




Feeling a strange tingling in her back Raven gasped as a long grey tail grew from above her round ass cheeks, black feathered wings began to slowly grow from her back, stretching and fluttering as they grew as long as she was tall. All the while the grey skinned woman bit her lip in pleasure as the changes stopped. Looking up to the others she stood and examined herself, she felt... Complete. Her dark side had fully matured, turning her into a succubus with raven feathers. Looking over to a pleasantly surprised Starfire she giggled before moving up to press against her best friend. Sharing a scorching kiss while feeling up those golden tits she craved seconds ago.


Carol Danvers moaned loudly as she rode the brutish Hulk creature straddled between her muscular legs. The green skinned woman thrashing as she bounced on his lap. After she had joined the green tide the blonde had gone nearly savage, her only thoughts were to smash and fuck anything green and with a cock the size of her arm! Already the fruits of her many sessions were showing on her swollen middle, her pregnant belly jolting with every buck of her wide hips as she whipped her hair back and again.


A shadow loomed over her as she enjoyed her latest lover, looking up she found Wonder Hulk looking down at her with She Hulk and Power Hulk standing behind her. The Queen of the Green Tide gave the former hero a strange look as the two finished, with Carol crawling off to nuzzle against Diana's now flat and muscular abs. “He good fuck Queen, you want next?” Looking up she could barely see her Queen's face over her titanic breasts, her body covered in tribal jewelry and feathers. “Doom, do the same to her as you did us, I need her.”


Confused for a brief second the green skinned gammazon winced as she felt a small fly land behind her neck and sting her. “Ouch... Stupid bu-” Suddenly her eyes shot wide open, her mind swimming with activity as her memories and personality came back with a rush. “Wha... What the fuck is going on here? Oh my God my stomach!” Gasping down at her pregnant belly it all came back to her as the memories of the last few days finally caught up with her, slowly rubbing her expanded womb Carol looked up to see Diana smiling down at her. “Welcome back Miss Marvel, we've got things to do.”


“What's going on? How is it I can think straight again?”


Leaning down as best she could with her own crowded womb, She Hulk explained to the green blonde. “Doom found out that the world's been infected with some kind of breeder virus, we've been screwing and giving birth like baby factories this whole time.” Gasping as she felt a jolt of movement inside her she continued. “He gave us back our minds in exchange that we help him put it all back to normal.

“Are we really going to help him?”


Hearing Wonder Hulk scoff she turned to the tall gammazon as her Queen stared down at her imperiously. “We will aid him in saving our friends but I have no intention of going back to 'normal', even before my wits were robbed from the infection my eyes were finally open, we are the Green Tide sister! We are the most powerful women in the world Marvel Hulk and we shall prove it to the world with our might and our legions of progeny.” Looking over to the exhausted male hulk on the ground Diana's eyes lit up with lust as she looked back at Carol. “And yes... I think I WILL take up your offer with this fine specimen.”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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