She transforms some more

by supersizeme198
Storyline Innocent Corruption
Characters Mary Marvel
Category Corruption F/F Transformation
Previous Chapter Herself, from the future

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As the two left their embrace the younger of the two looked at her older self she was confused by her so called older self. She looked a lot like the way she did as Mary Marvel, she was pleased didn't have any crows feet.

"Well that was new" The younger one said with a pleasant smile. "As much as I liked that but how you are here. Not that I'm complaining" Cupping her new firm breasts each stroke sending new waves of dark pleasure through her.

"Well it all started when the darkness came. No one knows where it came from but there was no stopping it. Inside the rock of eternity the sins broke free and they were glorious" The last statement sent a quiver through her pussy.

"When the darkness took me it was beautiful but when Lust found me and made me her host and it was true ecstasy" As her older self spoke Mary could feel the dark pleasure inside her overwhelming what little resistance she had left.

"But when the world is consumed by darkness it's hard to enjoy the indulgence of sexual pleasure in a world with everyone killing each other" The older Mary took great care in massaging her young pray unsoiled body.

"So I decided to go to the only place that had a supply of pure souls"  holding her younger self's face and licking it slowly. Mary couldn't understand what was happening to her but she didn't care enough to try and stop the matured woman guiding her.

Pushing the younger girl onto the bed she then began to pull down her pants. Looking at the bare pussy of the first prey she had in months licking her lips she began to work her magic. The young Mary let out a gasp of pleasure as her darker self working her tongue in out and around her pussy lips. The pleasure was completely alien to her but she wanted more grabbing her hair she tried to force her head down.

"When did you become so greedy" The older Mary said as she easily overpowered the young girls grip. "But the heart wants what the heart wants"

Pushing her down again the older Mary produced an 18 inch pink strap on. "Now Mary you have to give your permission. The last thing we need is me going to jail"

"Please. Please fuck me. Wreck me. Use me like the cheap slut I am" Mary demanded her older self as the darkness consumed her soul.

The older Mary smiled at her younger self's face twisted in a pure lust. Pulling her legs apart so she could see the dildo stroke her soaking pussy. Teasing the young girls body for several minutes before driving the entire shaft into her prey's cunt. Mary couldn't make a noise as the pleasure of her first penetration overwhelmed her senses. Her older self chuckled at the reaction as she pumped the rode in and out.

"Now Mary I know you like this but I can make it better" Her older self assured her slowing her thrusts slightly. "I can give you a piece of Lusts spirit and you can experience what no human can or will ever experience. But you'll have to do one little thing for me"

"I'll do what ever you want just don't stop fucking me" Mary bearly understand what was demanded of her but she didn't want the bliss to end she wanted more she needed more. Her older self smiled at the look of desperation for more sex on the face of a girl that was once so sweet and innocent. Giving up her kingdom in the baron future was all worth it to see that look again and the future faces that she would see.

"Now little Mary I want you to say a new magic word that will let you become the champion of Lust just like me. Now are you sure you want this?" She said in a mock voice of concern.

"Stop fucking with me and finish fucking me you old withered cunt. Either help me finish or go back to your own time and fuck yourself" Mary yelled at her older doppleganger.

"Okay if that's what you want mt dirty little whore" She said pulling the strap on out before shoving the complete shaft back into the stretch out pussy with enough force to lodge the tip into her womb. The pleasure caused Mary to let out a cry of purest sexual bliss, some where in the cry's was a bearly audible word that brought down a bolt of lightning from the blue.

As the smoke cleared Mary stood up now in her new garb: pink latex thigh high boots with stiletto heels a black latex one piece suit with pink gloves encasing her taloned finger linking to the sleeves, a pink lightning bolt adorning her chest. Her hair had now grown down to the small of her back and now match the lightning bolt's colour and her lips were thick and puffy with the same colour of permanent lipstick.

Her older self looked at her work and felt a great sense of pride at her accomplishment. She had created a being of darkness and sexual depravity and with a firm hand to guide her in the use of her new powers she wold make the world her personnel kingdom.

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