Beast has her own plans for the Cuckoos

by LesLes
Storyline Miss Frost's Finishing School for Gifted Young Ladies
Characters Beast Jean Gray Cyclops Wolverine Stepford Cuckoos X-Men
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[Wow, this one ran away and pursuing my idea means it's only tentatively connected...]

Henrietta "Hettie" McCoy hummed quietly to herself as she soldered the last few components into place. She used the soldering-iron with extreme caution - when one was covered in luxuriant blue fur it paid to take care lest a moment of inattention set one aflame. Hettie was naked, her permanent state since clothes no longer agreed with her furry body.

Her green-haired roommate Abigail Brand slept in a tangle of multi-coloured limbs in her own bed. Hettie had tried to estimate how many individuals were in the bed, but it depended on how many limbs each of the aliens had. She was fairly sure there was an odd number of tentacles at least. Eventually she'd given up trying to figure it out. Abigail would be quite happy to give her a detailed account later, and add a demonstration of any of the positions more physically possible for humanoids too.

After last night's exertions, she expected a bomb could go off under Abigail's bed without waking the half-alien or her playmates. Hettie had been invited to the orgy, of course, but had declined. Instead she'd gone to sleep to the apparently universal sounds of female pleasure and orgasms.

"The ability to delay gratification is what separates us from the animals," she reminded herself, happily tapping the three exercise books beside her. "And, as Alcott said, success is sweet and sweeter if long delayed."

With a contented sigh Hettie closed the completed device. One of the myriad of scientific apparatus on her desk gave a soft double beep and in a sudden flurry of urgency Hettie adjusted the settings on her new toy.

The door was thrown open and a tro of blonde girls marched imperiously in, their backs straight and their noses slightly turned up in a suggestion of contempt barely kept in check. Each girl was blonde and statuesque for a teenager. They wore black mary-janes, and white pure white cotton socks that stretched up to their knees. Their long blonde hair hung down just past the hems of their mini-skirts. Each pleat of the checked skirt was immaculately ironed, razor straight. Their tailored white blouses were tight and flattered their curves. Each was unbuttoned to reveal the tops of expensive designer push-up bras that gave them generous cleavage. Into the canyon of their breasts descended a thin tie which emerged again from the buttons below the swell of their busts.

And each girl was identical to the other.

"Welcome to my room, beautiful Cuckoos, which you have magnificently transformed into a triptych dedicated to angelic beauty."

Hettie stood from her desk, gesturing expansively to emphasise her words. Hettie could feel the Cuckoo's brush her mind, plucking the full meaning and implication of what she had said from her surface thoughts.

"Shut up, Beast," sneered Phoebe. "And give us our homework," finished Irma just as contemptuously. The two who had spoken strutted further into the room, leaving their sister Celeste silent at the door.

Beast. Hettie McCoy was forced once again to muse upon the many meanings that one simple word could convey. Whispered into her ear as a lover stroked the thin fur of her breasts, trying to rouse her inner animal for another round of sex, it was so sweet. And yet, said like that by the Cuckoos, it was so cutting and brutal.

Hettie's breasts were as full, her waist as slim, her hips as wide and her legs as eager to open as any other girl at the school. If you fingered her, did she not cum? And yet to some she was an animal. A beast. Beast.

"We have no time." "For your self-pity." "Or your fantasies."

Beast allowed herself to blush. She'd been double-thinking; one of the basic techniques Headmistress Frost taught to defend against telepaths. Her surface thoughts were of a student eager to help her classmates with their assignments. For example, doing all the work for them. But underneath those thoughts were all the fantasies about how the sexy schoolgirls might choose to thank her.

"Give us the notebooks." "We don't want to go." "Any further into." "Your nest."

The two Cuckoos advance stopped in the middle of the room. The timer on Beast's latest invention beeped and Phoebe and Irma fell to their knees on the ground, mewling and holding their heads. A perfect prediction based on the repeated observation of past behaviour.

"What you do me-we?" demanded Celeste in alarm.

Celeste, the Cuckoo you went to if you had a favour to ask. The nice one. The Three-in-One shared a mind, but each retained their own individual mind and flavoured the Three. Beast knew lots of girls wished that Celeste was the strongest of the trio, but she'd never been so sure.

"Ah, my dear Celeste, it will be hard for you to understand but I have interfered with the minds of you and your sisters. Not with telepathy but with science. Their higher mental functions, the capacity to reason have been switched off. You, at a slightly greater distance are largely unaffected."

"Me feel stupid," Celeste interrupted, a look of almost comical concentration on her face. On the carpeted floor her sisters had risen to their hands and knees, heads scanning the room suspiciously. Their blank eyes constantly darting back to check that Beast had not moved.

"As I said you are largely unaffected, though not entirely, but two of the Three-in-One have been rendered pre-Neolithic in outlook. Your minds are so entangled that your own intelligence has been greatly diminished."

"I can hurt you."

"Congratulations, I assume your improved command of grammar indicates you have reduced your psychic connection to your sisters, yes? Now you are merely a little simple. However, your powers should be yours to command and you will know that I have established some safeguards. But, alas, your wits were acting as a restraint upon Phoebe and Irma--"

On the floor between Celeste and Hettie, Phoebe and Irma had turned to face each other. As Beast had talked they sniffed at each faces, before crawling along each other flanks. But a carelessly placed knee caught a hand upon the ground and with a yelp of pain Irma leapt back. Then with a snarl and hands outstretched like claws she launched herself at her enemy, her sister.

"Oh, my stars and garters. The three 'F's: fight, flight or freeze. It seems they've chosen the sexiest option."

"No, no, no," Celeste mumbled to herself. On the carpet with growls and snarls the two haughty schoolgirls were locked in a catfight. They tore at each others clothes, the seams of expensive white blouses tearing noisily. The girls struggle slowed as Celeste diluted her mind into the more animalistic Three-in-One, their fight becoming a mix between wrestling and stripping one another. The Irma and Phoebe's mouths found one another and they were rolling on the floor, kissing one another and pawing ineffectually at their tattered clothes.

Her own intellect impaired again Celeste tore at her own blouse, as if in a catfight with herself. The buttons tore away opening the blouse completely, but leaving it far more intact than that of her sisters.

"The fourth 'F'. Fuck."

"Beast, me wet," Celeste moaned.

"And here the lesson ends. Weaken the connection again and think. Ask me to stop and I'll switch the damper off and you can lick your wounds and plan how you'll punish me."

"I... I could."

"Hesitation? You've been reading my mind, you naughty girl. Control of the Three-in-One is yours if you want it." On the floor Phoebe and Irma were still kissing, but their legs were in motion and their backs arching. They couldn't figure out how to take off their panties, or even reason their way into pushing fingers under the edges, but they could still rub their hungry pussies and unhooded clits against one another through the material. "You know their fantasies. Control freaks like them, they want this."

"Oh, Beast, I do. They do. We do."

Celeste wasn't thinking clearly but she was horny and Beast was giving her the chance to fulfil all the Cuckoos most secret fantasies of submission to a pathetic flatscan. Even through the dulled connection her pussy was desparate for attention, the Three-in-One aroused and ready for sex.

"Fuck us."

"Want you pussy."

"Make cunt happy."

Celeste spoke but so too did Phoebe and Irma. Deep instinct or last flickers of intelligence, somehow they made it clear they wanted Hettie. Wanted the Beast.

Celeste looked into Hettie's mind. The fantasy to place them in was there, right on the surface. Celeste concentrated and took control of the perceptions of Beast and her wild sisters. The dormroom turned into a verdant jungle of tall trees and hanging vines. Beast's bed was a flat rock covered with deep deep moss. All around them came the sound of jungle birds and distant animals.

Satisfied Beast adjusted the mind-damper. It would take all of Celeste's concentration to maintain an illusion of this quality, and Hettie would have more fun with slightly smarter playmates. Phoebe and Irma stood for the first time since the device was activated.

"Phoebe great warrior. Many hunts."

Phoebe's blonde hair was a wild mess of long locks that fell down to her shapely ass. Gone was the immaculately coiffered and sophisticated tribute to fashion. But then gone too was her smug superiority and air of impeturbable control, now the blonde's nostrils flared as she sniffed the air and her eyes burned with a savage vigour.

Phoebe's full breasts were draped with ragged-cut leopard skin hung from her neck, tied together at the front. Without a back strap it simply hung in place, the ends hanging straight down from the curve of her tits. A string decorated with sharp bones was tied from her waist hung two long thin loincloths, one in front and one behind.

"Irma know all leaves. All branches."

Irma's long hair was as unkempt and wild as her sister's. Her crude bikini was made from yellow-and-black snakeskin. Hettie recognised it as a deadly sea-snake, hydrophis belcheri if she wasn't mistaken. More precisely it was made from at least two snakes, as was evident from the fangs in the small bleached skulls that produded from the small triangles of cut skin that cupped her ample boobs. Together the fangs interlocked to form the straining front clasp of her bikini top, with strong vines forming shoulder and back straps. Conforming perfectly to the curve of pert breasts it was impossible to miss the way Irma's stiff nipples poked out. Nor was her pussy any more ambiguous, thighs glistening with desire either side of her tiny snakeskin g-string.

"Excellent work, Celeste."

"Me no know-- I don't know how much longer I can restrain them. Want fuck."

Unable to restrain herself any longer, Celeste's hands pulled down her panties to her knees and the top of her white socks. Already wet from the sensations her sisters had shared with her, her finger slipped easily into her snatch.

"Then release them. I assure you I can take care of them for you."

Phoebe and Irma lept forward, and for a moment Beast worried she'd made a mistake. The proud schoolgirls had been transformed into savages. And savage they were as Phoebe kissed Hettie with an intensity that made Beast afraid she would blackout. Phoebe's hands were on her breasts, deceptively gentle as they fondled and learned. Below Irma knelt between her sister's legs, tangled briefly in leopard-skin loincloth until she pushed fingers into Phoebe's bare pussy and pulled her sister back half-a-step. Still incestuously pumping fingers into tight teenage cunt her mouth found Beast's cunt and pushed her tongue in.

The Cuckoos' bodies had forgotten nothing, and controlled completely by instinct they were savage perfection. Within minutes Beast had come in Irma's mouth with probably the most intense orgasm since she had mutated. Legs weak and shaking she broke the kiss with Phoebe and watched as Irma's fingers sent her sister into a chest-thumping orgasm. The image of breasts bouncing like that beneath barely concealing leopard-skin would be something she'd never forget.

The Cuckoos were insatiable, no thought given to the possibilty of exhaustion, alive with feral energy. As Phoebe and Irma sucked her tits, licking their way to briefly exchanged kisses, two fingers entwined and rocking Beast against her desk as they pistoned in and out of her blue-furred pissy, Beast realised she needed to apply superior intellect and technology again.

From the desk drawer she drew a strap-on, thick plastic dildo protruding lewdly from a black leather harness. Irma was the first to notice it from the corner of her eye as she nibbled a hard nipple. She forgot the tit immediately and stood, her eyes wide in wonder.

"Shiny. Want. Pussy Want."

Irma pulled her sister off Beast, and the two watched in superstitious awe as Beast strapped herself in, carefully positioning the nub at the end of the dildo against her clit. Satisfied, Beast indicated that Phobe should lie on the floor and, puzzled, she did so. With her foot she pushed the blonde's loincloth aside, Phoebe moaning with simple-minded frustration when toes failed to rub at her cunt and clit. Then Beast pulled Irma down to the end of the other girl's legs and, standing behind her, turned her round and bent her over.

Then with a grunt Beast slammed the thick dildo into Irma's hot wet snatch.

Irma cried out in surprise and pleasure, the wondeful miracle stretching her beyond belied till it hurt a little, but she was a slave to her instincts and they cried out for her to drive it deeper. With all her strength she pushed herself down the slick shaft, pussy muscles throbbing wildly, till her ass bounced against Beast's thighs. To steady herself she grabbed her sister's legs and as the dildo slid out she felt so empty.

Empty like Phoebe's pussy. Irma understood what the think-slut wanted, and shimmied forward to begin licking her sister's pussy. Phoebe moaned in pleasure, playing with her titties as Beast watched and pounded her sister's tight cunt.

Suddenly Celeste's voice sounded through the illusion, moaning with pleasure as she felt the dildo as if it were in her own cunt.

"Phoebe likes it in the ass. She won't admit it. Thinks it makes her looks weak, common."

This barbaric Phoebe didn't understand let alone care about her dignity. Nor did her primitive brain understand most of her sister Celeste's words, but their minds were still joined and she understood the images carried with the words perfectly. Phoebe wiggled free of Irma's furiously licking tongue and getting to her hands and knees turned to present her ass to Beast. She growled angrily as the loincloth hanging from her ass briefly blocked her hands, but quickly tossed it aside. Her shaved pussy was exposed, soaked with her own cum and Irma's slobber.

Phoebe's hand scooped liquid from her cunt and smeared it over her asshole. Beast pushed Irma off the dildo which left her cunt with a wet slurping noise. Phoebe covered her finger with more cum and saliva and then slowly pushed a finger into her ass, grunting bestially as she did so. On her hands and knees she crawled backward until she could rub her ass up and down the strap-on.

"Fuck ass. Fuck Phoebe ass," she mewled.

Hettie gripped Phoebe's hips and slowly positioned the dildo. With an animal growl of her own the Beast pushed the strap-on into Phoebe's lubed asshole.

Beast exulted but there was more she wanted and Celeste heard her. Just for a moment the telepathic illusion fell away and reality was revealed. For this glorious moment the Three-in-One, the queen bees, were Hettie's sextoys. Irma and Phoebe Cuckoo in the tattered remnants of their school uniforms almost mindlessly fucking Beast, the girl they'd tormented, their sister Celeste conspiring against them as she masturbated uncontrollably.

Life could be good for geniuses.

* * *

The Cuckoos played with Summer's breasts, teasing her with licks and caresses but nothing more. The girls were all naked and ready in the shack in the woods. Summer burned with desire tempered by worry. There was only so long she could stay here, with Jean expecting her return, and the Cuckoos knew it. They were drawing it out to drive her wild and show their power.

Then Summer saw Hettie McCoy curled up apparently sleeping in the corner.

"What's she doing here?" she demanded in alarm.

"Being the perfect alibi."

"If Jean" "Suspects" "Point her at" "Trustworthy Hettie's" "Mind!"

Pleased with themselves the Three-in-One relented and mouths descended simultaneously on Summer's nipples and clit.

~Trapped in a telepathic prison constructed of her own fantasies.~

For an instant the Cuckoos shared what was happening in Beast's imagination. Summer wondered whether they meant to share their sexual enjoyment too. She was certainly trying to conceal her disappointment that she wasn't the only person fucking the gorgeous trio.

"It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver. Machiavelli," Celeste spoke from her position between Summer's legs but Summer understood it was a message from the Three-in-One.

Celeste emphasised the Cuckoo's message with a mocking back-kick into Beast's stomach fur, but just for a moment it was an image of the headmistress's favourite Kitty Pryde that occupied Summer's mind. Had that image come from the Cuckoos?

Then the attentions of three of the most experienced, beautiful and promiscuous students prevented Summer from thinking of anything apart from her pleasure and the coming orgasm.

* * *

Jean's cry of surprise at finding Jamie in her shower turned quickly into a moan of pleasure as the short Canadian girl grabbed her pale soapy tits. With Jean's head thrown back, Jamie's mouth only reached to the red-head's neck but she was already covering the exposed skin with nibbling kisses.

"Jamie, she's on her way."

Jean tried to find the strength to push Jamie away, but instead her arms wrapped around the smaller girl and she pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Mmmm, all this water, I'm afraid of drowning in your tits."

Jean laughed and extended her consciousness to telepathically find Summer. Her girlfriend was nursing a sore ankle. At least twenty minutes a way. For a moment the sense of Summer wavered and she thought she heard exotic birds and the sensation of fur on her sex-crazed body, then it was gone.

"All right, Jamie, but you know the rules. Nothing in my vagina. No matter how wet the shower or you makes my pussy."

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