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by supersizeme198
Storyline Wonder Woman: Reign of the Rubber Queen
Characters Poison Ivy Wonder Woman
Category Corruption F/F Female Dom Change of clothes Mind Control
Previous Chapter The Rubber Queen spots Ivy as well

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Harley had been missing for three days, the only clue Pam had to go on after she went through her other sources was a business card for this fetish club "The Rubber Kingdom".

Sneaking in wasn't the problem the problem was not getting caught, since getting in through the back entrance she had to hide from two guys unloading a truck, a messy drunk that a stumbled into the back and a set of triplets that had just got off their shift, they smelled of rubber and sex, she could only imagine what they did at this club.

But with every narrow miss she made her way deeper into the building. Surprised by a nearby door opening she dived into a nearby office, looking through the door she saw a young woman with platinum blonde hair, wearing an assortment of latex clothing and a tall athletic woman with black hair in casual clothing and looked like she had been slipped something.

The black haired one started to stumble down the corridor but was stopped by the blonde.

"No Diana that's the way to the play room, we need to go to the changing room. We'll go down there later if your good hot stuff." The blonde vixen purred to the amazon and nibbled on her ear. The action sent a shiver of delight through the raven haired beauty, as she was guided to her proper destination.

When the two vanished around the bend Pam stepped out of her hiding place and went down the corridor in the direction of the "play room". Going down a flight of stairs she found a series of doors each one numbered. She smiled to herself believing she had found her objective trying the doors she was disappoint that most of them were locked, but her mood changed when she discovered that the third room was unlocked.

Pamela couldn't believe what she had found. Inside the room was a giant fish tank that looked like it was originally designed as a swimming pool. But what was truly bizarre was the large black rubber balls that filled the pool. The sight truly bewildered her as she pondered what they were she noticed that each ball had a number on it.

Looking around the room she found a cabinet with a deflated ball with tubes connected to a pair of double dildo panties and a hood with similar tubes to a large penis gag. Repulsed by her finding she tossed them aside a kept looking until she found a clip board. It contained a feeding and cleaning schedule for a number of women and showed their progress in their training.

Realising what she had discovered she re-examined the hood, on the inside there was a head band built into it that she recognised as Tetch's handy work. Before she could make a run for it she felt a blunt object strike her from behind, as she began to lose consciousness she looked up and saw the three women that left earlier with hungry smiles.


Diana hadn't felt quite like this before, the closest was back on Themyscira when Artemis had got her drunk and tricked her into taking a bath in a water fountain. She hate the experience but looking back on it, it was so fun in a dirty, naughty sexy kind of way. Maybe she could do it again by "accident" when she went home on her next visit.

Haley smiled lustfully as she guided the spaced out heroine towards her final destination.

"Hear we are sleepy head" Haley said in a sing song voice.

The changing room looked more like a beauty parlour, each make up table with large mirrors with built in lights and a large selection of lipsticks, eye shadows and other beauty products. Over in the far corner of the room there was a door with the word Costumes on it.

"Here" Haley said as she passed her a thick catalogue with Costumes Available on the cover. As Diana sat leafing through the catalogue and looked at the wide variety of outfits and articles of clothing. Haley fished through her bag for her staff key.

"Hah Di" Haley called over snapping Diana out of her fantasy of being a latex nurse giving Haley a gynaecology exam.

"Care for a cherry blaster. I'm a bit of an amateur bar tender, it's mostly vodka and powdered glass cherries but there is nothing quite like it." Haley smiled hungrily at the tipsy woman.

Drinking the contents of the flask with great vigour, the warm feeling that she had when she had her wine in the club but it was more powerful like she was being electrocuted while this was all happening. Coming down from her buzz, she continued to leaf through the catalogue.

"What's this?" Diana asked with a mix of shock and arousal.

"Oh! Nice choice." Haley said leaning over taking care to rub her breasts against her head. The picture was of a woman wearing a black latex cat suit with red opera glove and seven inch high heel boots. But what caught Diana's eye was the corset and tiara witch was a red and black parody of her Wonder woman costume, the tiara was a silver version of hers but instead of a star there was a spiked collar like the one Haley wore.

"A lot of people have Super-hero fetishes so we make are own and put on a show. That's lady Latex the doppelganger of Wonder Woman from another world." Haley said slowly running her hands up and down the trembling body of the excited Heroine.

"You know you could be her if you wanted to?"


The Rubber Queen watched the event unfold before her on the monitors. All the people on the dance floor the people in the intelligence agencies that thought they could learn her secrets and the heroes and villains that thought that they could drag her down.

All of them were the same they all wore false faces, they lived their little lives in their little homes and their little jobs, but deep down inside they were all the same. She knew this to well because she used to be them.

She was born and raised to a devoted Christian family and lived a quiet life. She was part of a prayer group did charity work, got perfect grades had lots and friends a perfect little life for a perfect little girl. When she went to collage to study psychology she said good by to them all the hardest was saying goodbye to Sandra, her best and oldest friend.

Shortly after she graduated Sandra called her up and wanted to get back together. She jumped at the chance to see her again, she drove out to her house with an overnight bag and hopes to rekindle an old friendship. After a nice dinner she went to bed she awoke on an x-frame with a latex clad demon staring at her with eyes filled with lust.

The days that followed, days were filled with sexual torture whipping, breath play, hot wax, forced defecation and every carnal sin imaginable. "I do this because I love you" those worlds were all her tormentor said during the ordeal on the sixth day she was finally able to escape her bonds, and learned her capture was the woman that she considered her sister,

That was the day she learned the truth of humankind and she decide to share it with the entire world, that they were all just toys to be played with by the strong, and there was none stronger than her.


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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