Of Rockets, sex, and moonshine

by hairyballs
Storyline Redneck Hillbilly Superman
Characters Superboy Superman Supergirl Clark Kent Johnathon Kent Martha Kent Lara Jor-El Lois Lane
Category M/M Incest Masturbation M/F pregnancy Corruption Rape DC
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On a sweltering July afternoon deep in the hill country of the Tennessee/Alabama border, nineteen-year-old Johnny Kent had his fifteen-inch uncut tool buried deep in his twin sister Martha-Mae's ass, as the pair lay beside their moonshine still.  Johnny, a 6' 8" blond with a thick pelt of coarse golden hair carpetting his massively muscled 60" chest and deep-cut 8-pack, was plunging his cock vigourously into Martha-Mae's tight hole as he wrapped his brawny, furry arms around her heavily-pregnant belly, fingering her dripping cunt and pulling her generous buttocks into his rock-solid abdomen.

Their twin brothers, 18-year-old Luthor and Lex, their trunk-like legs well-spread, and Lex's hairy, musculer butt pressed firmly against a nearby tree, were stroking their baseball-bat-sized 16 inchers while Luthor, burrowed his left hand into the mat of chestnut curls covering his twin's mighty pectorals,  twisting his 2" nipples.  Lex was just beginning to drop to his knees to drive his long muscular tongue into his twin's ass when, hearing a loud buzzing, he looked up to see a rocket skim lightly over Johnny's heaving ass and bury it self  in the lush growth of the nearby  marijuana field. Almost simultaneous with the rocket's crash, all three men and their sister began to cum copiously and unrestrainedly. After a good five minutes of spewing quarts of thick white cum over their sibling's exhausted naked bodies, Luthor and Lex collapsed on top of them and the quartet lapsed into a well-earned slumber.

The cooling sweat on their naked bodies roused them as the sun began to slide down the blue bowl of the sky towards the tree-tops.  "Whut the fuuck is thayet? shouted Johnny, as he yanked Lex to his feet by his flaccid sausage,  "Thet thar's mah prime weed that fucker has destroyed!  Ah'm goin ta kill the bastard whut dropped it here if'n ah kin catch 'im"

Their still-dripping cocks penduluming between the hairy sacks containing their massive balls and their knees, the brothers bounded over the still-comatose Luthor and Martha-Mae and began to pry open the hatch on the  missile.  It soon popped open and fell back against the hull with a clang.  Both brother's jaws dropped, unveiling their toothless gums, as a naked, filthy,but astonishingly well-developed eighteen-year-old  man rose unsteadily to his feet from a tattered nest of dirty red, blue and yellow blankets, and, releasing his own erect uncut 10" cock, reached over and grabbed the blond and brown pubic bushes of the stupified hillbillies. Then, releasing the tight curls of their pubes, the young man wrapped his hands tightly around the hillbillies' dicks and began to pull them towards his open, wet mouth.  Johnny and Lex, never ones to reject a blow-job, found their rods rapidly stiffening as the man ran his tongue over first Johnny's sausage, drilling the tip under the foreskin and around the pee-slit, then switching to Lex's 16-incher and laving it from tip all the way down to the eighteen-year-old's heavy balls in their furry scrotum.

The stranger was, of course, Kal-El the orphaned son of Jor-El and Lara, the most celebrated porn stars on the now vanished planet Krypton.  Kal-El had inherited his father's blue-black hair, peircing blue eyes and porn star genitals and with a sex drive to match.  Having spent some eighteen years cooped up in the spaceship with only his cock to amuse him, and since any continuously exercised muscle will naturally develop to potential massiveness, his already-large fuck-pole had grown exponentially. 

Five minuts later the aroused groans and heavy breathing of their brothers awoke Luthor and Martha-Mae.  Their alcohol and grass destroyed brains muzzily took in the vision of  two massively-muscled mountain men being blown and ass-fucked by a dark hairy stranger (for Kal-El now had his own steel-hard manmeat firmly impaled in Lex's happily willing ass, as Johnny face-fucked the  alien).  Grabbing his sister, Luthor rammed his own staff  into her still-dripping pussy and, leaning over his twin's humping body, took his mammoth tool into his throat.  Seconds later the surrounding hills echoed to the joyous frenzied shouts of the orgasming quintet.

"Whah, this pore feller mus' be thirsty," exclaimed, Martha-Mae, and she handed Kal-El a quart bottle of best 'shine.  The alien sucked the bottle dry, belched, farted and passed out.  "Pore fucker" Martha-Mae said, "Ah'm wonder whut his nayum is, yew boys, clean up thet pile o' junk in the field, then c'mon home fur dinner. Bring big dick with yew when he wakes up."   She left her dumfounded brothers scratching their balls as the cum still drooling from their softened cocks began to dry on their sweaty bodies.

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