Something went wrong in the process, she was turned evil but only pretending to be subservient and plans to take over.

by Regret
Storyline Realities Collide
Characters Chun Li
Category Masturbation
Previous Chapter The new dolls

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Over the next few weeks the Kingpin tested his new servant's abilities, sending her out to assassinate rivals rough up politicians to ensure their cooperation,and steal priceless valuables. With her skills as both a fighter and Interpol agent she had been successful everytime.With her unstoppable crime spree and  unquestioning loyalty it wasn't long before she was his favorite and most trusted agent. Everything was going according to plan.

"Very good Chun Li" Kingpin smiled as she handed over the prize from another heist.

"Will there be anything else master?" Chun Li asked vacantly.

"No, that's all for the night." Kingpin answered. 

Chun Li bowed and walked to her quarters a small room furnished only with a bed. The door closed behind her and her soulless gaze turned to a wicked smile. She didn't what went wrong but after Bison's mindcontrol machine was finished she was changed, just not the way the Kingpin wanted though. She laid back on her bed still grinning. She should be a slave but she wasn't, she should be sickened by herself for all the evil she had been committing in his name but instead she fond she enjoyed it.

"It's not a bad plan." Chun Li said thinking outloud. "Abduct strong young sexy women and bend them to your will, but not for that fool, I want the wealth I want the power. I want control." She said greedily, while she pulled out a set of keycards she had lifted off his incompetent guards. "And thanks to these I'll have it.". She learned the clockwork like schedule that happened around the base in a few minutes the guards will change shifts and she'll make her move. She pressed her ear to the door and heard booted footsteps march past her. She opened the door and grabbed the guard pulling him inside, she snapped his neck and left him. She snuck up on and eliminated the other guards making a path for the camera room. As she had expected the current guard and the one sent to relieve him were chatting as they usally did their back to the monitors. She charged in and released a Kikoken, the energy blast fried the guards flinging their singed bodies against the wall. With them taken care off she was ready to make her escape. In the tech lab she commenedered a few gadgets and planted a bomb on the dimesional device. She set the timer for 5 minutes and took her real goal Bison's indoctrination machine to the hanger. The bomb exploded sending the fortress into a panic giving her the distraction needed to steal a ship and leave. She found an derelict warehouse in an abandoned harbor and used it as a hanger and base.

After setting up the equipment she looked through a laptop she had stolen as well it was filled with information on superheroes of the world. She licked her lips lustfully flipping through the images, there were so many canadiates to abduct she could hardly think which to go after first. She grabbed her tits caressing them through the tight bodysuit. She imagined this she hulk she read about the powerful green titan now on her knees eating her out. She unzipped the bodysuit shedding it so she could better pleasure herself. She imagine the thief and heroine black cat collared and rubbing against her like her namesake. Chun Li plunged her fingers inside her pussy masturbating as the thoughts continued to fill her mind. after a powerful orgasm she laid back on the cold floor of the building looking around her. It was a dark run down place but soon it would be filled with riches and harem of heroines all to please her.

Meanwhile a spy in Kingpin's ranks used the explosion to escape although the indoctrination machine was missing he was able to steal the schematics for it. He contacted his leader and transfered the files to him. Dr Doom smiled underneath his mask once he realized what his spy had obtained for him.

With the dimensional machine destroyed odd fluctuations happened throughout the multiverse grabbing random individuals and sending them to the universe that was the source of the problem.

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Busty Invaders from Mars sounds like a great storyline to me. I've only seen the first few minutes of it but it looks pretty fun.
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In the manner of 1950's B movies.Save for sex scenes, all in black and white.
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Sexy Pornstars like Lisa Ann as aliens who conquer Earth with boob powers and mind blowing sex which turns men into their zombie slaves
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Note that in my version of Proxy Conquerers, for the first chapter, the chosen proxy will wake up unaware of the changes, still remembering the old world.
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