Lauren meets the symbiote

by iluvvenom
Storyline Lauren Rise to Power
Characters Venom symbiote
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Lauren Celine was about to go to sleep. She was in eleventh grade, in high

school. Her chest was pretty flat, but her body was nice and slim. Her
jet black hair and cat-like hazel eyes were normally stunning, but
not today. "Oh no, Bahr is going to steal all my friends from me!" she
wept as she got into bed. She liked to sleep in her underwear, this
time being a black bra and black panties. In her closet, something
stirred. A blob of something came out. It was all black. It was
She-Venom symbiote. It crept up the bed and slowly moved towards
Lauren. It intwined itself with Lauren's bare leg, but Lauren barely
felt it. As it started to move up to her pussy, she then began to feel
a warm sensation spreading up her leg. she looked down and saw a dark
bluish liquid moving up her body! The substance covered her panty, and
some went inside her pussy. She let out a fairly loud moan that almost
certainly got the neighbors attention because of how insanely good it
felt. Then, a stretching noise. Lauren's panty stretched, bulged, and
ripped, and she was looking at a fairly large cock covered in the
symbiote. She nearly screamed but stared at it. It was beautiful, it
was probably only 6 inches, but not bad for a start. And it was hers.
But she still willed for it to go away, and it did. She pondered...
hmm... form, cock! As soon as Lauren willed for a cock, the six inch
came back. As the tendrils made their way up her body, they paid no
heed again to her underclothes, and absorbed and merged with her
panties. She felt a few of them stick to her ass, slowly making their
way into her crack. It felt insanely good, and she moaned again. It
was a good thing her parents were out, but her older sister was coming
home soon. Still lying face-up on her bed, she willed the cock back,
and it came. She grabbed it, and started to jerk up and down. So this
is what it feels like to jack off for boys, Lauren thought. She kept
on masturbating with her unnatural inhuman cock until cum started
flowing out. Green cum spilled from the tip of the cock, and drenched
Lauren's stomach in it. Lauren laughed in delight. The symbiote was
traveling up her stomach now, taking the cum with it. "Oh no!" Lauren
said in mock horror and wiped the cum onto her hand. She then licked
all the green cum off her hand, and swallowed. No later than she did
that, she felt a gurgling noise. She looked down, and saw the symbiote
cover her boobs. But - her boobs were bigger! Not model size, but now
noticeable. She saw a motif appear on her chest - She-venom's motif!
She quickly got up to go to the bathroom, just as the substance
entwined around her neck. She watched in perverse horror as it began
entwining about her fingers, and finally puts her whole right arm in
its substance. It felt as if by coating her arm, she had become imbued
with a great strength. Looking in the mirror she saw her head
completely bound to the mask to the point she wasn't human anymore in
appearence or design. The mask looked just like from the comics!"I
have to get this off" she said with a monstrous voice. She looked down
and noticed her new face is leaking green slime all over the place,
and the sides of the mouth have spittle on them. She grabbed at the
mask, trying to remove it, and she herself felt physical pain; as if
she were trying to remove her own skin. A humongous tongue flew out of
her mouth... but it was hers to control."Wha... what are you?" she
asked a moment after she was entirely encased in the costume, not
expecting the kind of answer she got. "We are one" answered a strange
voice inside her mind. "We? Who's we? And who... what are you?" she
asked back semi startled as she looked around through the costumes
eyes for where the voice was coming from. "You who are wearing me are
my host" answered the voice in her mind. "I see..." said Lauren, as
she tugged on a bit of the elastic-like costume on her chest. It
immediately slapped back down on her breasts but they didn't jiggle
thanks to how skintight the costume was on her.She bent over at her
computer and noticed that the costume felt extremely comfortable and
good to move in naked like she was wearing it. She began to read a bit
more into the costume from the comics' history. Apparently Spiderman
had gotten his alien costume off a planet during a "secret war" and
didn't know it was alive. Later, when he found it was a living being
and linked with him, he was shocked to the point he wanted nothing to
do with it, going as far as to risk his own life to kill it, even
though it meant him no harm and was being true to its nature. It later
bonded with a human who hated him, thinking it was a good idea since
Spiderman showed hate towards it. She continued to read and made notes
of all the costumes weaknesses, which are primarily fire and loud
noise. She also made note of all the costumes powers; super strength,
web shooting, bulletproof, ability to stick to walls, etc. Of
particular note to Lauren was the ability to disguise its host in
whatever form or clothing he or she would choose. She read the entire
entry and feels pretty sure that what she was wearing was the alien
symbiote costume that Spiderman/Venom once wore in the books. 
Suddenly, Lauren heard the front door slam shut. Her older sister was
home. "Lauren? Where are you, girl?" Caitlin was her sister's
name. She was a senior in high school, and was more hotter than
Lauren was and never let her forget it. Caitlin actually had a
noticeable chest, and was taller than five foot ten, so she could
easily look into the eyes of any normal guy. Lauren always had people
come up to her and say, "damn, your sister's got a pretty nice ass."
Never Lauren. Always Caitlin. As Lauren thought about all this, the
symbiote seemed to push thoughts into her head. "We can absorb her. We
can become sexier," the symbiote said to her.

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