Back with Reed and Roberta

by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Fantastic Four Iron Man X-Men
Category Marvel Mind Control
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Reed Richards worked diligently at his latest innovation, the Cosmetron Ring.  This device was uniquely keyed to Ben Grimm’s mind and genetics and made use of both the Power Cosmic and Gamma reactor held in the multi-dimensional Tesseract jewel of the ring itself.  Through the device, Ben could assume any form he previously had from human to the most powerful, and unfortunately hideous, Thing form at will.  The metal was from the Microverse and, just as Hank Pym could gain or lose mass through Pym Particles, the ring could do the same to always remain a snug fit to Ben’s finger.


It was so simple now, he wondered why he had never thought of it before, but as Roberta undid his zipper as part of her victory treat, this too became obvious to the brilliant scientist.  Before his life with Roberta there were always so many distractions… Disasters, space invasions, world crushing villains, and of course a jealous wife demanding attention all taxed even his incredible mind past the point where he could complete this now simple task.  Of course, since her upgrade, Roberta herself was no longer simply a gifted lab assistant, but now was his worthy partner in science as well as life; a partner that added as much as he and also knew when to take a break to allow an expression of their burning passions to clear their unparalleled minds for the next step of difficult explorations.  In a few hours with Roberta in the lab, Reed was able to accomplish what use to take days at a time and with this greater productivity he was able to be the father, husband, and educator he always wanted to be.


Reed moaned in unbridled pleasure as Roberta looked up with impish eyes while she gave them another magnificent blow job. The words of his last thought rolled about his mind as his lover ladled pleasure after mind blowing pleasure on his rigid cock.  He was now the HUSBAND he always wanted to be.  No, Susan was gone and living her own life now that the divorce was underway.  But his beloved Roberta; she was his partner, his lover, his center, his world now.  She was far more his wife than any legal document or ritualistic ceremony could capture; in every way but by law, she was his WIFE!


Roberta could feel every thought and emotion of her mate.  Since they started sleeping together her rapport with her mate had grown to an unbreakable connection of souls.  She wasn’t controlling him, she could just feel every pulse of his heart and soul like her own firmware and on a subconscious level he was aware of her emotional states as well.  She smiled wickedly as she took his dick out of her mouth with a loud wet pop. Reed barely had time to look into his lovers delighted eyes as she settled her warm wet snatch onto his long hard cock.  She took a deep erotic breath as she began to pump and gyrate her pussy up and down his shaft.  Reed was in nirvana but, truth be told, she was enjoying this even more.  She knew her emotional connection to her mate was already stronger than the one he *had* with Susan and it wouldn’t be long after the divorce was finalized before Reed would marry her legally, but there was one thing that Susan had given him that was the ultimate binding between a couple.  She had given him children.  Even though Roberta now thought of Franklin and Valeria as her own children, the fact that they still had visitation with that slutty whore was a constant reminder that they were the fruit of Susan’s womb, but now the beautiful android would do something about that.


Reeds dick swelled slightly and began to spasm as it built to the inevitable conclusion to their love making. The gorgeous AI screamed “Ohhh GAWD…YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” as the creamy fruit of her lover’s testicles coated her perfect womb.  She could feel the tiny swimmers in the hot sticky fluid zealously depart on their primal race for procreation; a race that will, this day, have a most worthy prize.  Perfectly balanced to be compatible with Mr. Fantastic’s sperm and constructed of the genetics of Jean Grey, Wanda Maximoff, Carol Danvers, Namorita, Laura Kinney, Emma Frost, Sersi, Moondragon, and even Susan herself; Roberta’s artificial zygote waited for the sweet embrace of Reed’s fertile seed.  It was the perfect combination to give their child power rivaling even her own.  With the unconditional love of the two perfect parents as well as her wonderful step children, this child of hers would be perfect as well. As the winner of the frantic race completed its task, Roberta kissed her man long and hard.  She was now what no one could have predicted; the first pregnant android the world had ever seen. By the time the divorce was final, she would be showing with her first child and Reed would not wait a second longer than necessary to make her an ‘honest woman’.  




The first couple weeks at Star Company had been phenomenal! Braun was putting out great porn at the rate of the more prolific small companies put out their cheap crap. Two of his best flicks even got the attention of Hollywood studios!  It felt good to be master of his own destiny and he thanked God he ran into Tonian Starkingson when he did as with Braun’s vision and Starkingson’s resources there was very little that the producer couldn’t accomplish.


As Braun looked over sales statistics and future projects, his favorite fluffer worked her magic on his cock and balls with her talented oral skills.  MJ was quite the little bundle of sexual energy when she wasn’t busy chasing parts in ‘legitimate’ acting.  He would love to get her to work on screen on a porno.  With her looks and talent he could easily make her one of the most desired and famous pornstars in history, but she hung on to her Hollywood dreams.


When his phone rang, Braun realized that his secretary was delivering proofs to the CGI studio so he answered it himself.  To his surprise it was the head of HBO series programming that replied “Mr. Braun?  Its great to finally catch up to you.  You have been quite the busy man over the last few months but I have to tell you, since forming this new company you have gotten the attention of several top studios.”


Braun allowed himself a satisfied chuckle as he replied “Well, that’s quite the complement.  I’m glad you recognize what I’m capable of now that I have artistic freedom. Still, if you are looking to steal me away from my new formed company, I’m sorry to inform you that I’ve poured too much of my heart and soul into this venture to walk away from it now.  I hope you understand.”


The studio executive was quick to reply “Oh, no, no, no… We don’t want to do that.  Its just that you submitted a project to us some years ago that has gathered some traction with us recently.  Do you remember it?”


Braun replied “Yes.  It was ‘Manic Magic’, the story of a demonic succubus that starts to build a sexual empire in a modern day city. She uses the lusts of people to scramble their morals and corrupt their souls.”


The man on the phone replied excitedly “Yes!  Yes, that’s the one.  Of course, you know that here at HBO we have far more latitude with sex and violence that network TV enjoys.  We believe that you can produce this project in your company, after you create a more mass media friendly subsidiary of course.  Essentially you can show anything except actual penetration.  What do you think?”


Braun smiled down on the gorgeous redhead worshiping his cock as he thought that the best sex was real sex.  It was a simple matter to place the camera so no one couldn’t tell if the sex were real or simply a well pulled off trick of the camera.  Of course the hidden cameras he would have running would catch the best angle and when the show ran its course he would make sure he had the legal option in the contract to release the porn shots in the ‘directors cut’.  MJ would have her shot at the respectable big time, but sooner or later the fact that she was doing real sex on the set of the series would bring her back where she belonged… as a headlining pornstarlet for Star Company!  Braun patted her head as he replied “Yeah, I can do that.  I even have someone to play Salome the succubus.  I’ll have my lawyers contact you with our contract.”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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