The head of New U Gotham services Dee Dee as she waits for Di to answer her call

by solddate
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Wonder Woman
Category DC F/F Bimboization Corruption
Previous Chapter After the newly minted Barbie Quinn and her 'sister' leave the New U Salon Dee Dee and Suzie reflect on what they have done

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"Hey!" Dee Dee cut in, demanding the attention of whole room as only she could and giving Mia an expectant smile from her side. "You forgetting someone?"

"Never, Dee Dee." The chocolate beauty breathed softly. Leaning down to close the three inch gap in the two senior sluts' heights, Mia kissed Dee Dee with a mixture of tenderness and lust that could only be shared between the mistress of the New U Salon and her most treasured employees. As the two locked lips and tongues, Suzie could easily see where the power lay, where it always laid; with Dee Dee. The shorter blonde dominated her tall and powerful partner, her perfectly manicured hand gripping over the back of Mia's neck, holding her in place until Dee Dee was finished with her mouth. "I'll never forget someone who can kiss like that," Mia panted as she was allowed to withdraw, "but my best isn't good enough for you. So, I offer you my all!" The head Gotham bimbo announced, gracefully gesturing to her assembled entourage. "I'm just sorry you had to wait to see the crop I've been growing for you."

"No worries, girl." Dee Dee laughed, tracing her gaze over the line of fresh sluts before her. It was always gratifying to see work that was not her own, all these girls were Mia's and looked to her reverence and awe."Besides, the Joker needed dealing with and I can't risk lunatics like him or Harley knowing the scope of our work. Not yet, anyway." Dee Dee heaved, the rookie New U sluts' eyes all following her chest's movements exactly. "So waiting to see your girls was a small price to pay for security."

"But they're your girls, Dee Dee." Mia countered, a fraction of concern entering her lustrous voice. To her it seemed as though Dee Dee didn't think enough of her girls to let them into the New U hierarchy. "All of them are for yo--"

"No, no, no..." The head stylist corrected, tapping a delicate finger on her senior Gotham City slut's pursed purple lips. "They're yours, be proud." Dee Dee added with a sweet smile and wink, earning a bright, dazzling white smile from the African aphrodite.

Mincing deliberately over to the salon's front desk, Dee Dee picked up the receiver and dialed her penthouse apartment, her number presses as slow and calculated as her strides. It wasn't long before she was tapping her high-heeled pump impatiently, making her wait for Di to answer the phone obvious to all. Suzie watched Mia confidently strut to her boss and lower herself slowly onto her knees next to Dee Dee, not caring that her skirt hiked up over her plush bubble butt, and slid her hands beneath the occupied blonde's skirt. Groping Dee Dee's firm buns playfully, Mia wasted little time in placing herself between her boss the desk to dive her talented tongue into pantyless crotch. Despite the awesome display before her, Suzie glanced over to one of the stylist's stations and noticed a framed picture of Mia and how she looked when they had arrived in Gotham.

She was still the picture of whorish perfection she was at that very point, but in this picture she had long hair set off by big, bouncy curls that rose off her head. Checking in on different franchises so often had quickly become a stale routine in Dee Dee's hyper sexual mind and it had taken less than a year for Dee Dee to start a new custom when visiting franchise that wasn't her own; the makeover of a makeover. Dee Dee would take an already fully converted slut, usually one of her earlier projects to ensure the girl's new personality had had a chance to establish and express itself, and then completely rewrite them one more time. Suzie guessed it was some way for Dee Dee to remind the whores she allowed to leave her direct influence and be their own stylists that there was only one true New U makeover artist. And Dee Dee got off on it, Suzie knew better than anyone. Striking down and rewriting a confident bimbo of her own design was as good a high to her employer as breaking a proud and virtuous superheroine.

Despite what Di had been instructed to write on her friendly invite to the now enlightened Miss Gordon, the Gotham New U franchise had been open for two years now. Their various methods for maintaining a low profile had obviously kept the Bats and most of the psychos of Gotham out of the loop. Be it by keeping the few clients willing to enter based on their window prices very quiet and selective in who told of New U afterward, or by selecting their own clientele via magic laced, hypnotic business cards, or subliminal messaging broadcast from the Salon's external store front advertising to reassure passers by that New U was just another high end boutique. And for most of those two years of maintained relative anonymity, New U Gotham had been in the very capable hands of Mia Washington.

Formerly a powerful and striking supermodel of Gotham's catwalks, a knockout thirty-two year old Mia had strolled into New U and demanded a new style that would elevate her above her youthful peers. Needless to say, Dee Dee had gone a lot further than Mia had most likely desired in that first session. However, it hadn't been long before her long, sleek and flowing hair became the mane of bouncing curls in the picture adorning the wall besides her salon chair. Yet now, only one day after returning to Gotham to prepare for Joker's commission, and having let Mia grow for two long years as a bouncy, bubbling mass of giggles and curls, Dee Dee had seen fit to remold Mia once more. The ebony whore's hair had borne the forefront of Dee Dee's dominance. The mass of cheerful curls had stood out as Mia's most defining feature, and the moment the clippers met Gotham stylist's locks a flood had been set free from Dee Dee's thighs. Suzie could attest to that, her mouth had still been damp with forbidden juices when she'd answered the phone to book Batgirl's appointment. 

In any case, the woman eating Dee Dee out was a new New U creation. Mia's first remolding had allowed the serious and high strung woman to let all the stress in life go, becoming a fountain of friendly smiles and lustful stares. While not an airhead, as neither Dee Dee or Suzie would trust a dumb bimbo with her own franchise, Mia had been a happy go lucky nymph only two days ago. Happy to serve, happy to fuck and happy to stylize. Now, though... 

At New U, a new look came with a new personality. Mia had walked in the room moments ago with purpose and poise. Even now as she lapped away at Dee Dee's bald cunt, she was making her loyal workforce watch on in disappointment. Not only would they not be servicing Dee Dee personally, but also, Mia wouldn't be continuing her campaign of introducing every single one of them to their new boss' snatch. Suzie almost felt sorry for the forlorn hoes, each one desperately wanting to be part of the crude display before them, maybe she'd play with them to cheer them up...

"Ah, finally!" Dee Dee groaned, "You've gotta make it to the phone quicker, babe." The commanding woman's voice was torn between impatience and ecstasy. It seemed Di had finally answered the phone, though that didn't stop Dee Dee's free hand from gripping Mia's restyled short hair and pushing the dark slut's face deeper into her folds. "Yeah, I know you're sorry, but that don't make up for making me wait, girl." Dee Dee scolded into the phone with a wicked smile on her perfect lips, Suzie had to hold back a giggle at the sight. "Oh, anything you say?..." The smile widened. "Tell me what you're doing!"

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