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by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Fantastic Four Iron Man X-Men
Category Marvel Mind Control
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In the two weeks since the last temporal incursion, a lot had happened and Roberta took a few milliseconds to review:

  1. Reed and Susan's separation agreement had been filed, marking the end of their relationship.  The divorce process was now underway and going ahead without opposition or issue.
    • The children had been informed immediately after the meeting that Mommy and Daddy both loved them very much, but would no longer be living together.  It took the combined unconditional love of Reed, Roberta, Johnny, and Ben, but the children adjusted well to the news.
    • A week after the signing, Emma's PR firm made the announcement of the couple's amicable divorce.
    • Susan had done an interview with Barbara Walters immediately following the announcement and said, among other things, that the decision to separate had taken place many months ago and that all appearances to the contrary had been for the good f the children and the superhero team
    • When asked if other people were involved, Susan state categorically that to the point of separation and well beyond, the couple had been faithful to each other but in the following months they had each started to build their own lives with the full support and blessing of each other.
    • When asked specifically if either had found new love interests, Susan smiled wryly and said that she, as a woman, needed to keep her options open for the time being but as to Reed's relationships, he was a big boy and could make his own announcements but she would not be surprised nor anything less than happy for him should he do so.
  2. Reed had acknowledged their love.
    • A week after the signing, Reed and Roberta had another talk with the children and asked them how they would feel about Roberta becoming a second Mommy to them.  Due to her close contact and love of them, they already felt this way about her to a great extent,  so it seemed natural that this would happen and even provided additional stability to their lives.  At this point, Reed and Roberta sleeping together and being openly affectionate became indications that the world was repairing after the destruction of their parent's marriage
    • Reed also talked to Ben and Johnny.  The influence of Alicia swayed Ben into acceptance and Emma's growing influence did the same for Johnny
  3. Susan Storm Richards was no longer a major concern, let alone a threat, for the family
    • Suzy was so deeply reveling in her sex addiction that she couldn't wait to cut the ties with her old life.
    • The former heroine had even noticed the odd familiarity between the heart broken Reed and his adoring creation at the separation agreement signing. Her woman's intuition had been piqued, she took the first opportunity to confront Roberta 19 on it. Suzy initially seemed angry and accused Roberta of setting her up with an irresistible pimp to force her into a life of dark seedy prostitution so the android could steal her husband and family, which of course was completely true; but before the drone could confirm or deny, Suzy locked the android in a long, hot, passionate embrace. When she finally came up for air Suzy proclaimed all Roberta to be the greatest friend ever.
    • As it was, Suzy had been quite supportive and took tome to Skype with her children often.  It had been very helpful in getting the children to accept the new family structure.
    • As such, Suzy's status had been downgraded to a known and manageable potential PR issue
  4. Drone replacement with upgraded android bodies was well underway
    • Although not nearly as powerful as Roberta prime, the new bodies were 4 times stronger, faster and more durable than the old bodies
    • They also had more powers in their Adaptoid matrix as well as far better protections against Sly or any other opponent's influence.
    • Finally, the new bodies had temporal toolsets that would allow them to sample the time stream, analyze changes to the time stream, provide limited mobility within the time stream, and even field both temporal defenses and weapons as needed.
    • The older drone bodies were being adapted to fit two separate roles.  Four of them had been adapted into advanced Life Model Decoys to look and act  like Susan. These androids are linked into their own collective that Susan can access through her Mento-Intensifier.  This way one could continue her nightly stays at the Hirshire Sleep Studies Clinic and she could use the others to make appearances or spend time with her children without interrupting her new life.  To that extent, Roberta had converted her old lab to be an exact duplicate of the penthouse so the children could have visitation without running into any unsavory people or activities.  There would always be a Susan drone there to care for them.
    • The second group of old drone bodies had been downgraded to be consistent with the Robin android (formerly Roberta 9 that Sly had taken apart).  The damage that sly had accidently done by opening her cranial without first placing her in the required argon-xeon atmosphere was duplicated so that the completely wiped drones could easily be added into a new collective by Robin.  These drones would provide the Baxter Building services, defense of Suzy, and any other foul purpose the evil pimp had for them.  There were currently a dozen of them, but as soon as they were delivered, all Baxter Building Roberta drones would be restationed to Pier Four.
  5. Her Perfect Male android project
    • With the recent time incursion and the removal of Susan as a threat to the family, this project had been reprioritized.
    • This android would become Roberta's frontline defense and, if necessary, weapon of extreme destruction to anyone endangering *her* man, *her* children, and *her* family!
  6. The future opponent
    • There had been no further time incursions, but there was continuing changes to the stability of the future timeline that the opponent came from
    • Currently the average deviation from the mean was still 0.0010 with fluctuations of 0.00025 standard deviations.  Although these numbers were well within the 0.0500 tolerance that would indicate a planned response, the fact that it was fluctuating indicated that the previous incursion has prompted someone here and now to take actions that are already making minor revisions to this timeline.
    • Roberta has already taken the opportunity to place temporal sensors in and about Stark Tower to attempt to find the cause of these small disruptions before they grew.  Now that she had achieved her stated goals of removing Suzy as a threat and stabilizing the family she loves by replacing her, the beautiful android would not allow anything to interfere in their perfect lives.

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