Jason Blood's sacred mission for the Dark Knight

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Batman Catwoman Wonder Woman Supergirl
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter How is Huntress reacting to the intimate contacts around her?

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To the nosey old lady in the seat next to him, it looked like Jason was reading an old Tom Clancy novel.  She had tried to ask him about it many times but he had managed to pretend not to hear her over the headphones.  The reality was what he was reading was the note book that had been sent to him by Batman, not some dog-eared techno-thriller paper back.  Jason knew that it had been printed and bound in the bat-cave.  There was only one of these books in existence.  And there was no where else to find the information in it.  A complete dossier on Vandal Savage.  The irony of sending one immortal to kill another was not lost on Etrogen.  This entire time he was forming poems about the works of Savage.

"For all the information about this lad, why not just spit out an address?" Jason murmered.

"Son, if they told you that it would kill the suspense!" the old lady had smiled.

Jason had the feeling like maybe he was being sent out like this Ryan character just to entertain some reader far away.  He suppressed the thought, Batman didn't put that in the book because that information was out of date as soon as the book was put in an envelope.  Jason would quest for his target just like old times.  Jason looked out over the water, this was going to be an extremely long flight.


Wayne Manor, Gotham

Kara brought the glass of water from the kitchen back up to the master bed room.  She never realized just how much she deppened on her powers, she was absolutely winded by the time she reached the kitchen, now she was about to pass out right at the door to Bat... Bruce's room.  Diana opened the door for her with a weak smile.  Bruce was sitting in a chair watching a monitor while Selina was in a set of silk pajamas and Diana was dressed in satin pajamas.

"Thank you," Bruce looked up at Kara as she handed him the glass.

"What are you watching?" Kara asked.

"Damian," Diana announced.

Kara couldn't help but look only to see what looked like a medical monitor from the Hospital dramas she sometimes watched.

"They are only vitals," Selina said as she stretched across the bed.

"I still don't see how you can go toe to toe with Grundy," Kara said to Bruce.

"Diana try to pin Selina," Bruce said aloud.

Selina had a smile on her face as Diana lept at her. Kara watched in shock as Diana landed on the floor next to the bed and Selina was on top of the Amazon, then the feline was perched on a chair as the Amazon bounced up.  Selina seemed to be playing a twisted cat an' mouse game out maneuvering and getting cheep shots in on the Amazon while she tried to nail her down.

"You would have put your money on Diana beating Selina in seconds right?" Bruce asked.

"Yes," Kara was amazed.

"Ole!" Selina cheered as Diana crashed into the closest rushing throw where Selina had just been.

"That's enough ladies," Bruce called, "Alfred will be in a bad enough mood tomorrow.  Niether Selina nor I had powers, we have had to go toe to toe with super-powered foes sometime with nothing more then our ninja suits.  We have had to train ourselves in how to deal with super-foes and as you know we have gotten quite good at it."

"Can you teach me how?" Kara pleaded.

"I'm sure something can be arranged.  I'm sorry I am not a more cheerful host right now," Bruce said calmly, "But things are happening that put a bit of a damper on things."

Diana appeared at the door of the closet with about a dozen ties dangling off her out stretched arms.  In a blind rage she charged at Selina intent to pin the feline under her on the bed, only as soon as she had her hands on the thief the tongue licked her nose and she found her self flip ass over tits onto the bed.  She was too stunned to stop Selina from hopping onto her and pretending to be the victor at a wrestling match.

"I want to learn to be like that!" Kara said.

"You need to think about it," Bruce said, "there are a lot of special training techniques at play here that would freak you out.  I only teach some of these techniques to my soldiers.  Go ahead and get some rest, I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of action starting tomorrow morning.  And some of it might be a further burden on your low spirits."

"Can I stay here tonight?" Kara pleaded like a scared little girl.

"You see that face," Selina whispered in Kara's ear, "He needs about a dozen blow jobs to keep him from breaking things right now."

Kara was as shocked by how Selina had snuck up behind her as what she had said.

"I.. I..." Kara sputtered.

"Third door on the right is a guest room," Bruce scowled at Selina, "make yourself at home, we will talk more at breakfast."

Kara smiled weakly, then left the room.

"A dozen blow jobs or I break things?" Bruce asked the Cat thief.

"I volunteer to give at least ten Master," Selina had the grin of a cat that had eaten a canary.

"I volunteer to give at least ten My lord," Diana chirped.

"May I ask a question Master?" Selina looked coy.

"What?" Bruce prompted.

"Are you using pheromones to seduce the girl?" Selina asked.

"No," Bruce said, "She must come to me of her own free will and I know she fears a repeat of being truly helpless like she is now.  I will let her request a place in the sisterhood  when the time is right."

Bruce did not smile as he turned off the monitor a went to lay in bed.  He wished he could do more for his son, but now he was useless.  It was up to the doctors and medics now.  Neither Selina nor Diana were able to truly ignite his passions tonight.  The enormity of the day and the coming events weighed too heavily.


Jason Todd had gone looking for his current associate, but it hadn't taken long.  The sinking ship was registered to a front company of Coblepot's. 

"Az!" Jason shouted.

"Here," Az responded as he dropped the thug from the top of five cargo containers.

Jason watched the thug hit the ground and not move.

"Was he already dead?" Jason asked.

"Cyanide Pill," Az commented, "It seems he was an agent of the league of assassins."

"How many more of those guys are left in this city?" Jason wondered aloud.

"Two," Az answered, "What of the Bat?  What does he say about the tribute you brought him?  What is going on in his camp?"

"It's a war camp," Jason sighed, "That's for sure.  Other parts I just can't make sense of right now."

"Did he have orders?" Az sounded comtempious.

"No," Jason smiled, "He just asked if he could count on me as a soldier."

"Your answer?"

"I told him I was a friendly mercenary...."

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