How is Huntress reacting to the intimate contacts around her?

by BatPimp
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Nightwing Huntress Batgirl Raven (DC)
Category DC M/F Harem
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(Author's note: Since I'll be using both characters, Cass will refer to Cassandra Cain-Wayne aka Black Bat, while Cassie will refer to Cassandra Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl)

Huntress couldn't believe what was happening in front of her. Heck, she couldn't believe she was participating. Here she was with Nightwing, Raven and Oracle reviewing information on different cases, while at the same groping each other.

"Arkham Asylum just sent an alert to the GCPD," Barbara informed between pants, as Nightwing was shamelessly massaging her breasts. "Apparently, Riddler just stabbed his old cell buddy, the Mad Hatter."

"Nashton killed Tetch?" Helena asked no one in particular, as she was more preoccupied with running her hands all over Dick's ass and crotch. Though she was genuinely surprised at the news. Nashton was crazy and a manipulative bastard, yes, but he wasn't a raving psycho. He didn't go around and kill people randomly.

What she couldn't know however was that both Dick and Raven had used their empathic powers to unlock the Riddler's rage, making him unable to control his own impulses. When Jervis started blabbing in rhymes, his old buddy Eddy literally couldn't stop himself.

"No, not yet at least," Nightwing answered absentmindedly. He was trying hard not to spill himself over Helena's hand when she took his manhood out of his uniform and started jerking him off, while he sneaked his hands under Barbara's shirt and bra to squeeze her bare breasts and pinch on her nipples. "The medical staff intervened just in time, but they're not sure he's going to survive his injuries," Dick summarized the report that was displayed on the screen.

"In the ensuing chaos however, Harley Quinn managed to escape and break both Killer Crock and Clayface out of their cells on the way out," Raven continued dryly. Although she wasn't physically participating to the fondling, she was emitting powerful empathic waves of lust to amplify the effects of Dick's pheromones over Helena.

"Speaking of casualties," Oracle intervened, trying to stifle a gasp from Nightwing's rough caresses, "Gotham General Hospital just informed the police that Harvey Dent died from his injuries. The police already added his death on Azrael and Red Hood's tabs."

Why can't Jason keep it on the down low for once. Never heard of subtlety, bro? Dick sighed mentally.

"Also, Joker's attack on Gotham Stadium ended up with a total 387 victims, including several of the Joker's goons and... two corpses corresponding to the Joker? What the fuck!?" Helena exclaimed, gripping Dick's cock a bit too tightly, making him grunt in a mixture of pain and pleasure. "Oops! Sorry Hung Wonder," she apologized, before taking a good sensual lick of his ear.

"You better make it up to me," he growled out dangerously.

"With pleasure," Helena responded sultrily, running her tongue over her lips. She then dropped down on her knees and started sucking hungrily on his hard throbbing shaft.

"I reviewed the video feed from Batman's cowl. Apparently, the first body was a clone," Barbara tried to answer Huntress' earlier question between pants and moans, as Dick had pulled up her shirt and bra and had added his tongue and teeth to his ministrations.

"It wouldn't surprise me if the second one was also a clone," Nightwing added, as he kept massaging the redhead's chest. He enjoyed hearing her moans and squeals as he pinched and nibbled on her nipples. Dick was using Poison Ivy's powers to coat her tits in a powerful aphrodisiac that made her bosom as sensitive as her cunt. "Heck! I wouldn't put it past the Joker to have twenty clones of himself stored in a closet," he said, but the girls weren't even listening anymore, as they were already too caught up in their pleasure.

He knew she was close to climax when he felt Barbara start to jerk in her wheelchair. "Oh! Ohhh! OHHHHH! DIIIIICK! Baby don't stop! I'm- I'm- UUUHHHHH!" she wailed loudly as she literally came from having her breasts groped, staining her pants with a large amount of pussy juices. Dick turned her head to the side so that he could kiss her lovingly from behind. He moaned into her mouth while Helena was now eagerly deepthroating him.

After he disengaged from Oracle's lips and let go of her, Nightwing withdrew his dick out of Huntress' greedy mouth with a soft pop. He then pulled up the female vigilante by he hair and gave her a bruising and passionate kiss. Just as she was starting to respond to the kiss, he unlocked their lips, turned her around and bent her roughly face first over the computer console, ass upraised.

As he started teasing her leaking entrance with the head of his massive shaft, Helena spread her thighs further apart to allow him better access to her puffy pussy, expecting him to start fucking her right away. She waited impatiently for him to shove his manhood inside her, but he just kept rubbing her cunt lips with his hot hard rod. Damn bastard wanted her to beg.

"Just fuck me already," she complained breathlessly. "I need you inside me, NOW!"

"No," he answered with a light chuckle.

"What!" she seethed angrily, glaring daggers at him over her shoulder. Her cheeks were flushed and her body was quacking from the inside out from a mixture of rage and lust. Dick grabbed her hair again and tugged her head back.

"Not before you swear allegiance to your new master," Raven whispered in her left ear, as she seemed to have come out of nowhere, making Helena shriek in surprise.

"What the fuck do you mean?" Huntress asked in a loud anxious tone. Her mind was foggy from the painfully confusing blend of anger and arousal.

"Promise to serve me faithfully as my slave, my lover and my soldier," Nightwing whispered in her other ear.

A very faint voice somewhere deep inside Helena's mind was screaming in protest at his manhandling. Get your head back together, Girl, it yelled. Don't you get what he's doing to you. Do you want to be his little fuck-toy forever?

But Huntress ignored it. "Whatever! Just fuck me already!" she cried out angrily and sultrily, desperate to get his magnificent cock inside her starving cunt.

"Repeat after me," Raven ordered and Huntress repeated after her.

"I pledge my allegiance to you Nightwing. I swear to serve you loyally as your slave, your lover and your soldier, freely offering my mind, my body and my soul for you to use at your leisure, always and forever."

As Huntress was saying these words, Nightwing cut his finger over one of his wing-dings and offered it to her mouth once she was finished taking her oath. She then sucked on his finger, drinking his blood, completing the old demonic ritual - something Raven had taught him - that would bind Helena to him.

While she was still sultrily sucking on his digit, Dick roughly shoved his whole length inside her wet sopping cunt and started humping her upraised ass hard and fast, making her cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure.

"YES! Fuck me! Fuck me, you sick bastard! AAAHHHHH!" she screamed angrily as she started coming right away. She sobbed lightly as tears of rage escaped her eyes. "This is what you wanted, right!? NNNGHHHHH! Your own personal fuck-doll. So come on now! AAAHHHHH! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! UUUUUHHH!" she wailed furiously as he drove his massive shaft through her tight slippery pussy. She was feeling so good with the pleasure, the pain, the rage, the lust all mixed up together. Helena had never had it this good.

Nightwing held her by the wrists as he fucked her eagerly. Holy panting slut, I can't believe how much she's liking it, he exclaimed silently as he noticed that both their crotches and their four thighs were drenched in her cunt juices. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" he growled as he was ready spill his spunk inside her.

"AAAHHH! Come on, you bastard! UUUHHH! Fill me up! FILL! ME! UP! You sick fuck! UUUHHH!," she managed to cry out between ragged pants and loud moans, just before he groaned out blissfully as he shot his cum into her slurping snatch. She had his cock in a vice grip, milking out every last drop of semen.

Helena collapsed on her knees in exhaustion. She was still panting and trembling from the aftershock of multiple orgasms. She kept sobbing weakly as he lifted her in his arms. He took her to one of the rooms the members of the Bat-Clan and the Birds of Prey usually used when they felt too lazy to go back to their own home after patrol. After setting her on the bed, Dick embraced and kissed Helena affectionately before tucking her under the sheets.

When he came back to the Clocktower's central den, Oracle and Raven weren't alone anymore. Cass, Stephanie and Tim, dressed up in full uniform safe for their masks, were standing there, telling Barbara about their face off against the Royal Flush Gang.

"-in the end, we had them all knocked out in less than five minutes," Tim boasted cheekily. "Hey Dick! How's it going?" he asked when he noticed his honorary big brother.

"Fine, fine. Though I'm a bit tired and I'm afraid I'm not going to get much rest with everything that's happening lately," Nightwing explained.

"It's cool actually. We were heading here when we got a message from Diana," Tim announced.

"Batman wants you and Raven back at the Manor tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock sharp," Cass took over.

"You mean today morning. It's already 3 A.M.," Stephanie corrected.

Ignoring her interruption, Cassandra rolled her eyes and continued. "You're going on a mission with him to Congo."

"To investigate this anomaly that was detected back there," Barbara stated, which Cass confirmed with a nod.

"Guess we're finally going to see what kind of nasty surprise Ra's and Luthor have in store for us," Dick commented warily.

"Also, Diana said there's going to be a surprise for you at the Manor," Cass added.

"A surprise? For me?" Dick asked incredulously, but the only answer he got from his adopted sister was a shrug of her shoulders.

"By the way, how is Damien doing after what happened at Gotham Stadium?" Raven asked after a short pause.

"We only know that the boss came back to the cave and then called Leslie for an emergency," Barbara added. "That was one hour ago."

"Sorry, but he didn't tell us anything more either," Stephanie apologized.

"Let's hope he'll come out of it in one piece," Tim tried to reassure himself and the others, but he couldn't keep himself from voicing out his concern. "Damn, why did the Demon Brat have to play hero and unpin that grenade," he muttered weakly, shaking like a leaf. Cass surprised them by hugging Tim and Stephanie to give them a little comfort.

"What about the three of you?" Dick asked, trying to change the topic of the conversation. "What's your orders?"

"We got the day off tomorrow - euh - today," Tim corrected after a look from Stephanie.

"In exchange, we agreed to take over patrol tonight," Cass finished for him.

"We'll be hanging out with Connor and Cassie in Metropolis to cheer up Superboy," Tim clarified.

"And add the two of them to your collection," Stephanie added with a smirk and a wink directed at Cass. Black Bat surprised them again with a wide toothy grin.

"Plus, Batman wants us to check out on something while we are there," Cass explained seriously.

"What exactly?" Nightwing asked her.

"You wouldn't believe it even if the boss told you himself. Heck, it sounds like something straight out of a bad porn novel," Stephanie commented with a strange goofy smile.

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