More instructions are given to them.

by LesLes
Storyline Prison for Meta-Powered Women
Characters Batgirl II (Casandra Cain) Ice Fire Maria Hill Power Girl Scarlet Witch Wasp Wonder Woman Body Doubles
Category F/F Female Dom Prison Mind Control Marvel and DC
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The superheroines were beginning to subconciously shift in the seats they were strapped to, rubbing their inner thighs together. Their attention was completely focussed on the screens in front of them and the headsets on their ears. Bonny patrolled the aisles of computers ignored by the naked women as they mindlessly clicked their agreement or disagreement with the parole board's instructions.

Carmen was at a computer of her own, monitoring the instructions and the prisoners' reaction to them. How many were hitting the right button to signal their agreement, how long they were pausing before they decided. This first session was unlikely to completely change their behaviours, but it would start to influence them.

"My body belongs to the state. I will welcome inspections," murmured Cassandra Cain in unison with the other superheroines.

The former Batgirl slouched in the seat barely able to hold herself upright with the weight of melons more massive than her head pinning her down. Her nipples were hard as diamonds as Bonny twisted and pulled them, the Asian girl's cunt glistened as a big black baton parted her legs.

"I am an exhibitionist. Secret cameras are my secret fetish," Maria Hill murmured.

A skilled spy like her would quickly find the cameras hidden in her cell or the showers, but the instructions she was receiving might change her reaction. After a long uncertain pause while Bonnie stroked her double-Ds Hill eventually clicked left to indicate it was wrong. Bonnie wasn't worried, Agent Hill would come round to their way of thinking eventually.

"I am an exhibitionist, I will become aroused by showing tits and ass," murmured Karen.

Only Cass Cain's titties were more titanic but even with the glowing green Kryponite collar sapping Power Girl's superhuman strength she was more used to huge hooters. She sat up a little straighter, thrusting big boobs out as without hesitation she hit the button to the right to indicate her agreement with the command. Deciding a little reward was in order, the blonde bombshell Body Double pushed Power Girl's legs apart under the monitor the Kryptonian was watching and probed the end of her baton against the woman's unhooded clit.

"Wanna submit to guards. Desire sex," Karen gasped as her hips spasmed forward in pleasure. The rest of the prisoners mumbled instead, "I will only fantasise about lesbian prison sex." With a raised-eyebrow Bonnie withdrew her shiny black baton, Karen belated caught up and mumbled the same instruction as the other blank-eyed superheroines.

"Looks like we have a prison bicycle," Carmen crowed as she stood up from her monitor.

"Everyone's going to get to ride this bitch," Bonnie replied triumphantly.

The psych evaluation room smelt of sex, the result of ten leaking prisoner pussies, as Bonnie's raven-haired partner Carmen hustled the doctor out of the room. The greasy medic obviously wanted to protest, to stay, his trousers bulging painfully, but he knew what happened if you crossed the warden's favourites. Body Doubles could mean body bags.

As soon as the door closed the gorgeous Latina's dark pencil skirt was around her ankles, and her hand shot under her bright yellow bikini bottoms.

"Fuuuuuuck," Carmen moaned, "Why can't these sluts be ready?"

"I will secretly love having my tits groped, especially if they're super-sized," the entranced women whispered. Bonnie knew the immediate button click she heard signalled Power Girl's eager agreement, but as she headed to the door she noticed Cass Cain lean forward to mash her oversized breast into the right-hand button and shudder with exhibitionist pleasure.

"Half the fun's in breaking them," Bonnie told her partner as she kissed up Carmen's neck and pulled the other woman's hand out of her bikini bottom. "Let's see what the others' psych eval is turning up."

"I will be ashamed every time I am groped by a villainess, but I will still crave their hands on my boobs."

Wanda Maximoff was wild-eyed as she slammed a hand onto the right-hand button, too slow to get it to her leaking cunt before the next instruction from the headset and monitor demanded her full attention and denied her body release. Carmen and Bonnie laughed at the red-head's discomfort as they headed to the control station.

"Wow, I've never seen someone as eager as Diana to submit to the guards or other prisoners," Bonnie noted at once. She looked at Carmen and grinned. Carmen grinned right back at her and nodded, before seating herself in the command station's chair and wiggling her fingers like a composer before a concert. Then she hit pause on the playback of the instructions before typing some rapid commands and hitting 'enter' with a flourish.

"I am an Amazon princess, to submit to guards or prisoners is utter humiliation, but I will still crave it," Wonder Woman murmured as the other prisoners remained silent.

"Read my mind, Carmen, read my mind. I have another idea..."

Bonnie typed her own commands into the command station, hopping into Carmen's lap and wiggling to distract her and keep the new instructions a surprise.

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