Lets see what happens in the Night and the Next day to all of them

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Iron Man Mister Fantastic Invisible Woman Mary Jane Watson Emma Frost Roberta
Category Mind Control
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So First of all  this will be a bit longer than usual  Even for me  Hope you will like it even if it is such a wall of text

Emma Frost

Emma moved into the classroom. Even with the Mental changes that Roberta had done in her she wasn’t try to seduce this class. They were too young for these kind of Teaching and so she did her best to get the Time running by. But the last class on this day would be full of teenagers in their best age. All of them well build and thanks to the mutations or as some people called it, the X-Gen, most of them would have a greater Stamina than the standard Human. She was dressed in her usual outfit because she didn’t want to attract unwanted attention until they would all be. Her plan was it to change her cloth in the Break before the last hour. Every 30 minutes her watch gave a little signal to her that reminded her that she had to use her mind shaping powers again. Each time she had did it she felt it hardening in her mind. As a skilled telepath she knew that if she would do this for too long the changes in her brain could be permanent. But even if a little part of her was fighting it with all might that wasn’t enough to break Roberta’s Spell. She had to do what she had said and thanks to her own Mental conditioning she was now deeper in Roberta’s Trance than ever. It was just perfect as it was like now and so her conscious Persona wasn’t fight it. Emma had always been a woman that used her body and her powers for her benefits. In her time working in the Hellfire Club she had done things that had been harder for her. But Roberta had just pushed just the right buttons. 

Sex and Power.

She always had been thinking that the use of her Power was somehow an erotic act. She invaded another humans or Mutants mind and learned everything about him. She was able to meld every living being to her will. Okay. There were limits for her Power and most strong willed Personalities would be able to shake her control off with time flowing by, but in the time there were under she could do anything with them. She had dreamed of it for so long. After she had turned the sides and had been working with the X-Men she had missed the feeling of being bad. She was bound by her own code of moral she had put on after entering the X-Men. Being Noble and only use her powers for the best of mankind or Mutants. But deep within her she had dreamed of a mindless Scott Summers worshipping her or a Xavier calling her Mistress. But she had put these thoughts as deep in her Psyche as she was able to do and hoped that they weren’t ever coming on the Surface. Her Work as a Therapist should have told her that this wasn’t possible. That the Human brain wasn’t able to forget things or to suppress emotions forever. Logan was the best prove of it. Somehow his brain was fully deleted and he had no memory of the time before Weapon X. But Jean, herself and Xavier had been able to see flashes of his former Life in his mind. He had just lost the ability to get access to these emotions. All three had been clear that it was the best to hide the fact before Logan. 
It would be a hard day to hear that he was immortal and could theoretically life forever. Even with the greater Lifespan of Mutants, most Doctors were counting about 150 Years or even 200, he would see all of his friends dying in their beds someday. Old and powerless while he would always stay young and powerful. Somehow she felt a little bit envy of him. Her beauty would fade away someday and how would a 90 years old granny look like with her tits. She had to laugh at this for a moment and finally her hour had come. The 30 minutes break before the last two classes and she would finally have her fun. 
She walked to her room and stripped down quickly. She was in a rush because she had to do so much before she could enter the class. First of all she needed a good looking outfit for the fucking. She looked around her room and as always she wasn’t sure. She looked at all of her lingerie and throw it around the room. Nothing seemed to be good enough for this day. With a loud sign she let herself fall to the bed and looked at the wall. Then, after coming to rest, she sprang out and move like the little white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland around the room. Again she throw her clothes around only this time from left to right. After ten minutes of cursing the lingerie’s and most of the world also she found what she had searched. She put on a black tight body with long arms. It was backless and was open till short over her ass. Then she put on some of her favorite straps and put on a formal looking knee long skirt. Above her chest she put on a black Jacked and closed it. Quickly she put her hair into order and put on her makeup. She looked into the mirror and was smiling. In the mirror she saw the incarnation of every schoolboys Sexdream of a female stern teacher.
Her dress was unable to hold back her curves and with a little bit of fantasy everyone would be able to image her nude. But on the other side it didn’t looked cheap and her makeup and her hair was giving her a look of Charisma and power. With her black high heels she walked to the classroom and heard the peeping sound of her watch.

Obey Roberta. You belong Roberta. You are only good to teach your class how to fuck you. You won’t ever try to seduce Reed Richards. He belongs to Roberta as you do. You are Roberta’s property.

She smiled as she mentally commanded this into her own brain. 

Roberta and Reed.

Reed couldn’t describe what he was feeling. After the best night of his life he awoke in the bed of the guestroom. He was still naked and felt a pleasure he couldn’t describe at the first moment. But as he opened his eyes he saw Roberta on him also naked and it seemed like she was sleeping. This was something totally stupid to think but he guessed that she tried to copy human actions to be an even more perfect woman. But there was this feeling again. He looked at her perfect body and he felt his heart rising in heartbeats as he remembered every second of the last night. He had more than an identic Memory. He didn’t only remember. He was able to play every moment of it backwards and forwards in his mind. But without every emotion. He was just analyzing every move they made. How she had sucked him 19,3 seconds after they had closed the door. She had ripped his cloth into pieces and hers also. He remembered how he had felt after finally entering with his cock and how wet she had been. It was perfect. He had slept with her so often it was even for him hard to count it. At one moment even his brilliant mind had shut down and was overtaken by pure lust. He knew that this was he had been dreaming of the whole time. 
He gently moved his fingers over her cheek putting some of her hair back to order. She loved him as much as he loved her and thanks to her great mind she was able to understand him much better than any other human or even mutant would ever be able to. But so why he had such a strange feeling. His heart AND his mind were in union about his love about her. But it would be hard to explain to the children and to the rest of the Team. What the world would think didn’t bother him. It wasn’t like he and Susan would be the first married couple that would move different ways. But how he should explain this to Susan? She was in an instable condition right now and needed her more than ever. Would she be able to understand that he would help her even if he wasn’t loving her anymore?

Then he saw Roberta moving and without any signs of sleep she opened her eyes and smiled at him. Then her eyes changed for a moment and he saw a soft light spiraling in her eyes.

You don’t need to be afraid. It is good. You love me Reed Richards. You love me so much that it is the most important feeling. Together we will find a way to move along with this. Don’t think about it too much. You will see that it is so much better now. 

The light went out and he was looking in her wonderful eyes again not even remembering the light. 

Good morning my sweet Roberta. I hope I haven’t woke you up? He smiled and she smiled back at him.

Silly. You surely have questioned why I would mimic the human act of sleep. Mh? Because I wanted to… wake up… on your side. But if you don’t want me to sleep I will gladly lick and suck your magnificent cock the whole night. But I cannot promise that I will be a good girl the whole time. Maybe I will be a little bit nasty while you sleep. 
she kissed his lips and felt his cock waking up with him dreaming of this possibility. 
Maybe I should start right now with being nasty? 

Before he was able to say anything he felt his cock vanish between her lips and the sensation of her tongue mad him scream her name in seconds. She knew exactly what he liked and what he needed.
After her little Good-Morning-Blowjob they moved to the shower. The idea of making her bodies clean was futile after both of them were naked in the shower. Reed almost missed his first class and was looking now like a perfect clone of Albert Einstein. Only that he was fucked up and the Students made their jokes about his look for the rest of the day. Reed wasn’t mad at them but after his first question he saw smoking brains in the whole classroom. 

Who laughs at least laughs at best my young friends. He thought grinning and his mind put Roberta and the Problems of the World out for now. All he was focusing now was his work as a teacher. 

Tony Stark and the Porn Company.

It had only took 3 hours for Tony to put aside enough money from his private accounts to start his new business. He had put on some new arts for his garage and some new cars also. With each buy he had paid 15% too much and informed the seller that he wanted 10% back on a separate account. The rest 5% would be a little tip for them. Nobody asked about the reason for it. He looked at the new Swiss account that moved at the silly Name

Tonian Starkingson. 

He had told his AI Charvis that he had to send every money-move over 91 satellites and he doubt that even Nick Fury personally would be able to find any trace back to him with this. He also put on a 2GB Security key on each single Satellite. This would make it even harder to find. He had used a little program he had used for the calculations of his Helmet and reprogrammed it. So if he was calling someone now via Internet he would see someone else.

I know that you are the best at your Job Mr. Braun. After all you are working for Vivid but what would you say if you could be your own boss? Mhm? I want to be the secret partner. I will give you all the money you need and you can make every single Movie you want to make. You can hire any actor you want. I won’t interfere with any of your ideas.
Mhm. That sounds too good to be true Mr. Starkinson. But I don’t believe in easy Offers. So where is the secret word in it?

Oh don’t worry. I won´t let you do anything unserious. I want you to make Porn as much as you like! As much as you want. BUT there are conditions about it as you guessed. 

Ah. Conditions. So tell me these Conditions Mr. Starkinson. 

First of all! I want you to give a girlfriend of mine a chance. She wants to get some practice on Studio work. I want you to be there for her and guide her around. BUT she doesn’t want to end in front of the camera. But I swear you. If you will see her you will know about her potential behind the camera.

This sounds fine for me. What’s her name?

Her name is Mary Jane Watson.

Never heard of her. He said only. Okay. Is there more about it?

She is a little local B Prom and don’t want to ruin her career as a model. I think you will understand. The second condition is that I can move along your Sets as much as I want and that you won’t throw me outa there.

Mhm. Okay. If you don’t mess around my work sure. I guess you want your own little room in the Set? He was smiling widely. Every guy who would build up a Porn Factory just wanted to fuck the actors. This stupid Starkinson wasn’t even aware how much HIS movies would cost. How expensive good made porns would be. He wasn’t making this stupid low budget porns. He wanted to make Porns with as story and with great actors. And only Vivid had paid enough money until now that he could make one or two movies a year that was good enough for him. Most of the time he was making stupid movies and was bored to death. 

That would be nice. And the last condition. If I want a Movie with a specific background you will do it. I want you to bring all of your experience into the movie okay?

Sure. Mr. Starkinson. Now let us talk about money. Braun said and it was clear that he was annoyed by this by now. 

Oh sure Mr. Braun. Would this be enough for a startup capital? Tony pressed a button and send him the Data about his new finances. He had to laugh loud as he saw Mr. Braun screaming and falling backwards with his chair. It took a while until he could see his Head rises again and with great eyes he looked at the Monitor. 

SO MANY ZEROS! He could only say. 

Is this enough for the first time? I am sure that I will be able to get another payment for you every .. mhm. Let’s say… 6 months? But try to make movies that puts on some money into it. I don’t want to feed a bottomless bottle.

Yes Mr. Starkinson! I will send you the contract right back! I will sit in the next machine to New York Sir Mr. Starkinson Sir! He stammered and put on some hard drink and killed in one move. 

Are you sure you want to spend me 31 million Dollar? I will be able to build up a Movie Park like none before!! HELL! I will make Movies that could win the OSCAR! 

Don’t need to care Mr. Braun. I already have built you a Center for your Work. Don’t get fooled by the Outsides. It looks a little bit trashy but I didn’t find anything better for now. 

What do you mean by this? He said skeptically.

Oh You now own the highest nine floors of the Trump Tower. It isn’t the Stark Tower but try to get there some good rooms. Your Floors are paid for 1 Year. I will talk to you in 9 months about your next Year. I won’t pay my money for anyone who is just the second best. I hope we understand each other?

Yes Mr. Starkinson.. But did you really said.. TRUMP Tower? This is soooo cool! 

Yes I said Trump Tower. Highest Building of USA for some Years and Build from Donald Trump. I have brought some technicians into it and they prepare some of the floors with modern Systems and this Blue screen things. You know what I mean! I expect the first Idea of a Movie in two days. Also I want only GOOD looking woman’s in your movies. Don’t you dare to use some ugly flat breasted woman just to save some money clear?

Yes Mr. Starkinson! All Clear! I will cut the phone now. Have to quit my job after I checked your information’s. I don’t want to make a fool out of me. I hope you understand this.

Sure Mr. Braun. Just check it. I hope we meet soon. Good bye.

Only 20 minutes later he had a ne Email and his Fax started to throw out his contract. He had put on the best man for the Job. Now he only had to get clever use of it and soon he would fucking the hottest woman’s on the world and nobody would have an idea of it. He couldn’t wait to fuck all this hot Porn Stars in their tight hot outfits. Surely they would be almost as good as Susan.

 By the Way….Charvis. Do me a favor and Send some Flowers to Ms. Richards. The standard Bullshit about thank you for your help and something like this.

It would help me if I would knew exact situations he had helped you out Sir?

Oh. She helped me out to find my true self again Charvis. She found it deep buried within an iron Armor. He smiled and then moved to his date with Pepper. 

Susan Suzy 

Susan searched Roberta 18 and her chest moved up and down in rage.

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!! She screamed at her.

I have cleaned up the house Susan. After all I couldn’t let it this way. 


Yes you can Susan. But only if you are here. And you are out on the streets soon again. Do you want to sleep with your pimp in his cheap little whorehouse and get fucked in his little bed or do you want to give him a proper house? A Building where he can make his orgies? I know that you agree with me right? And besides. Doesn’t it makes you horny that you have to do all the… WORK…. Again? Roberta 18 smiled. 

Damn little robot. I hate it if you do that! Susan said a little bit calmer now. Roberta was right. Her Pimp deserved a real Palace. And in this house his power would be much more useful than outside. 

Oh and you should thank me Susan. There is a Phone call from Moon for you. 

Oh yes Sweetie. I will take it in the kitchen. Do you have some of this energy drinks? I feel like I have worked the whole night.

You HAVE walked the whole night. I have made you an vitamin drink. It should be enough for you. But for the need of your health. You should try to take some breaks from time to time. Or you will get hurt will your sexual acts and then you have to take a much longer break. 

Maybe later. Okay. Now deal with Johnny and Ben. She said as her outfit started to change into her FF4 Suit. It took Roberta 3.1 seconds to get behind her trick. Somehow she had managed to get her hands on the Mandarin-Rings. Most of them would be useless for her but the one she used right now would be very handy in situations like this. 

She walked to the Monitor with a big glass of a chocolate power drink. It tasted very good and she felt the mild painkillers in it doing her work. Her cunt had never before been on such a nonstop action and Roberta was right. If she would keep up this extreme workout she wouldn’t be able to fuck for a long time. Even she had to take a break from now to then. 

On the Screen she saw Johnny and Ben siting on a chair. In the background she could see the earth in a window. It sure was a nice view. But nothing for her. She didn’t like the idea to be imprisoned with only 100 other guys. She wanted new cocks in her and by her hunger she would have done all man on the moon in under one week she thought and smiled. 

Hey Johnny! Hey Ben! How are you!? How is it on the Moon?

IT IS SOOO BORRRING.. they don’t allow me to put my fire on Sis. I want to go home! Can I come home now? I miss my Car! And my Jeep! AND I MISS MY CABRIOOOOOO. He screamed and made a sad face until Ben gave him a claps on his head.

Shut Up Burny. Where is Reed? Still working? 

No Ben. He is at the Xavier Institute. He is teaching there while most of the Members of the X-Men are hunting Magneto. He is there with the kids and Roberta. I stay here at home cleaning and working on my now career. She said and knew that none of them would take their serous after all. 

Hey. If you want to take a career as cleaning girl. Could you work in my room Sis? 

Shut Up Johnny… Hey Sue. It looks like we will be ready here in round about 2 days. So inform Stretch that we will go to pick nick in 3 Days.
Sure. I will inform him. But it fear that he is working at the Xavier Institute. Maybe we should make it there? And I will bring your Roadster with me Johnny. Then you can test it on the long free roads there. With that comment she had him on her side and after a little talk both of them gave their ok for a meeting at the University.
Roberta. I fear that we should think about a way to deal with Johnny and Ben.

What do you mean with DEAL? She said worried. 

I mean that we should make a plan about me and My lover. And don’t worry. They are after all my family. Only that I work now for my sweet baby and want to quit being a superhero it doesn’t mean that I am a villain. OH. I understand. You fear that these rings will change me? Don’t worry. They aren’t from the mandarin out of this world. They are from another World and aren’t cursed. They have bound on my soul that is correct but only to find a purpose in this world. They haven’t changed my mind. I am still the RULER OF THE WORLD AND YOU SHALL WORSHIP ME MY SLAVE! MUAHHAHAHAH. 

Susan had to laugh as she saw Roberta moved back from her and looked at her. 

Didn’t Reed gave you Humor? She fall to the ground in a massive laugh flash and Roberta looked at her and pushed out her tongue. 

Sometimes I Hate you Suzy!

I know sweetie. But let us get back to business. We need to take Johnny and Ben out of the game a little bit longer until Reed and I have found a way with this. I think I would like the Idea of stay here in this house but not with Reed anymore. I am done with him. But I can get great money here and Sly loves it here. Maybe we should convince Reed to stay at the University. What do you say? She said looking at her Ring. I fear that this ring wouldn’t work very long on him. His mind is too strong for something silly than this. Mhm. No we need to give him a purpose in live. How about teaching the Mutants? Do you think you could bring him to a point where he would understand that it would be better for him to stay there?

I think I have one or two options to convince him. I am sure he has found something very interesting on the Campus that keeps him busy even after the lessons. Roberta smiled. There was no need to tell her more than necessary. With these rings she could deal serious damage and it would take Roberta Prime to stop her. Most of the other drones hadn’t updated with Adamantium. 

I will get the Preparations engaged but I will need some time to get a plan for Johnny and Ben. After all I hadn’t planned to get the family apart. She lied to her and moved away. Roberta Prime smiled. This was running better than planned now. The mysterious force from the Future hadn’t interfered anymore, she had her Reed and as long as he was here on the Campus he hadn’t thought about Susan or her problems. All he thought of was Roberta, the children and his students. In exact this line.

Back to Tony Stark alias Iron Man alias Tonian Starkingson

Mr. Braun was somehow sleepy but as he had entered the Trump-Tower his sleepiness had been away in seconds. He had worked for Vivid. One of the biggest Porn Companies on this Planet but he had never saw a Studio like this. Everything was state of the Art. Some of the Things he hadn’t even saw before and now he was right in it. He felt like Steven Spielberg. He had full access to Light and Magic tech. He had the moderns Digitel Arts. And most off all. He had a full crew using the Things already. He had to say that he was impressed. This Mr Starkingson truly had fulfilled his part of the Deal. He had given him almost unlimited Resources and a free Move for all of his Movies. He could do what he wanted but it scared him also a little bit. What if he had do to something real scary or so? But he had watched the contract very careful and had found no secret doors or anything like that. 
There was also a special entry that he could leave the Company at every time if he would think that he couldn’t fit in the policy of the Company anymore. The only thing that was a little strange was the part of the secrets. He wasn’t allowed to tell anything about his boss or anything else. But that wasn’t something that would be so strange after all. Maybe it was some really rich guy that doesn’t want to come into a connection with something like Porn. He walked around his new place and with each passing minute he was even more impressed. He had one floor only for the technics. There worked 4 guys on their Computers and told him that they had been offered deals that they hadn’t been able to refuse. He also learned that he was paying them with his “own” money and that these guys were good paid. Each of them would get 30% more than the same Job by Vivid. 
He then moved to the next floor which filled with some private areas like a Sauna, a little Pool, some Sleeping areas and most of the Rooms for the stars. The next floors were not fully build but it seemed as there would be the outskirt areas. So he would be able to build up huge fantasy areas in here and would be able to set new standards for Porns. The other floors were for his own ideas and in the moment totally empty. The penthouse was for him alone and he had never seen such pomp. Just as he entered his Phone rang.

Hello Mr Braun. I hope you like it so far? I wasn’t able to get everything done so fast. You must know that this whole project is some kind of a fun project for me and had been build up in a few hours.

You spend that much money for a fun Project? I can’t believe it Mr Starkinson. But yes. I must admit that I am very impressed. I would bet that not even Hollywood had better Studios. And the crew seems like it isn’t their first job. You wanted some Ideas for my Movies. I have some Ideas. But I must say, now that I have seen place I want to make bigger movies. 

Why not with a Hollywood star mh? Tony said laughing but the Idea was interesting. He asked himself if any Superstar from Hollywood would do it if the payment was right. After all there was a whoring Susan Storm on the Street. Than everything was possible.
I think I will stay on Actors that don’t feed up my hole money for nothing. Besides you wanted to have big titted and good looking actors. Trust me. I have a couple of interesting actors in mind. So my first Idea is now a Movie where aliens try to learn more about Humans and that the MIC will stop them.
MIC? Tony asked

Man in Cunts. I will try to find a better Name for it. Right now I just wanted to get to the book and the story. I will call some of my old friends from the business and maybe I can get you some real good news by tomorrow. Is that okay with you Mr Starkingson?

Yes. Perfectly good with me. I will hear from you tomorrow and then you will meet Mr Watson for the first time. I had informed her that I found a good job for her. Pay her good and threat her even better. She is a close Friend to Susan Richards. But don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have her. She is pretty easy and I can say that she is very eager to learn and to help you out of each kind of stress. I just want that you know her place in the job and that you will let her gather some experience of her own you know. But if I ever hear any bad from her I will get really upset.
What do you mean with.. I can have her? Braun asked unsure and Tony smiled.

Let´s say that she will do anything go learn something from you. And that she is great in Motivation your staff if it is necessary. And now do what you can do best. I will look forward for your first movie. As I said. We will visit you tomorrow and I will introduce her to you. She will work part time and can come and go like she will. So do I. With that the Telephone went dead and Braun started some phone calls. With the money it was easy to get some of the best Actors for his movie and he picked the ones that looked stunning and were able to spell her own names. This would make it so much easier. 

Tony smiled and stood up. He had found the right man for the right Job. He was sure that his movies would be great. But he had his own Ideas for the Movies now and maybe it was possible to get Braun into filming them. Then he would be able to look his favorite Porn Fantasies about his members on the Screen while MJ would suck him dry. Sadly Susan had stolen his Rings so he couldn’t make Pepper or anyone else see an illusion. He had to wait for another possibility to fuck MJ. But right now he had to deal with a villain that tried to destroy the whole City. Why had it to be New York every time? Why would be someone be so damn stupid to attack the City that holds the HQ of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and even the Hell carrier? He changed into his armor and flew off to the fighting Zone. He saw that Hulk and Thor already had fought down most of the battle drones that had come out of the Water. It seemed like an attack from AIM to try out some of their new toys. He saw a bored Hulk standing there and tossing a small boat at one of the Bots. 

Stupid Metal Human isn’t Stronger than Hulk! HULK IS STRONGEST THERE IS! 

A few steps away he saw Thor slamming one of the Robots into the Ground with a mighty Strike of his Hammer. He wasn’t needed there and so he landed on the Beach and asked only.

You guys need help or can I buy me an Ice?

Hulk looked at him and gave him his biggest grin as he leaped into the See to fight the Battleship there. Thor also shakes his hand and said.

Nay Friend! Hulk and me will teach this traitorous Cowards that nobody is allowed to steal this mortals their Happy time on the Beach! AWAY! He screamed as he flew off to the sky and landed also on the battleship followed by a massive Lightning that took out most  of the electric Systems on board. He turned around and searched a Ice-cream seller and as soon as he found a brave one he marched to him.

Hey boy! Can I have two Vanillas please? I want to have my fun watching my friends beating up the bad guys! 

HEY your Iron Man! Don’t have to pay man! Here! Take this! Can you give my shop here a little shot of your guns? That would be a great show for me! I could sell so much ICE if I could say that Iron Man liked it?! Come on!

Sure Man. If you want. He aimed at the little van and gave a 2% shot at him that went right through the car and killed a poor Hydrant on the other side. He smiled while liking his eyes as he watched the show in front of him as his comlink moved in. It was the private Number that only Susan and MJ had. The thought of any of the two hot babes made him feel good. 

Stark here?
It´s me tiger. You send me a message that I should meet you tomorrow at the Trump Tower? Is this right?

Yupp Baby. That’s right. I found a great man that will handle my work there. If you will be nice to him I am sure he will give you great tips for your work. 

You know HOW nice I can be Tiger! Have to cut off. Peter is coming and I will train my cock sucking skills a bit. Sad that it isn’t yours. I would like to give it another round. Ohh hello darling. No just an old friend of mine. Nothing special. I will be right there for you and then I give you a little boost for your hard work tiger. 

She didn’t cut her Phone of and so he could hear a loud screaming Peter Parker in the background soon after and loud moaning’s.
Sorry guys! Have to go! He said as he moved to supersonic Speed searching for Pepper. He had to get his dick into a pussy and for now he was able to think clear and felt still love for her. But if she wasn’t in the mood right now he would find another one surely. Neither Susan nor MJ seemed to be out of reach for him. 
HE flew to the Stark Tower as he saw a big screen showing some news about the next Ms. New York contests. He HAD to be in this Jury! And he would spend enough money that also MJ would be part of the Contest. While he would have his fun with the hot chicks she could.. convince the rest of the Jury to vote for her. But he would be a wise member of the Jury. In the last round he would fuck both of the remaining woman’s to see which one would be the next Ms. New York!!

Emma and the next Lesson

Emma entered the Class and smiled at all of her most loved students. They were young but not too young to have fun. Surely most of them would have already their own sexual experiences but from now on SHE would take care of this. She would teach each of them how they had to jerk, how to suck on a woman’s nipples or how they had to stick it into her cunt so she would scream in ecstasy. 
So class! Please sit down all of you and control your Powers Hudson! I don’t need to teach all of your clones. One is more than enough for me. She smirked as the young man absorbed all of his clones and she saw that half of the class was missing now.

Where is the rest? She said angry and one of the boys answered. 

They went to the Lake. Today is only Meditation on the plan. So they maybe thought that they could get it while meditate on the lake. 
Most of the class was laughing and it was clear that they wouldn’t meditate there. But that didn’t cared Emma right now. Soon enough no one would freely miss one of her hours. She nodded and looked around the room. Slowly she let her power wander across the room and made subtitle changes to all of the class. These changes would only prevent them from getting shocked or to inform another Teacher. She wanted to keep this a little Secret between the Teacher and her students. She then moved across the room and moved her body so that they had a good view on her ass or her breasts. It didn’t take long before she felt the first sexual daydreams of the boys and even one girl started to dream about her and she smiled while she bend down to write something to the desk. So everyone could stare at her perfect shaped ass and she whispered.

Look at my nice ass. My hot cunt would welcome every hard cock right now. And my wet cunt would be so delicious for each woman to lick it out.

Looking over her shoulders she catches everyone staring at her ass. She moved from Student to Student and looked at their works and most of them felt her big tits moving across their shoulders or pushing against her heads. She saw and scanned that every Student in the class was horny now and every cock was semi hard while all pussies were wet and ready for a good fuck. She moved to the back of the class so she could watch at all of them and whispered while forcing these words into their brains. 

Close your eyes my Students. Sit straight!
All of the teenager closed their eyes and moved so that they sat straight like ordered. She hat the total control now. She had put a Mental Field around the Classroom so nobody would notice anything unusual inside and so she spoke again. 
You are sexual attracted to Emma Frost.

The whole class said in union.

I am sexual attracted to Emma Frost.

You want to have Sex with Emma Frost.

I want to have Sex with Emma Frost

You will dream of Emma Frost while you fuck anyone else. 

I will dream of Emma Frost while fucking someone else.

You will now think of how you fuck Emma Frost the first Time. You will let me see all of your nasty 
dreams in your Brain.

I want to dream of fucking Emma frost for the first time while you look into my brain. All said in union. She then moved to a chair and smiled at a mutant boy called Riko.

You will put out your cock now.

She felt the first sexual fantasies forming in their heads as Riko put out his dick that was rock hard and she smiled as she put down her dress. She had planned to start a giant Orgy today but this was so much hotter! She would see their inners sexual desires and would use them against them. She would learn about their needs so she could gave them a fuck that they would never be able to forget. She moved over Riko and let his hard cock slide into her waiting count. All these hot sexual thoughts in the classroom made her horny like hell.

Mhm.. Riko.. open your eyes… and.. look at.. ahhhh mhm your.. mistress..

Riko opened his eyes and stared in the deep blue eyes of his mistress while she rode him slowly.

Yes my mistress. I Obey you my mistress! He said monotone while he felt her hot cunt around his cock.

Mhm I love it when you say that Rico. Now be a good fuck toy and let me Use you while stare helpless in my deep eyes.. arghh mhmm yes sweetheart. That’s good! I control your mind and body… ahhhh yessss it’s so hot to use you as a giant human shaped DILDOOO ARGHHH she screamed and Rico felt the pressure on his cock even increase. Her movements were faster now and he wanted to stare at her giant tits that he had lusted after for so long. But he was unable to turn his gaze away from her eyes.

Yes… Mi….stres… i… will.. beeeee arghh mhmm yes.. your… Fuck,…. Toy… Mistress… he moaned while she put his hands to her ass. 

Worship me Rico… Praise my body.. come on ahh make me cum with your dick while you worship your mistress body! She screamed and pressed his tits right into his face. She heard him moaning and screaming that she was his only desire and that he have never seen a woman so hot like her before.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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