"Sally" visits Four Freedoms Plaza

by brah
Storyline The Touch
Characters Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Sally Floyd
Category Marvel
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Daniel, or Touch as he thought he should refer to himself now, proceeded to hail a cab. He arried at Four Freedoms Plaza and stepped out directly in front of the Baxter Building, home of the world famous Fantastic Four. He was practically giddy as he stopped through the front doors and into the main lobby. He was greeted by th receptionist, a small and dinky looking floating robot.

"Greetings, ma'am, and welcome to the Baxter Building." the robot stated as 'Sally' walked up to the desk, "May I have your name and reason for visiting today?"

"My name?" Touch asked, "Oh, right it's Sally Floyd. I'm with the newspaper Front Line and I'm doing a story on working mothers but with a superhero bent. I was hoping for an interview with Susan Richards."

"I am sorry, Miss Floyd, but that is not possible at the moment." the robot replied.

"Why not?!" Touch demanded before calming down.

"Susan and the rest of the Fantastic Four are currently involved with some goings on in the Negative Zone." explained the robot, "However these issues tend to resolve themselves quickly so if you like, you may wait here and I shall inform you of the Fantastic Four's return."

Touch grumbled but took a seat in the lobby. He definitely wanted the Invisible Woman's MILFy body but it looked like that was on hold for the time being. He continued to check the time on his phone as he watched people hustle in and out of the building.

"I am sorry, but the Fantastic Four is not currently in right now."

Touch perked up at that.

"Oh. Well, okay. I was just hoping to talk them since I'm in New York and all but I guess I'll have to wait until another time."

The voice belonged to a teenage girl in an odd-looking red and blue costume. Something about her looked familiar to his host's mind but he wasn't able to place it. Not until she turned around anyway and he saw the lightning bolt insignia on the front of her costume.

"Ms. Marvel?!" Touch called out as he got out of the chair he was sitting in, tapping her on the shoulder. To his surprise nothing happened, though. Had Mephisto lied to him about what he could do?

"Whoa!" the girl exclaimed as she jumped and turned around. "Oh man, I'm SO sorry! You totally scared me though!"

"It's alright, I didn't mean to freak you out." Touch smiled, "I actually wanted to talk to you though. Do you think we could go somewhere private? Away from all the rush of people here?"

The girl eyed the older woman for a moment before nodding.

"Great! Hey robot, me and the girl here are going to have a little talk. Is there a private room somewhere?" Touch called out.

The robot pulled up a holographic map and pointed towards a small room just down one of the side halls used for interviews. Touch and the girl headed down the interview room where he locked the door behind them.

"You're probably wondering why I want to takl to you, huh?" Touch asked and the girl nodded, "Well I'm doing a story on juggling superheroics and a normal life. I came her to try talking to the Invisible Woman because everyone can relate to being a working mother, but then I saw you and thought that the teen perspective from the brand new Ms. Marvel might make a nice consolation prize."

"Wow, me? Really?" Ms. Marvel asked in surprise, "I didn't think anyone had heard of me outside of Jersey City. Wait! Who are you anyway?"

"Oh, right, silly me. My name's Sally Floyd, reporter for the Front Line newspaper. It's nice meeting you."

With that Touch stuck out his hand for a handshake and, with reluctance, Ms. Marvel took it. This time, however, Touch actively thought about it and in an instant he was staring at Sally Floyd who lost consciousness and fell to the floor.

"Actually, my name's Kamala Khan and meeting you's not half as nice as being you." 'Ms. Marvel' said as she clenched a fist. "Now let's see what ya got goin' on, girl."

Touch began reading Kamala's memories and found the information he was looking for regarding her powers. Looking at his still-closed fist, he watched as it grew to giant proportions then shrink back down to normal size. With another thought he grew in size to reach the ceiling, then shrunk down to the size of an action figure before returning to normal height. He then looked at Sally and with a thought morphed into a perfect copy of her, then with another into the Invisible Woman before turning back into Ms. Marvel.

"Not a bad set o' powers, ya got." Touch smiled.

It was at that point that Sally began to stir. "Ugh, my head. What happened?" she asked groggily.

"Oh, Miss Floyd! I don't know but, like, you were gonna interview me and then you just kinda passed out!" Touch exclaimed falling easily into Kamala's excitable personality.

"Interview you? But I don't even--" Sally shook her head, "Last thing I remember was reporting on an execution."

Touch made a face, "Well you fell so maybe it's just some short term memory loss?" he asked. "Anyway, it's great to see you're alright but I gotta go or my parents are gonna kill me!"

With that Touch raced out of the Baxter Building and took another look at his hands. "This is so awesome!" he exclaimed.

"Isn't it?" Touch looked to see Mephisto grinning at him, "I would say that is a definite upgrade from Miss Floyd."

"It's great!" Touch replied drawing once more on Kamala's personality, "Maybe I'll go home and write some awesome fanfiction about the time a disgusting gross slimebag took over Ms. Marvel's cutie virginal Muslim body. That'd definitely get some upvotes... from a certain crowd of people anyway."

"And rest assured," Mephisto replied, "there will be plenty of time to enjoy every inch of that brown flesh 'Kamala'. But first I offer a suggestion."

"And what's that?" Touch asked.

"I would like you to seek out Spider-Man and get him in trouble of some sort." Mephisto stated, "A cute teenage girl and an adult man? The possibilities for trouble and chaos are practically unlimited."

"And what if I don't want to?" asked Touch.

Mephisto smiled, "Well then you shall be on borrowed time. You don't have to do this right away but I expect it to be done eventually otherwise it is your soul I will be collecting."

With that he disappeared with a laugh and a cloud of hellish smoke. Well that sucks. Touch was looking to have some fun getting into trouble around New York as Ms. Marvel. Plus the Jean Grey School wasn't too far away and he was thinking that he might try going up there for a bit of fun. But fucking around with a goody two shoes like Spider-Man might prove fun as well so maybe it's best to do ask Mephisto asks.

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