The Touch

by brah
Storyline The Touch
Characters Avengers X-Men Spider-Man
Category Marvel M/F F/F Transformation Gender Switch Mind Control
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Daniel Dobson was a vile man. A career criminal, he had a long history of theft, rape and even murder. His targets had mostly been young women, the beautiful types who had rejected him due to his slovenly, overweight appearance and chauvinistic ways. As one of his targets had been a rookie cop, Daniel had been scheduled for the death penalty. As the time of execution arrived, however, the spectators and various guards, police officers, officials and others overseeing the proceedings seemed to freeze in time... all but a lone reporter. A sexy young woman dressed in a striped blouse covered by a pink jacket, a pair of tight jeans adorning her legs and a mess of shoulder length black hair. It'd be impossible to tell she was a reporter if it hadn't been for the press badge on her jacket reading "Front Line: Sally Floyd".

"Daniel Dobson." she stated, walking up to him.

"Whaddaya want?" he asked gruffly, confused by what was happening.

"What I want, Daniel, is you." she said, a sinister smile appearing on her face. "And what you want is me... and your freedom."

A lewd expression appeared on Daniel's face. "You're damn right, babe. You're one fine piece of ass and since you know what I want, whaddaya say to lettin' me outta here and you 'n me have a little bit of fun, huh?"

"Charming, Mr. Dobson, but I do intend on freeing you yes." she said, caressing his face, "And once you are free you shall be able to have any woman your heart desires. Any one you want shall be under your control."

"Any bitch, huh?" asked Daniel, "That include you?"

"In a manner of speaking, it could, yes." Sally smiled, "The only catch is that you shall work for me. I have... tasks I need completed and you shall help me complete some of those tasks. Should you agree I shall... reward you with my body." she said.

"So I get outta here and get some fine pussy like yourself if I agree to help you?" Daniel asked, almost rhetorically, "Sounds like a sweet plan. I'm in."

"Very well, Daniel Dobson. Then I shall see you soon."

With that, things returned to normal, Sally was out of the execution room and watching on the other side of the glass. The execution went as scheduled and at 7:48 PM Daniel Dobson was declared dead.

That is, however, when Daniel's new life began because as the viewing room emptied a very confused Sally Floyd began checking herself, feeling herself up. "What the hell is goin' on?" she said to herself in a surpsingly gruff manner.

"What is going on, Mr. Dobson, is the start of our deal." Sally turned to see a grinning man whose appearance made Daniel instantly think of the devil. "Greetings, I am Mephisto."

"That's nice and all but why don't you tell me what the fuck is goin' on?" Sally, or rather Daniel, asked.

"As I said, the start of our deal." Mephisto stated. "I told you that for aiding me I would offer you freedom and complete and total control of any woman you could ever want if you agreed to serve me." he explained before adding, "And I have."

"So why am I that reporter chick that came up to me earlier?" asked Daniel. "I thought she was the one who offered it."

"I merely borrowed her body." explained Mephisto, "I knew posing as an attractive woman would get you to agree. As for why you are her... well as I said I would give you control of any woman you could want if you did my deeds." A sly smirk appeared on Mephisto's face, "Your body has died yet your spirit lives on, able to move from body to body with a mere touch... albeit with the slight caveat that you may only inhabit the bodies of women."

"What the fuck?! I'm stuck as a useless broad?!" exclaimed Daniel.

"In life you desired women, now I have given you access to any woman you have ever or will ever desire." stated Mephisto. "Further, with but a touch you may also take a woman and bend her to your will. Change her personality in ways only you can imagine. Get her to do anything you want."

"Really now?" Daniel asked, looking down at his new body, "That might actually be a good trade off. So what do I gotta do for you? What's the catch?"

"The catch, Mr. Dobson, is that I want you to use your abilities to sow chaos in the superpowered community. Become heroes, become villains, become their loved ones and their foes. Ruin their images, disrupt personal relationships, even have a little bit of fun. Do what it is you do best but please lay off the killing... for now at least." Mephisto gave it a moment to sink in before adding, "And one final thing, when in a body you have perfect access to all of her memories... everything you would need to be her. Miss Floyd has an extensive knowledge on the super-powered community, perhaps you should use it to find your first target."

With that, Mephisto disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Daniel did as Mephisto suggested and images came flooding into his mind, images of the Avengers and the X-Men, of the Masters of Evil and Asgardians. Of cosmic beings he had never heard of and of groups he had never heard. A group of teens in L.A. calling themselves the Runaways, students of Hank Pym at the Avengers Academy. SHIELD agents such as Maria Hill, of Spider-Man and the various women who surrounded him.

Daniel contorted Sally's face into a vicious smirk. He was gonna have a lot of fun doing anything he wanted to all these sexy, super-powered bitches. The Touch had been born.

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